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Trampoline scooter from Indo

Indo's trampoline scooter is designed to perform tricks on. It is high-quality trick equipment and not a toys! Indo's trampoline scooter can even be used others than just on the trampoline. Your child can use his scooter indoors, outside on the street, in skate parks and of course on the trampoline.

The board itself is made with robust and flexible materials, which give your child plenty of bounce and a soft landing. The handlebars are made with super lightweight aluminium, which allows for precision and control in the air.

History of Indo

One day in the year 2018, Aleksi sat and was bored. It was winter in Helsinki and it was too dark and cold to take the scooter and ride outside. The Scooter was not to be used inside, his parents had said. But Aleksi ville to try out the Bri flip that he and his friends had just learned. It was the only thing he could think of. Then he got an idea: A scooter made of cardboard must be okay to use indoors? He made one, just from a board and handlebars, and that's how the trick scooter was born. Soon Aleksi's appetite for tricks became more than the cardboard scooter could handle. At this point, Aleksi remembered that his uncle Vesa was a product designer. Together they made a scooter and called it the Indo trick scooter as it was great for doing tricks. One day they decided to try the scooter on the trampoline! And then it got really crazy!

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