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Set the little finger free with Woobiboo

Rarely has the opportunity been so large to allow the little finger to indulge his desire to tinker, touch and play with various things in the home. Woobiboo is characterized by taking the classic dart boards to a whole new level - to the delight of the little dart fingers at home.

Children's creativity and eagerness to explore the large world is one of the best things there is. Woobiboo gives kids the opportunity to let their imaginations run free and stimulate their senses with a Woobiboard, which comes in a wide range of variants.

The fantastic Wooboboards are created to stimulate children's senses and let them let their imagination run free as they can touch, feel and explore the many things mounted on the Woobiboard.

Who is Woobiboo?

For a handful of years now, Woobiboo has been creating imaginative and creative toys for young kids that both stimulate their senses and let their imaginations run wild. Woobiboo is based in Lomza, Poland and selects the materials, colours and collection of the fantastic Woobiboards together with a number of experts.

This has led to Woobiboo being sold in several parts of the world today - to the large delight of curious and playful kids.

We have a Woobiboard for every arrow finger

Woobiboards are thoughtfully designed toys that have been created in consultation with designers, physiotherapists and educators, after which the target group has been law to test them themselves - and to their large delight.

Whichever Woobiboard you choose, it's a good choice. The various Woobiboards from Woobiboo are products that, in line with the Montessori method, encourage creative thinking and train the motor skills of little hands.

It helps kids learn to tie their shoe, learn the bell, open the zipper and match shapes. They also awaken creativity, which results in the kid acquiring knowledge faster and being calm and relaxed, as well as finding it easier to establish relationships with kids of the same age.

That is why you will find a large and varied selection of Woobiboards from Woobiboo in our range. That way, you can easily find the perfect fingerboard - or Woobiboard, as the Woobiboo fingerboards are called. Delight your child with a Woobiboard and let the imagination and creativity run free.

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