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LEGOŽ Wear Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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LEGOŽ Wear Clothing & Footwear for Kids

LEGOŽ Wear is comfortable and smart clothing for kids of all ages

LEGOŽ Wear is a danish kids' s clothing brand that manufactures durable, comfortable and smart kids' s clothing for both large and small kids. LEGOŽ Wear Kids' s clothing is designed to support the kids' s natural movements, and is therefore comfortable to wear all day.

Kids love LEGOŽ Wear

It is created for happy play kids who love to run fast in the break, jump on the trampoline at home or climb tall trees. The clothes have fresh and beautiful colours, and the kids love the well-known toy figurine from the various collections from LEGOŽ's large and exciting universe. The quality of the clothes is very high and the clothes stay nice even though it is washed many times.

LEGOŽ Wear is manufactured by the Danish company KABOOKI under license from LEGOŽ Group.

Get the smile out of girls and boys with kids' clothes from LEGOŽ Wear

Kids love LEGOŽ, which is why they also love LEGOŽ Wear with all the exciting toy figurine they know so well.

At Kids-world you will find a huge selection of the latest collection, so you can dress your kid from top to toe in new and smart LEGOŽ clothes. The many LEGOŽ T-shirts have motifs from Star Wars, Friends, Chima and Duplo, so you can always find a nice T-shirt with your child' s favorite character or a pair of LEGOŽ trousers.

Looking for LEGOŽ Wear? Take a look at our LEGOŽ Wear sale as well.

LEGOŽ Wear thermo set

Thermo set from LEGOŽ Wear for kids is both practical and comes in several different colours that you can choose from. You get both thermo trousers and a thermo jacket in a set of LEGOŽ Wear thermo set. The Thermo wear can be combined with a set of LEGOŽ Wear rainwear for even better comfort when you and the kids are out in the rain.

LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is really practical and good for keeping warm. This is due to the way in which the LEGOŽ Wear thermo wear acts as an insulator.

Thermo set from LEGOŽ Wear matches the colours and warms you on a cold winter's day. LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is also good to take outside on a cool summer evening.

LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is designed to be comfortable to wear and gives kids freedom of movement so they can run around and play outside. Should the kids get dirty, the LEGOŽ Wear thermo wear can easily be washed in the washing machine.

LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is created with a Bionic Finish Eco, which means that there are no harmful fluorine substances in the clothing.

If the kids are out in the evening, the LEGOŽ Wear thermo wear also has practical reflectors on both trousers and jacket, so that the kids light up more in the dark.

Smart LEGOŽ Wear thermo jackets and thermo trousers

You can easily find our LEGOŽ Wear thermo set in different colours. The Colours of jackets and trousers are solid and matching. Find LEGOŽ Wear thermo jackets and LEGOŽ Wear thermo trousers in the colours purple, navy, dark green and orange, among others.

LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is both windproof, water repellent and breathable. Designed with smart wide ribbed edges on the thermo trousers and thermal jackets, you get here both beautiful and practical LEGOŽ Wear thermo set.

The LEGOŽ Wear thermo jacket also has an internal wind pole and an extra practical hole for the thumb. The LEGOŽ Wear thermo trousers have an adjustable elastic edge, so the kids can use them longer. LEGOŽ Wear thermo set is suitable for all kids and is available in sizes between 1-10 years.

LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago - Clothes with kicks!

We have a lot to add to the wardrobe if your kids love LEGOŽ Ninjago. At Kids-world you can be dressed from top to toe in LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago - there is virtually no wardrobe accessory that you cannot find that fits perfectly for all cool boys and kids between 2 and 10 years old.

Although LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago is primarily created for all kids between the ages of 2 and 10, it is only indicative. You are of course always welcome to read more about the sizes in our size guide.

At Kids-world you can find LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago clothes and accessories for the wardrobe, such as a huge selection of cool LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago t-shirts and blouses in 100% cotton.

You can find cool sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, shorts and jeans with a Ninjago print or logo on them.

You can find outerwear such as LEGOŽ Wear winter coat, rain jackets and softshell jackets. And you can find all Ninjago equipment for the beach such as LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago swim trunks, swimwear and swim trunks.

Last but not least, you can find lovely LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago accessories for the children's wardrobe. Among other things, you can get LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago socks, beanies, caps and boxers. LEGOŽ Wear Ninjago clothes and accessories withstand frequent washing.

Stay dry through the wet times with LEGOŽ Wear rainwear

Rainwear from LEGOŽ Wear is both smart and practical. And the best thing about LEGOŽ Wear rainwear is that you can find many great colours - including a LEGOŽ Wear rain jacket with a Ninjago print.

You can find LEGOŽ Wear rainwear in the colours blue, green, purple, navy, yellow and many others colours, including multicolour. LEGOŽ Wear rainwear can be found in smart set with both a rain jacket and trousers, or can be found separately.

LEGOŽ Wear rainwear has a water column pressure of up to 5,000 mm. The LEGOŽ Wear rain jackets have welded seams, so they stay extra tight.

Give the kids LEGOŽ Wear rainwear to wear in the rain so they can stay dry. LEGOŽ Wear rainwear has many good features, such as a removable hood, double wind pole and reflectors. LEGOŽ Wear rainwear is really robust rainwear that is produced in 100% polyester. LEGOŽ Wear rainwear is available in many sizes for all kids, primarily between 1 and 8 years.

LEGOŽ Wear size guide

Look up our size guide and familiarize yourself with the LEGOŽ Wear sizes for your kids. All LEGOŽ Wear sizes are indicative. It is recommended that you measure the sizes according to your children's height and add a growth allowance. You can also find our general size guide on our where you can read all about our sizes. You can also find specific size guides from the brands we sell.

Find a large selection of LEGOŽ Wear in many different colours

Clothes and accessories from LEGOŽ Wear definitely don't come in boring colours. LEGOŽ Wear has many cool print, patterns and colours on all their clothes. You can easily find your children's favorite colors by taking a look at our large selection of LEGOŽ Wear.

We especially have a lot of clothes from LEGOŽ Wear with nice print with Ninjago and Batman, which are popular with many kids. Typically, LEGOŽ Wear clothing has a basic color such as blue, red, black or green, while it is often supplemented with different print.

You can always filter and use our search filter to find the colours you want. The search filter is smart, so it includes all shades of the colour you choose to search for.

How to get good LEGOŽ Wear offers

Find our many favorable LEGOŽ Wear offers on everything from swimwear, thermo set, Ninjago clothing and rainwear. If you are eager to get good news about our offers, you can get this service from Kids-world by subscribing to our newsletter.

With our newsletter, you will always be at the forefront every time there are new good offers on the children's favorite clothes from LEGOŽ Wear. Signing up is quick and easy. Tell us your e-mail when you place an order or enter it in the field at, where you can also register. Then with just a few clicks you will receive the newsletter from Kids-world directly to your email.

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