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Pippi Clothing for Babies


Pippi Clothing for Babies

Pippi Baby - clothes for babies

Pippi baby clothes are made in the finest designs for the small and slightly bigger infants. The clothes must be comfortable which is the absolute most important thing for little ones.

Therefore, the vast majority of products have first-class certifications within STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and Organic Cotton to protect babies' soft and sensitive skin. 

Pippi Baby has an extensive range of basic clothing that includes awesome and reusable cloth diapers, bibs, bodies, bath towels, other towels, etc. to make it easier for the family when it grows. 

Simple design from Pippi Baby

Pippi Baby offers designs that are simple and cute in a minimalist Danish style. There are many cute clothes in different pastel colours that are always on trend, which means that they never go out of fashion. In addition, there are also other clothes that are designed in stronger colours and some have fun prints and patterns as well as different logos. 

The clothes are suitable for all kids and the kids will be comfortable and look extra cute in these designs. All the details on the clothes are thought out like openings needed for when you have to change nappies or put clothes on your little one. In addition, the clothes are designed so to allow kids to move freely without restriction. 

Create a basic wardrobe with Pippi Baby

The simple clothes and accessories from Pippi Baby offer a great way to create a basic wardrobe for your kid for little money. The clothes are very cute and versatile which makes them affordable. There are also clothes that you can add to the wardrobe in case you need clothes for something special. 

Pippi Baby is a good choice for you and your kid when it comes to freedom of movement, comfort, environmentally friendly clothing, ecology and also, they are nice to look at.

When you buy kids and baby clothes from Pippi Baby

If your kid is still growing, we recommend that you size up when buying kids clothes as they will be more comfortable and fit for longer. Clothes that are too small are never comfortable regardless of what designer they are from.

It is therefore common for parents to buy kids clothes in a larger size such as a size 62 even if the little one is only using size 56 at that time. This also makes it easier when the kid grows into a larger size because there are already little clothes in the wardrobe waiting. 

New clothes from Pippi Baby

In our range you will find everything from baby clothes to baby shoes and no matter what style you are looking for, you and your kid will likely find what you are looking for in our web shop.

Feel free to look around our nice clothes to find inspiration for your boy or girls wardrobe. Have a look at our Pippi Baby sale as well.

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