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Amazing toys and equipment for babies and kids from Lilliputiens

The products from Lilliputiens can be described as beyond fantastic. Lilliputiens creates wonderful characters and the products have hidden surprises. 

Each toy has a personal story and Lilliputiens has many mascots that have magical universes. The soft materials and cute characters create attachment for the kid and the different colours, shapes and sounds challenge the kids. 

Lilliputiens offers a fun way to play. If you are looking for stimulating, cute and child-safe toys, Lilliputiens is a good choice. 

Lilliputiens is a Belgian company specializing in equipment and toys in fabric. The incredible quality and creative products make the company something completely unique. 

Lilliputiens was created by two friends 

In 1995 Lilliputiens was founded with the goal of creating the best soft toys for kids and you could say that they succeeded. Today, the collections from Lilliputiens have grown and they are filled with colours, materials and incredible characters that kids love. Welcome to the creative world from Lilliputiens.

Lilliputiens creates toys that kids can learn from and grow with. 

Baby toys from Lilleputiens

Baby toys from Lilleputiens is designed to stimulate and develop the little child's senses and motor skills.

There are a large number of different kinds of baby toys for both girls and boys, which in their own way try to capture the child's attention, while at the same time helping to develop the baby motorically and sensoryly.

Exciting baby toys from Lilleputiens

Some toys can make exciting noises or have others features designed to promote your baby's development, while other baby toys are soft and cozy for your baby to surround himself with.

Buy Lilleputien's baby toys here

At Kids-world you can always find a large selection of toys for babies from Lilleputiens. We always have different colours, materials and price ranges.

Lilliputiens dolls

Many kids enjoy playing with dolls from Lilliputiens, among others. If you need a doll from Lilliputiens for your child, you have come to the right place.

Only the imagination sets limits with a doll from Lilliputiens

Only your child's fantasy sets limits on what personal Lilliputiens doll should possess when your boy or girl plays with the Lilliputiens doll.

Do not forget to explore the others categories of doll beds and clothes for the doll.

Lilliputiens bath toys

Lilliputiens manufactures bath toys for girls and boys. There are lots of various bath toys, such as bath animals, bath bucket and shapes, that your girls and boys can enjoy with in a lot of different ways.

Lilliputiens bath toys are useful to take on a summer holiday. They are simple to bring with you and can create many enjoyable hours at the sandy beach.

Here at Kids-world you can choose from an grant collection of lots of fun and good bath toys from Lilliputiens, as well as a lot of other brands.

Lilliputiens soft toys for girls and boys

Lilliputiens and the many other brands we provide produces soft toys like rabbits, sea animals, teddy bears and fruits, which are all manufactured to a premium quality.

The boys and girls soft toy from Lilliputiens will probably be a playmate that comes along everywhere. We think soft toys really matter and who don't remember their first-ever soft toy?.

Fine and colourful soft toys from brands like Lilliputiens

Soft toys from Lilliputiens are fabulously cozy and they call for the kids to have lots of fun. Both boys and girls appreciate soft toys and they'll have many meaningful hours together.

It is a great idea to have cherished soft toys near when the little girls and boys are going to sleep. Having a preferred teddy close provides so much warmth when it is nap-time.

No matter what size, colour or type your girl or boy likes, we hope that you'll manage to locate the right Lilliputiens soft toy, or one of the several other brands.

Liliputiens rattles for boys and girls

Liliputiens rattles are great toys for babies. Liliputiens makes the finest rattles in solid materials.

Liliputiens rattles for motor skills exercise

Liliputiens rattles and the others brands are characterized by their beautiful designs such as flamingos, dogs and bears. Or maybe you can find the rattle from Liliputiens designed like a giraffe, swan or cat.

Buy rattles from Liliputiens in modern colours

Liliputiens and other brands produce various rattles in beautiful colours made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

Lilliputiens lunchboxes

In this category, you will find our entire selection of Lilliputiens lunchboxes for girls and boys. Regardless of your kid's age, you should have a great opportunity to find the best lunchbox from Lilliputiens for your girl or boy.

We have a fine assortment of lunchboxes from various brands - including Lilliputiens. Lunchboxes from Lilliputiens make a good choice.

We suggest you use our filter search while looking for Lilliputiens lunchboxes for your girl or boy. Whatever your taste might be, we assure you that you will find the lunchbox that both you and your kid(s) will love.

Buy Lilliputiens lunchboxes today

We hope you'll be able to find the perfect lunchbox from Lilliputiens for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have brand new Lilliputiens lunchboxes. Therefore, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Buy dolls and accessories from Lilliputiens from our shop 

We hope you will find one or maybe even more, nice new dolls and accessories from Lilliputiens in our shop. We offer a large assortment of many nice toys from Lilliputiens. If you are looking for a specific product from Lilliputiens that you cannot find in our online shop please contact our customer service with your request so that we can assist you further.

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