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Leander Furniture for Baby and Kids


Leander Furniture for Baby and Kids

Fun furniture for baby and kids from Leander

Leander creates furniture in completely unique shapes and functions for kids. The furniture is incredibly nice, and it really is much more than just furniture. The furniture stimulates kids to play, movement and creativity and inspires fun. They help kids' development and make everyday life for families with kids a little easier. 

Furniture for kids from Leander offers you shape and function. The furniture is also made with good and honest materials. The furniture meets different needs and the furniture can be adapted for the age of the kid.

The style of the furniture makes them easy to combine with other parts of the collections. The furniture are made in beautiful colours and styles that make the furniture very special. Leander is much more than just a furniture company. 

Leander's History

In 1998 Stig Leander, a trained blacksmith, worked on developing a chair for a dining table with an interchangeable seat and back. Meanwhile, his sister-in-law had twins, and this is how his idea arose. He wanted to create a bed that could soothe a kid as well as stimulate the little one's development. 

He created the Leander cradle, a simple and functional piece of furniture. The cradle was the beginning of something new and something that would be even bigger. A year after he had made the first models in his workshop, the first Leander lullahers could be purchased in the stores. 

It later became an international furniture company and Leander continues to impress with the innovative and unique furniture collections.  

The Linea series from Leander

kids' furniture from the Leander's Linea series is modern, innovative and elegant. The entire range is designed with a modern, city family in mind. The products from this range are simple and will definitely make your life as a parent a bit easier. Besides, it's you who chooses types of textiles for your kids' furniture so you can  create your very own personal expression.

The cribs from Linea are incredibly popular, due to their stylish look. They come with four different settings, and can even be turned into a small sofa - enabling you to use the same piece of furniture for many years. This range also includes changing tables and dressers. Here you will also be able to find textiles, bed edges and mattresses from this range.

Buy furniture for babies and kids from Leander from us 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Leander in our shop. We have a large assortment of many fine products from Leander. Feel free to browse the different categories and allow yourself to be inspired by all the fantastic products. 

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