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Fixoni Clothing, Footwear & Toys for Kids


Fixoni Clothing, Footwear & Toys for Kids

Fixoni kid's clothing

Kids clothing from Fixoni represents super quality clothing at reasonable prices. The variety ranges from clothing for newborns and babies all the way up to older kids. The three individual collections from Fixoni are classic kid's clothing, fashion clothing and basic goods.

Having these available makes it easy to put together many different designs, along with the entire collection, as well with other brands. The Fixoni baby collection comes in a wide variety and contains many different clothing items for little boys and girls.

Classic kid's clothing in the latest fashion colours

At Fixoni, there is a huge selection of kids and baby clothes, where you can discover many different colours, shapes and patterns. You are certain to find clothing suitable all seasons, as we haveT-shirts and long-sleeved blouses as well as shorts and trousers. It might be that you are simply just looking for something adorable and smart for festive events.

Fixoni offers many cool styles, including tailored shirts for boys or nice dresses and blouses with ruffles and lace for girls. The majority of the clothing is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that it is free of dangerous and harmful substances, and has been laboratory tested. In addition to clothing, durable mattress pads, comfortable blankets and insulated sleeping bags are available.

ixoni not only produces clothing in classic baby and the latest fashion colours, but they are also very good at making fine clothing in unisex colours. With clothing in gender-neutral colours, parents who are unaware of a baby's gender can easily purchase clothes before they know whether it will be a boy or girl. The clothing in unisex colours are also great to combine with other colours when you know the baby's gender.

See the basic collection from Fixoni

The basic collection from Fixoni not only includes rompers with matching bodysuits, but also cotton trousers, blouses, jumpsuits and cardigans. These fine basic items are a good compliment to a kid's existing wardrobe, and offer an advantage in the event they need to change their clothes during the day.

The same thing goes for all the different lines in the Fixoni collection as they consist of a wealth of fabulous products made of soft materials in a durable quality. The clothes keep on being worn and washed, all the while continuing to retain a nice look without losing their shape and colours.

You will find a large selection of Fixoni baby clothes and kid's clothes online here at Kids-world. We have a Fixoni sale as well.

Part of the UTOFT Kids Group

In 1965, UTOFT Kids Group was founded by Hans Utoft, under the original name FIX-ON. The company FIX-ON manufactured outerwear for kids and was produced in Denmark at its exclusive factory along with the assistance of home seamstresses.

Today, UTOFT Kids Group covers three well-known brands; Fixoni, Small Rags and En Fant. The first Fixoni collection was launched in 1992, and today, represents a wide range, whether you are looking for a more classic baby look or seeking modern colours and trends.

Fixoni pramsuits? Warmth and comfort for the little on the trip

Fixoni pramsuits are the ideal choice when it comes to keeping your little ones warm and comfortable in cool weather conditions. These pramsuits combine functionality with style, and Fixoni, the brand behind them, has established itself as a trusted source of quality children's clothing for more than 30 years.

Designed with a focus on children's mobility and safety, Fixoni pramsuits offer an optimal fit and protection. They are created with high-quality materials that are breathable and at the same time resistant to wind and weather. The suits have closures and zips that make them easy to put on and take off, which is handy for busy parents.

Fixoni pays attention to the details, and this can be seen in the beautiful and cute designs of their pramsuits. With colours and patterns that appeal to kids and parents alike, you can be sure your little will look as stylish as he or she is warm. These pramsuits are not only suitable for chilly days outside, but also work perfectly as transitional suits during transitional periods between seasons. Fixoni pramsuits are designed with the aim of making it easier for parents to dress their kids while ensuring that the little ones stay warm and well protected.

Fixoni jumpsuits? Smart and practical for the little ones

Fixoni jumpsuits are the ultimate choice when it comes to comfortable and practical clothing for your little. With a focus on functionality and modern design, Fixoni is a leading brand in children's clothing, and their jumpsuits are no exception.

These jumpsuits have been created with children's active lifestyles in mind and the need for effortless movement. They are made from soft, breathable materials that ensure your baby or tumbling stays warm and comfortable in any situation. The Fixoni jumpsuits are also designed with practical details such as push buttons that make it easy to dress the kid on and off.

Fixoni understands the importance of style, even for the little ones, and their collection of jumpsuits reflects this with modern patterns and colours. Whether it's stripes, dots or cute prints, your little will look both smart and cute in a Fixoni jumpsuit.

Fixoni nightsuits for sweet dreams

Fixoni nightsuits are the ideal choice when it comes to creating a safe and comfortable sleeping experience for your little. With a focus on both functionality and cute design, Fixoni offers a collection of nightsuits that meets the needs of both babies and toddlers.

The Nightsuits from Fixoni are made of soft and breathable materials that ensure that your child can sleep in ro and comfort throughout the night. The comfortable fabric is gentle on the kid's delicate skin and creates the optimal conditions for a good night's sleep. They are designed for easy dressing and changing, making them convenient for parents.

Fixoni understands the importance of a safe and cozy environment for a night's sleep, and their nightsuits reflect this with cute patterns and colours. From cute animal prints to soft pastel, the nightsuits are not only comfortable, but also stylish and fun for the little ones.

Cute Fixoni bodysuits for the little ones

It is not just jumpsuits, pramsuits and nightsuits that you will find from Fixoni for the little ones. Fixoni also makes bodysuits, which are designed based on the same approach to children's clothing as the other suits from Fixoni.

The Fixoni bodysuits have the well-known push buttons at the bottom, which make it easy for parents to change nappies and put the bodysuit on for small kids.

You will find the Fixoni bodysuits in a multitude of colours, so you can easily find the Fixoni bodysuit that fits perfectly with the look and style you want for your child. If necessary, use our filter to narrow your search for a Fixoni bodysuit in a specific colour.

Size guide for Fixoni - Perfect fit

We want your kids to have the most comfortable and well-fitting clothes from Fixoni. That's why we offer a detailed size guide, which you can find in the product description. Learn more about the fit of each product and choose the right size to ensure the perfect fit for your child.

How to wash Fixoni - Follow our washing instructions

The maintenance of your Fixoni clothing is important to maintain its quality. Follow the accompanying washing instructions in the product, which guide you on the best care. If you have lost the instructions, our customer service is always ready to help you. It is important to follow the correct washing procedures to maintain colours and shape.

Take care of your Fixoni clothes and extend their life by following our simple and effective washing instructions. Kids-world is your reliable source for not only quality clothing, but also care tips for your little ones.

How to get an offer at Fixoni

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of offers at Fixoni? At Kids-world, we make it easy for you. Visit our sale category and discover exciting offers on Fixoni products. Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers straight to your inbox. Follow Kids-world on social media to be updated with our latest promotions and discounts.

Take the chance to shop Fixoni at reduced prices and closet a stylish wardrobe for your kids without compromising on quality.

We value our customers, which is why we strive to deliver not only quality products, but also a hassle-free delivery experience. So when you shop Fixoni at Kids-world, you can look forward to not only first-class products, but also first-class service.

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