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Cute and trendy children's clothes from Billieblush

Billieblush is a brand of children's clothing that has created a clothing collection for girls that is both fun and full of colours. The colorful clothes have many cute motifs that fit perfectly, and soft fabrics that are extremely comfortable and stylish to wear. The collection of children's clothing from Billieblush includes dresses, jackets, accessories and much more. Billieblush creates clothes for all seasons, and lets your child look extremely smart both during the day and when it needs to be a little more festive.

Billieblush is especially known for the beautiful skirts, which come with many cute details and are truly a must-have from the collection. They are available with, for example, sequins, glitter or embroideries and in many different models. The Skirts from Billieblush are suitable for girls aged 3-12 years, and with the many different models, one will surely suit your child's taste.

Billieblush produces clothes for kids from 6 months and up, and takes kids to fun fantasy worlds with their colorful children's clothing.

Behind Billieblush

Billieblush is a French brand of children's clothing that is feminine and playful. Their collection makes it possible to update your child's wardrobe with slightly more fun clothing items with details such as neon colours. prints and lace. The Billieblush style is confident, adventurous and stylish!

Billieblush was founded in 2012 and is a sister brand to the Billybandit brand. Billieblush is a brand with expertise in ultra-feminine children's clothing, and the collections always offer many new fun surprises. The Billieblush collection is always recognizable thanks to the witty slogans, sharp colours and elegant details that fit perfectly with the rest of your child's wardrobe.

Cute Billieblush dresses

If you are looking for a new dress for your child, and your child loves fresh colours, beautiful ruffles, tulle, sequins and many whimsical details, then a Billieblush dress is exactly what you are looking for. The French brand Billieblush excels by making clothes in beautiful colours and with a large wealth of detail.

At Kids-world we have cute Billieblush dresses that every girl with a hang for color in her choice of clothes will love. A Billeblush dress can be used for everyday life, party, relaxation and a trip to the beach. If your child is fascinated by colours, tulle, sequins and ruffles, then a Billieblush dress will be just the thing.

Check out our selection of beautiful Billieblush dresses on this page and choose your child's next Billieblush dress, which will certainly be a breath of fresh air in the wardrobe.

Lovely Billieblush cardigans

French Billieblush guarantees party and colours in their clothing designs. This certainly also applies when it comes to cardigans. At Kids-world we sell lovely Billieblush cardigans. If you have a child with a desire for colours and details in their clothing, a Billieblush cardigan is a good choice.

A Billieblush cardigan is, like all others cardigans here in the shop, a blouse which can be opens all the way through with either buttons or a zipper. Billieblush cardigans are good for almost any occasion, as they, with their fine colours and eye-catching details, can both spice up everyday clothes and be a nice addition as a top on the outside of a party dress.

Billieblush t-shirts

On this page you will find all our delicious Billieblush t-shirts, which are detailed and brightly colored. In every child's wardrobe, a large space is reserved for t-shirts, as most kids love wearing t-shirt and therefore have a lot of them.

The majority of them have a classic cut with short sleeves and a round throat with ribbing. We sell several Billieblush t-shirts with this well-known cut. But of course the playful brand also plays with the classic cut and offers t-shirts with surprising details.

Billieblush t-shirts are available both as crop models, have ruffled sleeves and the selection is of course full of variegated colours and has details with sequins and tulle. Buy your child's next Billieblush t-shirt at Kids-world.

Smart Billieblush jeans

Should your child's next pair of jeans be from Billieblush, you can find them right here in the shop. At Kids-world, jeans are a pair of trousers made in a denim quality. You will find several pair of smart Billieblush jeans in our selection on this page.

Billieblush jeans, just like Billieblush's collections in general, are twisted with colorful and charming details that give Billieblush jeans a unique expression. May buttons and zips be in a wild colour. If your child thinks eye-catching details are cool, then a pair of Billieblush jeans will be a ready winner.

Billieblush shorts for the hot days

A pair of nice shorts is a must-have in all children's wardrobes. On hot days, a pair of shorts is simply indispensable. Billieblush shorts will suit any baby girl. With the brand's colorful and detailed designs, a pair of Billieblush shorts are perfect for summer liv and warmth.

If you are looking for a pair of shorts for your child that are just as brightly colored as the summer itself, buy a pair of beautiful Billieblush shorts for the warm days on this site.

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