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ferm Living Clothing, Interior & Toys for Kids


ferm Living Clothing, Interior & Toys for Kids

The most beautiful décor for kids' rooms from ferm Living 

ferm Living makes furniture, accessories and furnishings that provide balance and peace of mind in everyday life. ferm Living has a passion for authentic design and functionality. 

ferm Living products feature soft shapes, beautiful textures and colours that create a calm and safe atmosphere. The products also surprise with beautiful patterns and details. 

ferm Living is based in Köpenham and they collaborate with artisans all over the world. The result is a global design that blends with the Scandinavian style. The collections create spaces where kids and adults can relax and be themselves. 

More about ferm Living

In 2005, Ferm Living founder Trine Andersen was looking for wallpaper for her new house, but she could not find any that she thought worked. Instead, she designed 10 different wallpapers that she exhibited during a fair. The company grew very quickly, and Trine created more and more products that are all equally fantastic. 

The most important thing for Trine is that ferm Living reflects the values that she herself fights for. She wants the company to inspire people to create a home where they thrive. The home is a big part of life and there are many major events that take place within the walls of the home. 

ferm Living continues to this day by creating quality products with a nice design in beautiful and honest materials. They are very aware of various ethical and sustainable production methods that burden the planet as little as possible. With ferm Living, you can be sure that you get products that have been manufactured in the gentlest way for you to relax and enjoy the products. 

Bedding from ferm Living

Lovely bedding from ferm Living - here you'll find our selection of bedding from ferm Living, and thereby ensure that junior or maybe even you yourself will get the best of the night hours. 

The beddings from ferm Living come in different styles - for babies, kids and junior.  You'll find bedding which is either consisting of a separate cushion case or a duvet cover, or as an entire set. It is therefore a great idea to carefully read the product description to double-check that you get the right bedding from ferm Living. 

Closure with velcro, patterns and style 

In each product description you'll find information about the type of closure - which can be anything from a closure with laces, folding closure or hidden buttons.

Comfort is important. We think it's safe to say that we all find it quite annoying if the bedding is scratching and leaving lint and you have to deal with it during the late hours, when these are actually meant for sleeping. This is exactly one of the reasons why you should choose a high-quality bedding from ferm Living.

Lovely selection of bedding from ferm Living, etc. 

Here in the shop you have the possibility to choose from beddings for both single or double duvets from a range of strong brands such as ferm Living. 

There is a great opportunity to find a bedding which suits you, no matter preferences in design, style or patterns. If you can't find the bedding you are looking from in the selection of ferm Living products, don't worry - we also have a great selection from other brands, which you are more than welcome to check out! 

Lamps from ferm Living

Here at Kids-World, you can shop ferm Living lamps which fit into any kids's room here at Kids-World. 

In our selection of lamps from e.g. ferm Living you will generally find lamps with  cables, battery-led lamps and fun night lamps. 

Beautiful lamps from ferm Living

The night lamps are great as nightlights for the kids who can't fall asleep if the room is completely dark.

ferm Living and the other brands make lamps in a wide variety of colours, different measurements and designs. 

Here at Kids-World you'll find wall lamps, desk lamps and ceiling lamps in beautiful models, sizes and colour combinations. 

Storage items from ferm Living

When you have young or older kids in the house, you need extra room for storing all kinds of stuff, including toys, diapers and muslin cloths. 

When it comes to storing kids's costumes, clothes and dummies, you will be able to find the boxes and other storage items you need from ferm Living. 

Browse our selection of products for storage from ferm Living and see if you can find something that suits your wants and needs. 

Store things with products from ferm Living

Do you need storage products from ferm Living, then look no further. Here at Kids-World we offer a huge selection of storage products from ferm Living and many other brands. 

ferm Living blankets for the kids's room 

Are you looking to find a new blanket for your child's room, then look no further. Here at Kids-World we offer a nice selection of blankets from ferm Living. 

We offer blankets in different colours, designs and patterns from a range of great brands such as ferm Living.

Practical aprons from ferm Living

Our range of aprons and dining aprons from ferm Living, which fits well with any meal where it can be difficult to. A ferm Living is used to protect the clothes from dirt in connection with. the dining.

ferm Living wooden toy for kids

Wooden toy from ferm Living last really well and last for several generations. Wood is a fine material for making toys.

Wooden toy from ferm Living in extremely good quality

The same for the wooden toy is that they are made with the best materials in an excellent quality.

You will definitely be able to find some delicious wooden toy from ferm Living or one of the others brands here at Kids-world.com.

Toy kitchen from ferm Living

Here in the category you can see the beautiful play kitchens from ferm Living, which most boys and girls will fit perfectly kids.

ferm Living is a good brand that is known for their good quality toys. ferm Living produces a cool selection of play kitchens in the cutest designs.

The play kitchens have in common that they are designed in the best materials in an excellent quality that can withstand a little of everything.

For the younger kids, a toy kitchen is also wonderful to play with, as they with a ferm Living toy kitchen have something that they can lean on and hold on to when they are cooking for themselves, friends and family.

Soft toys from ferm Living for girls and boys in all ages

ferm Living and the many other designers we have makes soft toys like fruits, teddy bears, rabbits and sea animals, which are all created to a top quality.

The girls and boys soft toy by ferm Living will probably be a buddy that will be brought everywhere. We believe soft toys truly matter and who do not remember their first-ever soft toy.

Cool and sweet soft toys from designers such as ferm Living

We expect you'll choose a soft toy by ferm Living for boys and girls in our web shop.

At Kids-world we have a large collection of soft toys from ferm Living, as well as a lot of other designers.

No matter what colour, type or size your boy or girl loves, we believe that you will manage to see the ideal soft toy by ferm Living, among many other brands.

ferm Living dolls

Most kids enjoy playing with dolls ferm Living. If you need a ferm Living doll for your child, you can see our selection of ferm Living dolls right here on the page.

Role play with dolls from ferm Living

Only the imagination sets limits to what personal doll from ferm Living should possess when the kid plays.

Also remember to explore our others categories for accessories such as clothes and doll beds for the doll.

Play tents from ferm Living

At kids-world we offer you with a lovely range of Play tents by ferm Living and lots of other brands as well.

We provide many Play tent brands - including ferm Living. Play tents from ferm Living are a good choice.

Use our filter to locate the perfect ferm Living Play tent for your kid.

Shop ferm Living Play tents today

We hope you find the proper ferm Living Play tent for your kid at Kids-world.

We stock fine ferm Living Play tents. That's why, we believe you discover just what you are wishing for.

ferm Living puzzle game

We offer you a wonderful selection of ferm Living puzzle game and many others brands. Regardless of the age of your kids, you sheep great opportunities to find the right ferm Living puzzle game for your girl or boy.

We offer a fine assortment of puzzle game brands - including ferm Living. ferm Living puzzle game is a perfect choice.

We are sure that our filter system can benefit you in your search for the perfect ferm Living puzzle game.

We hope you find the perfect ferm Living puzzle game for your girl or boy at Kids-world.

We have beautiful ferm Living puzzle game. Therefore, we hope that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Buy new products from ferm Living from us 

We hope you will find many nice products from ferm Living here with us. We have a large range of many beautiful products from ferm Living as well as many other brands. Browse around the other categories to find new inspiration for your home. 

News, new collections and offers from ferm Living

ferm Living products are extremely popular, so it is good to keep track of when news from the latest ferm Living collections is launched. Despite the popularity, we sometimes rear out some of the products from ferm Living at a reduced price. If you want to buy products from ferm Living at a discount, it is important that you keep track of our ferm Living sale category.

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