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Reima Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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Reima Clothing & Footwear for Kids


At Kids-world.com you will find a large selection of delicious outerwear and outdoor accessories from the Finnish brand Reima. Reima makes fine and functional outerwear for boys and girls - both summer and winter.

In addition to Reima snowsuits, winter coat, rainwear and outdoor footies, you can find accessories such as balaclavas, mittens and mittens as well as fleece and softshell.

High-quality children's clothing - The story behind Reima

Are you looking for children's clothing that is designed for play, durability and all types of weather? Reima has been synonymous with quality and reliability for generations, and has cemented their position as a sand frontrunner in children's clothing.

Reima was founded in Finland in 1944, and their mission from the start has been to inspire kids to explore the large world around them - regardless of the weather.

With a passionate eye for functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation, Reima has set the standard for outdoor children's clothing. Let your child experience the freedom to play, explore and grow in Reima's quality clothing. Your little explorer deserves the best.

Large selection of Reima

Are you looking for Reima's unique children's clothing? So look no further. At Kids-world, we have a huge selection of Reima products. From warm winter coat to smart rainwear set, practical sandals and cool everyday clothes - we have it all.

It's no secret that Reima clothing is designed to give kids the best conditions to explore the world. It is our mission at Kids-world to bring these unique Reima collections right to your door.

That is why we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of Reima's high-quality clothing. With our simple and secure online shopping experience, you can easily find the perfect Reima pieces for your child. So why wait? Dive into our fantastic Reima collection at Kids-world and let your child be ready for any fairy tale.

With us, you not only get an extensive selection of Reima products, but also a first-class customer service that is ready to help you on your shopping trip. So come and feel the difference at Kids-world - where your child's comfort and style are our highest priority.

Functional clothing and outerwear for kids

Reima is a common, Finnish boy name, but it also means fresh, lively, fair, honest, happy, trustworthy and respectful. All these words Reima tries to live up to. It is a company that wants to support and promote kids' active play outdoors.

Therefore, they develop functional outerwear for kids that provide good opportunities for movement u outside so that the weather does not become an obstacle.

Reima is constantly improving their products

Reima continuously tests their products in relation to e.g. waterproofness, abrasion resistance, breathability, color fastness when washing and much more, so it is always the best materials that are used.

However, the best test is the one that the kids perform when they wear the outerwear in everyday life. And here there is no doubt that Reima has products that are functional, durable and with a timeless design. That is why it is a brand that is often inherited because it is so durable.

Ethically responsible

All Reima's rainwear, softshell and fleece jackets as well as footwear are completely without surface treatment, and the outerwear is completely free of surface treatment with PFOA, which is suspected to be carcinogenic. Many of the materials that Reima uses are certified with Oekotex® Standard 100.

Only faux fur is used, and all down and feathers in the outerwear come from poultry that have not been force-fed or plucked by live birds. The wool in Reima's products is also carefully checked to ensure that the lambs have not suffered during mowing.

Reima's different types of outerwear

Reima has made 3 different types of outerwear that have different features, depending on how strict the requirements are for the outerwear.


- Suitable for school days, where it provides both protection and warmth in the schoolyard

- Water repellent

- Water column pressure over 3, 000 mm

- The main seams are taped to make them waterproof

- PFOA-free surface treatment


- Waterproof

- Water column pressure of 8, 000-15, 000 mm

- All seams are taped and waterproof

- Easy to wash and care for

- Hydroflourcarbon-free surface treatment

Reimatec +:

- Winter clothes for the most demanding weather conditions with extra smart features, e.g. high-tech or sporty details

- Waterproof

- Water column pressure of up to 15, 000 mm

- All seams are taped and waterproof

- Care-friendly features

- Hydroflourcarbon-free surface treatment

Common to all types is that they are comfortable to wear, breathable, dirt-repellent, durable and full of reflectors, which helps to make the clothes safe, so whether you are looking for this year's snowsuit or lightweight jacket, Reima is ALWAYS a good choice.

Reima rubber boots for kids

Once the rainy season begins and the kids go out and play in puddles, it is ideal to have a good pair of Reima rubber boots in the wardrobe so they can play with water without getting drenched feet.

Reima rubber boots for changing weather

One of the clear advantages of rubber boots from Reima is that they are usable for several of the year period. During the spring and autumn, when the weather can vary a set, it can easily be challenging with others types of shoe, as on a rainy day they often get dirty and wet.

Therefore, it is important that the Reima rubber boots suit the season and his or her needs. This is true whether your kid just needs to jump in puddles or just go for a walk in humid weather. The Reima rubber boots are easy to clean after your kid has had a busy day outside.

Should it be low or high Reima rubber boots?

It is not clear what kind of rubber boots Reima produces for the humid months of the year. Whether it is Reima or another brand you buy the rubber boots from, the two different heights each have sine advantages.

The medium and low Reima rubber boots are quite practical when not much rain is expected. The low rubber boots from Reima are ideal for fun and play out in the rain while not restricting the kids nearly as much in moving around.

High rubber boots from Reima naturally go further up the leg than low rubber boots. High Reima rubber boots are advantageous when the kid is playing in places where there are damp and deep puddles.

Reima ski pants

Reima ski pants can do exactly what a pair of ski pants should be able to do when the snow is at the door and you are clear for many hours of fun with snow. Reima ski pants keep your kid dry and warm when you are on a ski holiday or if we are so lucky that snow falls in Denmark.

Reima ski pants with suspenders or not

You are wise to consider whether you should buy a set of Reima ski pants with suspenders. The harnesses in the ski pants help to keep the ski pants where they should be when he or she wears them - there is not much fun in them when they keep falling down, and snow comes in behind the different layers of clothing.

Reima ski pants in beautiful colours

At Kids-world you will always find a large assortment of ski pants for boys and girls - also from Reima. If you are looking for a pair of brown, orange, or maybe purple ski pants, you will find them here with us. Have a look at our Reima sale as well.

How to find Reima in different colours

At Kids-world, we make it easy for you to find Reima children's clothing in exactly the colour you are looking for. With our intuitive search and filter function, you can easily narrow down your selection. Start by typing Reima in the search field.

When the results are displayed, you will see a number of different filters on the page - including one for colours. Click on colour and you will see a rainbow of options. Choose the colour you want, and voila - now you see all the Reima pieces we have in this colour. It's super easy, and you can even play a bit with the colours to find the right Reima clothes for your child.

And it doesn't stop at colours. At Kids-world, you can also filter your searches by size, gender, age, price and much more to find exactly the Reima clothing that suits your child's needs.

We make it easy for you to find the perfect clothes, so you can focus on what's important - creating unforgettable moments with your child. So spring in and let us help you make shopping a breeze. Your next Reima favorite is just a click away.

What is Reima's size? Reima size guide

Do you know what's great about Reima children's clothing? In addition to their durable quality and smart designs, they are also super good at making sure that their clothes fit perfectly for kids of all ages.

When it comes to Reima in size, you can be sure that they have really thought of everything. Their clothes are designed to grow with your child, which means you can be sure they can enjoy their favorite Reima pieces for a long time.

The Reima size guide generally follows age-based sizes, so a size 4 typically fits a 4-year-old, size 5 fits a 5-year-old, and so on. Use our size guide and remember that all kids are different, so it is important to take your child's individual measurements and fit into account.

Generally speaking, Reima clothing is created to give kids room to move, so it won't be too tight. Their outerwear is also designed to be able to have layers of clothing underneath, so that your child can keep warm on cold days.

Reima wants your child to be comfortable, whether they're exploring the woods, building sandcastles, or just hanging out in the backyard. And they can do that with Reima.

How to get Reima on sale

Are you looking for Reima clothes at favorable prices? At Kids-world, we are happy to give our customers the opportunity to find quality products from Reima at a more budget-friendly price when the chance presents itself.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on possible offers and sale on Reima clothing, the easiest and most effective way is to sign up for our newsletter. By signing up, you get information about upcoming sales, special offers, and any discount codes directly in your inbox - easy and convenient, right?

It pays to be patient and wait for these golden opportunities to make a good deal on Reima clothing. But remember: When you see a good offer, don't wait too long - the popular sizes disappear quickly. We look forward to helping you find your Reima favorites at Kids-world.

So don't wait any longer - dive into our wide selection of Reima products and have your favorites delivered directly to your door at no extra cost. In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing your kids in their new, beautiful Reima clothes.

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