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Moon Boot Footwear for Kids

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Beautiful and Warm Moon Boots for Kids

The legendary Moon Boots are known all over the world as super warm boots for all kinds of winter weather. Whether you are on a skiing holiday or just a walk in the snow, Moon Boots are the perfect choice for little feet.

The shoes are not only comfortable to wear, but they are also simple and easy to put on. In addition, they keep kids’ feet warm and dry all day.

The story behind Moon Boots

Moon Boots were launched in the 1970s in the small Italian village of Giavera del Montello by the manufacturer Tecnica Group. The shoes became a huge trend in the 1980s thanks to the moon landing of Apollo 11. In the early 2000s, the shoes resurfaced as a retro futuristic fashion trend.

Moon Boots are inspired by the boots that astronauts wear and they have a thick rubber outsole and a waterproof rubber inner sole. They are some of the best winter boots that you can find for sensitive feet that need to stay warm.

The company's founder, Giancarlo Zanatta, was inspired by the shape and technique of the astronauts' boots after he had seen the moon landing. He therefore began to sketch and then design and develop what we know today as well as Moon Boots. Tecnica took over the name Moon Boots in 1978.

With the functional materials and the incredibly well-known design, the shoes continue to fascinate kids with their combinations of a sporty style and beautiful trendy colours.

Find new shoes from Moon Boot in our shop

We hope you find what you are looking for from Moon Boots here at Kids-world. We have a large range of many nice boots from Moon Boots. Please browse our other categories to find everything from kids clothes and kids shoes to interior design for the little ones room and much more.

Moon Boots in many different colours

Moon Boots come in many different colours, so you can easily find a colour that best expresses your child's style and the look you want to frame together.

Are you into the classic Moon Boots in black, or are you more into a pair of white Moon Boots, then you can easily find it here.

If there is more colour, you can find Moon Boots in both gold, silver and pink, so there is plenty of opportunity to create the perfect look - even if it is winter and you need warm feet.

You will find a filter function on this page where you can choose to display Moon Boots in a specific colour. By using our filter, you quickly and efficiently narrow down your search - regardless of whether you are looking for black, white, gold-colored or silver-colored Moon Boots.

Moon Boots for kids of all ages

Kids grow a lot, so you could easily need a new pair of Moon Boots the next time it's winter. That's why we have Moon Boots in many different sizes, so you can get both Moon Boots for kids and, of course, baby Moon Boots for the little ones.

We have baby Moon Boots all the way down to size 17, so there are also a pair of smart Moon Boot winter boots for the little toes.

If it is more the slightly larger sizes that attract you, you can also find Moon Boots for kids in up to size 42, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to find a pair of Moon Boots for kids, almost regardless of the size of your child user.

Should your Moon Boots be short or long?

You can get Moon Boots in several different versions. Here it is especially the height of the boots that is the decisive difference. You can get short Moon Boots - or low Moon Boots, as they are also called. Here, the shaft of the boot is shorter, so the height is somewhere between normal shoe and the classic Moon Boots.

Short Moon Boots are especially popular when height and large boots are not desired, but rather a low Moon Boot, which is more like a normal shoe.

We have made sure that in our range of Moon Boots you can find both short and long Moon Boots, so there is something for every taste.

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