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SACKit Headphones - Speak 200 - True Wireless ENC Earbuds SACKit Headphones - Speak 200 - True Wireless ENC Earbuds 104,70 €
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Stylish & danish designed electronics from SACKit

SACKit offers extremely stylish speakers in a stylish design that you can take with you anywhere you go. They are made of exclusive materials and designed in Nordic style. This all results in numerous functional lifestyle products from SACKit that indeed stand out from the crowd.

SACKit also offers noise-cancelling headphones, which are great when you're out and about enjoying some music. They have 12 hours long battery life and can be connected via Bluetooth. Both in-ear and over-ear models are available.

SACKit only sells high-quality products in beautiful designs. The aesthetic is an essential feature when it comes to SACKit products so you can be sure that their products will fit perfectly in your modern lifestyle. Another important feature of these products is durability so you can rest assured that your SACKit gadget will serve you well for many years to come.

SACKit was founded by Kristoffer Glerup in 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark. Today, the company is owned by him and Peter Rasmussen and has become an internationally recognized design brand.

SACKit furniture for the kids' room

Furniture from SACKit for kids' rooms must be of high quality and they must be able to withstand a little of everything. The furnitures from SACKit can do that. We have, among other things, tables, tumble furniture, sofas, shelves and chairs from brands such as SACKit and many more.

Common to all the furnitures is that they are made of different materials, soft as well as hard.

SACKit headphones and earbuds

At Kids-world, we focus on comfort. This is reflected in our smart SACKit earbuds and headphones. These wireless SACKit headphones are exclusively designed in stylish materials and with Soft touch silicone, which makes them extra comfortable to wear in the ear.

They are available in both S, M and L, so they can fit the ear perfectly and do not fall out. The long Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters and the full 28 hours of non-stop playing time make it easy to carry them around everywhere and control the music without any problems.

With the extra smart option to switch between active noise canceling and the voice through function, you have the option of controlling the sound level exactly as you need it.

SACKit earbuds and headphones are therefore brilliant to have on the go, when you don't want to mess around with annoying cables and at the same time want to keep disturbing elements out, no matter where you are.

Buy your SACKit speaker here

At Kids-world you can find several different types of the smart SACKit speaker. Regardless of whether you need a little speaker to take with you on the go, or a larger system with extra good sound quality, we have it all here on our site.

Our little SACKit WooFit Go model is particularly suitable if, for example, you need extra comfort for your picnic and want to take a speaker with you on the go.

The smart WooFit Go model is designed in comfortable materials. The little size of only 180 grams makes it perfect to carry in your handbag. You can take WooFit Go with you everywhere if you're going on a trip, but WooFit Go is also the perfect addition to the home if you want to get rid of large, bulky music systems.

The WooFit Go has a very long playtime of 8 hours and comes with an included Micro USB charging cable, but also supports wireless charging if that's what you prefer. Connect WooFit Go easily and quickly to any Android or iOS device with Bluetooth version 5.0 and a range of up to 10 meters. Then you can also easily use WooFit as a hands-free phone.

Our larger SACKit speaker BOOMit is perfect for getting the party started. This smart and mobile speaker comes with up to 6 hours of playing time. At the same time, it's easy to connect BOOMit to any Android and iOS device via Bluetooth 5.0, so you can quickly charge with the included adapter as needed, although BOOMit can continue playing even when discharged.

You can therefore have hours of fun and good music with BOOMit. If you want to spread the music to several rooms, you can easily connect BOOMit via the Stereo function with up to two external speakers. There is thus a guarantee of good sound quality throughout the home with the SACKit BOOMit speaker.

On this page you can easily get an overview of which accessories you can get for your speaker. For example. you can use our search filter to find additional color choices for your SACKit WooFit Go with an exchangeable textile front. We have several different colours to choose from such as light pink, icy pink, grey, black and white shades.

Large selection of SACKit bean bags

Our huge selection of SACKit bean bags comes in many different colours. You can also find a large selection of smart accessories, which make it possible to have even more pleasant moments with the smart SACKit beanbag chair.

With our comfortable SACKit bean bag chair, you are guaranteed optimal back support and pleasant moments for everyone, regardless of body type. The SACKit beanbag comes in both a smaller version for small kids and a larger version for older kids.

Extend the comfort with an extra SACKit pouf. It functions as a footstool for the SACKit beanbag chair. The SACKit ottoman is, like the bean bag chair, made of durable and water repellent materials, so they can be left outside all year round.

Both our SACKit beanbag chair and SACKit pouf are filled with EPS balls inside, which means that they keep their shape for many years and will therefore always look smart.

You can also easily find additional accessories for your bean bag on our site. All you have to do is simply use our search filter, where you can sort by type and then simply select accessories.

Here you can also find the smart serving tray, where you can choose from several beautiful colours. The serving tray is designed to fit perfectly on top of the SACKit pouf, so you can serve delicious snacks and drinks without spilling on the bean bag.

Find SACKit beanbag chairs in many different colours

Get a SACKit bean bag chair in your favorite color. All you have to do is simply look in our search filter and sort by colours, as we have many to choose from. You can find our SACKit bean bag in the colours green, black, grey, pink, turquoise, brown, beige, sand melange and light grey.

Our selection of colours for your SACKit bean bag complement each other very well. You can also choose whether you want the surface of the SACKit bean bag in the canvas or cobana type, which gives a different and stylish look.

Finally, take a look at our exciting range of beanbags and beanbag accessories, where it is easy to sort by color choice.

Smart SACKit wireless charger

The smart SACKit wireless charger allows you to charge several of your iPhone or Android devices at the same time, regardless of where you are.

The smart CHARGEit dual dock function makes it possible for you to charge two devices simultaneously. This makes it easier and more manageable to charge all your devices. You can also get more space in bag, as you don't have to lug around different chargers or long, impractical cables.

Wireless chargers are the future - a future that is already available here and now, as you can get the popular SACKit wireless charger at Kids-world today.

How to get SACKit bean bags on offer

At Kids-world, you can always get advantageous SACKit offers and news about SACKit bean bags and SACKit accessories by signing up for our newsletter. That way, you can make sure you are first in the queue every time there is a SACKit bean bag on offer. You will also get others news about everything from SACKit. It's super simple and easy to sign up.

You can also check our sales page at any time, which you can easily find in the menu. Here you can sort by colours and price, so that you can quickly and easily find what you want. In this way, you can always ensure that you find the most relevant results at very favorable prices.

Kids-world is your SACKit beanbag dealer

Our large selection of SACKit beanbags makes us one of the leading SACKit beanbag dealers.

Let us become your favorite SACKit beanbag dealer when you are looking for the best beanbags on the market. At Kids-world, we take great care in guiding you to the best selection of SACKit bean bags and SACKit bean bag accessories.

SACKit beanbags are undoubtedly some of the best beanbags on the market when it comes to combining Danish quality design with comfort. You can therefore confidently start decorating the home and make room for a cozy corner with SACKit.

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