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Speedo Clothing, Toys & Equipment for Kids

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Speedo Clothing, Toys & Equipment for Kids

Speedo - everything you need when your kid is going swimming 

The legendary brand, Speedo covers all kids' needs when they are going swimming. Speedo offers many fine models of swimwear and swimsuits in both colorful and neutral colors. There is something for every style and need. 

Speedo is known for its professional quality and innovative choice of materials. They also offer nice swimming goggles, swimming hats and swimming shoes. Whether your kid swims as a hobby or trains professionally, Speedo is a safe choice when it comes to swimwear. Speedo is also the first choice for many professional swimmers worldwide. 

Speedo's history

Speedo is an Australian brand founded in 1914 by Alexander MacRae. However, the name Speedo was not coined until 1928 and in the 1930s the swimwear became incredibly popular when used by professional swimmers during competitions. Speedo also made the first real swim trunks for men. Previously, men also wore swimsuits. 

During World War II, Speedo helped with the war effort. Instead of making swimwear, they made mosquito nets, signal flags, underwear and clothes made of wool. After 1946, when the bikini was invented in Paris, Speedo opened a new factory to meet the high demand. 

In 1956, the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne, Australia, where the swimmer who won wore Speedo swimwear. In 1957 Speedo created the first nylon swimwear. Nylon had not been used for swimwear before. During the 1970s, Speedo made the first swimwear of elastane/nylon which is still today the most popular material for swimwear. 

Buy new swimwear from Speedo here in our shop 

We hope you find the perfect speedo swimwear in our shop. Whether you have chosen our Speedo category on purpose or ended up here by chance, we offer a wide range of fancy swimwear as well as other equipment that your kid will need when swimming. Please check out our range in the other categories where you can find everything from kids clothes, kids shoes to interior design for your kids bedroom. See our Speedo sale as well.

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