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Beckmann school backpacks, lunchboxes, pancil cases etc.


Beckmann school backpacks, lunchboxes, pancil cases etc.

Beckmann - Trusted by parents, loved by kids

School offers kids as well as young people new friends, challenges, new knowledge and learning. There are many factors that affect everyday school life.

That is why school backpacks are an important factor in every kid's everyday life. Ever since the early 1950s, Beckmann has worked hard to make their school backpacks as good as possible. The goal has always been pretty straightforward: Beckmann is about to make the best school backpacks in the world.

Besides ergonomics, quality and functionality, Beckmann has prioritized spending time and resources on the set of the development process that creates magic for the kids, in terms of colours, shapes and patterns.

The illustrations are made from scratch, and throughout the process, Beckmann strived to create a magical story for the kids, a story that will be repeated throughout all their products.

The entire process starts with Beckmann going out over and beyond in search of inspiration. Beckmann travel to trade fairs, follows trends and conducts user surveys and talks a lot with teachers, parents, and not least with the kids.

Beckmann's story

The story begins back in 1946. Olav Beckmann is a young man with a huge creative drive and idea. He works on various projects, until the early 1950s, when he managed to obtain enough funds to get started with the idea he has nurtured: The school backpacks!

"Kids need good school backpacks!"

Production began in the little living room of the Beckmann family's home. Models were drawn, samples were made and the school backpacks were tested on Beckmann's own kids and the kids of his neighbours. Precision and quality were important values.

The classic leather backpack was launched in the early 1970s - and sales were quite successful from the very start. Beckmann strived to deliver products that will serve as great companions for kids throughout schooling. On the way to school and back, every day, for many years. There are some things no one should doubt, when it comes to Beckmann school backpacks - they will certainly hold up well while taking care of the kids' things and their backs. And the second point is - they are designed to last a lifetime.

Lunchboxes, water bottles, pencil cases, and much more from Beckmann

In addition to the popular school backpacks, Beckmann also produces the finest lunchboxes, water bottles and pencil cases.

Here at Kids-world, we are incredibly happy to be able to present you with a fine selection of their beautiful and practical lunchboxes, pencil cases and not least their water bottles.

When it comes to the colours and designs, there is a bit of everything to choose from, as Beckmann does not have a single signature colour. Therefore, if your kid is into rockets, for example, or perhaps mermaids or animals in all its simplicity, then you should be able to find it all in this category of Beckmann's products for kids.

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