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Urbanista Headphones - London - True Wireless - White Pearl Urbanista Headphones - London - True Wireless - White Pearl 124,02 €
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Beautiful Urbanista headphones and speakers for kids

Everyone loves music and especially kids. With the beautiful products from Urbanista, kids can listen to their favorite music no matter where they are. The products offer a fantastic sound quality and lots of style.

The products are inspired by metropolitan life on the streets where you see everything from takeaway coffee, colourful shops as well as many different people and their personal styles.

The products are named after iconic cities around the world. The products are created because of a passion for colours, shapes and life in motion. The style is Scandinavian and minimalist, and the products are always beautiful and stylish.

Urbanista has been creating audio products since 2010 and today the products are sold in 90 different countries all over the world.

Urbanista was founded in Stockholm

Urbanista was founded in 2010 in Stockholm as a small company. However, they quickly became trendy and grew into a global brand. Urbanista specializes in creating practical and portable audio products of the best quality. With combinations of products in colourful and neutral colours, metallic and shiny, there is a product for everyone.

The story of Urbanista

Urbanista is a recognized brand in headphones that originated in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand was founded with a vision to create modern and stylish headphones that combine technology with fashion. Urbanista's mission is to offer innovative sound solutions to people who want to combine their passion for music with a trendy and urban lifestyle design.

Since its founding, Urbanista has gained popularity for its focus on quality, aesthetics and ease of use. Their headphones are designed to accompany you in your everyday life, regardless of whether you are on the move, training or relaxing. Experience top-class sound with Urbanista headphones, which have been created to enrich your music experience. Explore our selection of Urbanista headphones and discover a sound universe that will take your enjoyment of music to new heights.

Urbanista headphones

We are proud to present an impressive range of Urbanista headphones that combine fantastic sound quality, stylish design and comfort. Urbanista is known for providing high quality headphones for music lovers and those who want a unique listening experience.

Explore our range of Urbanista headphones below and discover the perfect companion for your music journey. We have a wide selection of models to suit different preferences and lifestyles. Find your favorite Urbanista headphones and immerse yourself in a world of crystal clear sound and comfortable use.

Large selection of Urbanista headphones

At Kids-world, we strive to offer a comprehensive range of Urbanista headphones that meet different needs and preferences. Our range includes different models and designs, so you can find the perfect headphone that suits your style and taste in music.

We have everything from the popular Urbanista Miami and Urbanista London to Urbanista Austin, Memphis, Nashville, Seoul, Sydney, San Francisco and New York. Whether you prefer wireless, in-ear or on-ear headphones, we have something for every audio enthusiast. Discover our selection of Urbanista headphones below and find the perfect sound experience for your lifestyle.

Get a good sound experience with Urbanista headphones

Urbanista headphones are designed with a focus on delivering impressive sound quality and comfort in one pack. Whether you're on the go, working out or relaxing at home, you can enjoy high-quality music with Urbanista.

Urbanista offers several series of headphones, including the popular Urbanista Miami, Urbanista London and many more. These headphones have a modern design, long battery life and advanced sound technology that ensures a great listening experience. Choose your favorite Urbanista headphones and experience the sound of stylish music.

Urbanista headphones in different colours

At Kids-world, we offer a wide selection of Urbanista headphones in different colours that suit your personal style. Choose between classic shades like black and white or vibrant colours like red, blue, pink and much more.

Urbanista understands the importance of matching your headphones with your personal preference, so you can express yourself through your choice of colour. Choose your favorite colours and let your Urbanista headphones reflect your unique style. Explore our range of Urbanista headphones in different colours and find the perfect colour that suits you.

Urbanista Miami headphones

Urbanista Miami headphones are a popular model known for their exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit. These wireless headphones give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite music without the hassle of cables.

With Urbanista Miami headphones you can experience a deep bass and clear tones that immerse you in your music. They are ideal for both everyday use. Choose Urbanista Miami for an enhanced listening experience. Explore our selection of Urbanista Miami headphones and discover the ultimate musical pleasure.

Urbanista London headphones

Urbanista London headphones are a stylish and advanced wireless in-ear model that impresses with its compact size and impressive sound quality. These headphones are designed to fit perfectly in your ears and offer a dynamic sound experience.

With Urbanista London, you get user-friendly features such as touch control, noise reduction and long battery life. They are perfect for music lovers on the go who want both style and performance. Find your Urbanista London headphones at Kids-world and experience the ultimate combination of aesthetics and function.

Urbanista Austin headphones

Urbanista Austin headphones are perfect for those who appreciate good sound and comfort. These wireless in-ear headphones deliver impressive sound quality and have a comfortable fit that makes them suitable for long listening periods.

With Urbanista Austin, you can enjoy your favorite music, answer calls and control your music directly from the earphones. They are designed to follow your lifestyle, whether you are on the go or relaxing. Choose the Urbanista Austin for a listening experience that doesn't compromise on style or functionality.

Urbanista Memphis speaker

The Urbanista Memphis speaker is made to impress with its design and fantastic sound quality. This wireless speaker has a compact fit that allows you to enjoy your music for hours without worrying about it taking up all the space in the room.

With Urbanista Memphis you can immerse yourself in your music and experience the details of every tone. They are perfect for both relaxation and travel, as their compact size makes them easy to transport. Discover music in a new way with an Urbanista Memphis speaker and immerse yourself in a world of high quality sound.

Urbanista Nashville speaker

Urbanista Nashville speakers are for you who love to take your music with you on the go. Urbanista Nashville is a bluetooth speaker that is perfect to take with you to the beach or wherever you want to have music.

Urbanista Nashville combines style and performance in an impressive way. This bluetooth speaker is designed to give you a great sound experience.

With Urbanista Nashville, you can create your own music bubble wherever you are. It delivers deep bass, clear tones and an impressive battery life. The lightweight construction makes it ideal to take with you anywhere. Choose Urbanista Nashville and experience the freedom of wireless music in an elegant and comfortable pack.

Urbanista Seoul headphones

Urbanista Seoul headphones are wireless in-ear headphones, created for those on the go. These compact headphones combine style, comfort and powerful sound in one unit.

With Urbanista Seoul, you get wireless freedom and impressive battery life so you can enjoy your music all day. They have touch control and are sweat and water repellent, which makes them suitable for training and outdoor activities. Choose Urbanista Seoul for a unique listening experience wherever life takes you.

Urbanista Sydney Portable Speaker

Urbanista Sydney headphones are portable speakers designed to go with you everywhere. This powerful speaker delivers impressive sound quality and is perfect for your active lifestyle.

With Urbanista Sydney, you can achieve the freedom you want without compromising on sound quality. It is easy to carry around so you can enjoy your music. Explore the world of wireless music with the Urbanista Sydney speaker and let yourself be amazed by the large sound in the little format.

Urbanista San Francisco headphones

Urbanista San Francisco headphones are in-ear headphones that deliver a ready and powerful sound. These headphones are ideal for those who want wired headphones in the form of a jack style, without compromising on sound quality.

With Urbanista San Francisco, you can experience music in its purest form, wherever you are. They are easy to operate and have a comfortable fit that makes them suitable for long-term use. Choose Urbanista San Francisco for a listening experience that suits your active lifestyle and music taste.

Urbanista New York headphones

Urbanista New York headphones are wireless over-ear headphones that deliver an impressive sound experience. These headphones are created to meet demanding listening needs and deliver powerful sound with deep bass and clear details.

With Urbanista New York you can enjoy your music with the comfort and style you deserve. They have advanced noise reduction and a long battery life that ensures an immersive listening experience all day long. Upgrade your music experience with Urbanista New York headphones and experience quality sound in a class of its own.

How to get an offer on Urbanista headphones

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Buy new products from Urbanista from us

We hope you find what you are looking for from Urbanista in our shop. We have a large range of many good and smart sound products from Urbanista. Please browse the other categories to find other nice products for your kid or to the play and bedroom.

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