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Hound Clothing for Kids


Hound Clothing for Kids

Hound clothes for kids and teenagers who are brave enough to be different

The Danish and relatively new brand, Hound makes stylish and more mature clothes for kids and teenagers who are inspired by adult fashion. The inspiration comes from the schoolyard, the street, and other places where teenagers hang out. The motto from Hound is ''never ordinary'' and that is exactly true for the kids clothes.

Hound has a large selection of jeans which is what Hound is best known for and new designs are often released. The jeans are durable and have lots of personality. For teenage boys, House design nice blazers, shirts and trousers are popular to use for confirmations, graduations, and other festive occasions.

Cool clothes in exquisite quality from Hound 

In addition, Hound makes many cool sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts in good quality. The Hound collection for teenage girls is for the fashion conscious where the feminine style meets a rawer style. There are both sophisticated dresses and cool clothes for everyday life

The clothes are designed in a general Scandinavian style and they are inspired by street style. The new collections always follow the latest fashion trends in terms of colour and design in general. Since Hound has a short production time, it is always possible to keep your kids clothes up to date with the latest fashion. 

Chindren's Rights 

Hound supports the organization "Børns Vilkår" who supports kids' rights and help for vulnerable kids and young people, and to reduce neglect.

Barns Villkor are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which aims to ensure the right of all kids to have care and safety. Hound also works considerably for a more sustainable lifestyle and production. 

New clothes from Hound in our shop 

We hope you find new clothes for your kid or teenager here, in our shop. We have a large selection of clothes from Hound and many nice clothes in different colours and styles. Feel free to look also, at any of the other categories, to find new clothes for your boy or girl. 

If you have any specific requests, if you're looking for a specific hound product that you would like to see in our online shop, please do not hesitate to send a message to our customer service so that we can help.

Don't forget to check out our Hound sale, where you can find all our sales items from Hound.

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