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PlanToys Toys & Interior for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
PlanToys Wooden Toy - Musical Bear In Leash - Wood PlanToys Wooden Toy - Musical Bear In Leash - Wood 45,08 €
Originally:  64,40 €  
PlanToys Wooden Toy - Birthday Train Train - Wood PlanToys Wooden Toy - Birthday Train Train - Wood 24,12 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
PlanToys Wooden Toy - Stack- Train - Wood PlanToys Wooden Toy - Stack- Train - Wood 45,22 €
Originally:  64,60 €  
PlanToys Wooden Toy - Banking - Ball- Game - Wood PlanToys Wooden Toy - Banking - Ball- Game - Wood 36,61 €
Originally:  52,30 €  
PlanToys Puzzle - Wood - Animal PlanToys Puzzle - Wood - Animal 28,28 €
Originally:  40,40 €  
PlanToys Rabbit w. Wheels - Wood - Light Blue PlanToys Rabbit w. Wheels - Wood - Light Blue 14,14 €
Originally:  20,20 €  
PlanToys Rabbit w. Wheels - Wood - Pink PlanToys Rabbit w. Wheels - Wood - Pink 14,14 €
Originally:  20,20 €  
PlanToys Truck - Wood PlanToys Truck - Wood 18,83 €
Originally:  26,90 €  
PlanToys Bus - Wood PlanToys Bus - Wood 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
PlanToys Wooden Toy - Creative Blocks - 30 Parts PlanToys Wooden Toy - Creative Blocks - 30 Parts 28,28 €
Originally:  40,40 €  
PlanToys Photo Set - Wood PlanToys Photo Set - Wood 32,22 €
Originally:  53,70 €  
PlanToys Secret Agent set - Wood PlanToys Secret Agent set - Wood 24,18 €
Originally:  40,30 €  
PlanToys Surgical Kit - Wood PlanToys Surgical Kit - Wood 35,70 €
Originally:  51,00 €  
PlanToys Baking Set - Wood PlanToys Baking Set - Wood 28,28 €
Originally:  40,40 €  

Sustainable wooden toys from PlanToys

If you are a fan of environmentally friendly and sustainable toys, then the collection from PlanToys is the perfect place to begin. PlanToys saw the light of day in 1981, and since the very beginning, sustainability and consideration for the environment have continued to be their central focus.

PlanToys makes fabulous toys in wood, and you can be certain that their quality is always outstanding. All toys are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.

Lovely wooden toys from PlanToys

PlanToys is well known for creating beautiful and fabulous wooden toys with a strong focus on sustainability and consideration for the environment. Here at Kids-world, you will find a large selection of the many popular wooden toys from PlanToys.

We have everything from baby toys to toys for older kids. The entire collection offers quality toys that are always excellent, with an emphasis placed on both playing and learning with a focus on kids' creativity and imagination.

Toys from PlanToys in rubber wood

All toys from PlanToys are made of rubber wood, which is a very durable material, and much lighter than other types of wood. This makes rubber wood an optimal material for baby toys.

Sustainable toys from PlanToys are produced from freshly harvested wood from a 25-hectare plantation of rubber trees. They also use rubber trees that no longer produce latex and those that are felled from plantations near the factory.

The factory that produces the toys is located in the middle of a rubber tree plantation that supplies the trees solely for toy production. This way, the transport of the raw materials is minimized for both ecological and environmental benefits. Throughout the creation of a sustainable toy, PlanToys continues to remain completely CO2 neutral.

The company always has a holistic way of looking at things, and that same environmentally sound and sustainable way of thinking flows through all departments and stages in the production of their toys. As an example, the surplus wood from production is used to produce energy for the factory and the surrounding villages.

Good for kids and good for the environment

During the production of  sustainable toys, PlanToys uses only organic colour pigments so as not to not harm either kids or the environment. All dyes are water-based and do not contain lead or other heavy metals.

Cardboard boxes, brochures and other printed materials are made from recycled paper and printed with soy print, which is easier to decompose and recycle compared to the chemical properties of printing ink. PlanToys has launched a number of initiatives and projects that support and develop kids in the local area as well as kids with special needs.

Before the wood can be used in the production of sustainable toys, it must be dried in an oven, so PlanToys itself took the initiative to develop a chemical-free oven drying process.

Sustainable toys

Sustainability is a concept that permeates throughout the entire company from sustainable materials, manufacturing and thinking. It is important for PlanToys that the quality and safety of production is superb, while at the same time knowing that it is important to promote quality of life and environmentally friendly sustainability.

PlanToys has set itself apart with the goal of minimizing the impact on the environment so that both nature and people are not harmed. PlanToys strives to use safe, responsible and sustainable methods in the manufacture of their toys, thereby planting a new tree for each tree felled.

Sustainable toys that develop and stimulate

All toys from PlanToys are designed to stimulate, develop and challenge kids in five different areas: physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and linguistically.

In addition, all kids have different ways of learning, be it through sound, by touching or by trying out different solutions. On all PlanToys products, simple icons can be followed to see how each product helps kids to learn. 

Through creative learning through inventions and observations or social learning through interaction with others and expressing emotions, you can discover toys that you feel fits with your individual child.

PlanToys has developed sustainable toys, all with an eye for design, functionality and creativity that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Baby toys by PlanToys

In the first year of a kid's life, he og she go through a lot in sensory and motor development.

Shop baby toys from PlanToys right here

At Kids-world we want to provide baby toys that inspires and are safe for the babies. As a result of our attitude towards play we constantly have a lovely assortment of PlanToys baby toys.

We stock toys for babies in various prices, designs and materials. We believe you'll find the perfect baby toys by PlanToys for your little one that meets your needs. See our PlayToys sale as well.

Plan Toys bath toys for kids

Plan Toys designs bath toys that your kid will love and have hours of joy and fun with. We have many various bath toys, including beach balls, bath toy animals and bath rings, which means that the girls and boys will have a lot of toys to play with for several hours.

Plan Toys bath toys are perfect for fun hours in the shower. Playing with bath toys will make the weekly bath routine more amusing for a lot of boys and girls.

Be sure to filter by type, style and colour by using our neat search feature if you look for a special bath toy by Plan Toys.

PlanToys play food

Welcome to my restaurant!? Your kids love this type of game when they pretend to own a real restaurant where they can create wonderful dishes for mummy and daddy - all their favourites! Your kid will have many hours of fun playing with different types of foods. PlanToys create play food such as vegetables, fruits, bread, cakes and much more. 

PlanToys toy cars

At Kids-world we trade an excellent selection of toy cars from brands such as PlanToys and many others.

We have many of toy car brands - including PlanToys. Toy cars from PlanToys are a fine pick.

Use our filter to locate the right PlanToys toy car for your toddler.

We offer toy cars from PlanToys

We hope you will find the perfect PlanToys toy car for your girl or boy at Kids-world.

We provide fine PlanToys toy cars. That's why, we believe you'll spot exactly what you are searching for.

PlanToys doll

Most kids love playing with PlanToys dolls. If you are looking for a PlanToys doll for your child, you have come to the right place.

Role play with PlanToys dolls

Only your child's fantasy sets limits on what/who the doll from PlanToys can be when your kid plays with the PlanToys doll.

Also remember to look around in the others categories for accessories like doll beds and clothes for the doll.

PlanToys puzzle games 

Here at Kids-world, we offer you a fantastic range of puzzle games from PlanToys and many other popular brands. Regardless of your kids' age, you should have a great opportunity to find the best puzzle game from PlanToys for your girl or boy.

We have a fine selection of puzzle games from various brands - including PlanToys. PlanToys puzzle games make a perfect choice.

We would suggest you use our filter search while looking for a PlanToys puzzle game for your girl or boy. Whatever your taste and preferences might be, we can guarantee you that you will find the puzzle game that both you and your girl or boy will like.

If you buy your girl's or boy's next puzzle game from PlanToys here at Kids-world, we'll be very happy and we'll make sure you do not regret it.

We have nice PlanToys puzzle games. Therefore, we believe that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

PlanToys rattles 

PlanToys rattles are great toys for little ones. PlanToys produces the most gorgeous rattles made of fine and solid materials.

PlanToys rattles and motor exercise

PlanToys rattles and rattles from other brands available on our page are characterized by their nice designs and shapes -  rabbits, llamas, bears, giraffes, swans or cats.

PlanToys rattles in modern colours

PlanToys and other brands make many varieties of rattles made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials in stylish colours.

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