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Aquabeads - Beads

Recommended Age (Toys)
Aquabeads Beads - 600 pcs - Ivory Aquabeads Beads - 600 pcs - Ivory 5,20 €
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Aquabeads - Beads

Colourful Aquabeads for Kids

With the colorful Aquabeads, kids can make absolutely incredible things. Aquabeads are fun and safe toys that ensure that little ones have fun for many hours. Aquabeads products are perfect for kids from 4 years of age and up.

The unique beads are held together with water and you do not need heat. Unlike the traditional ironing beads, Aquabeads can be used to create three-dimensional shapes without using a plate.

The product was developed in Japan and the company has had great success since 2004. Today Aquabeads is sold in over 45 different countries. Aquabeads are a fantastic product for all creative kids. The more kids practice laying the beads, the more complex and amazing shapes they will be able to create. It is just your imagination that sets the limits.


The primary ingredient in Aquabeads is PVOH (PVA/polyvinyl alcohol). PVOH is non-toxic and it is used for, among other things, as a coating on tablets and other pills. The substance is also found in softening ointments, in packaging for food and other.

The beads have a bitter taste so that kids don’t want to eat them. The additive is of course harmless.

Aquabeads - Large selection of colorful beads for creative play

At Kids-world, we offer a wide selection of creative possibilities with Aquabeads beads. These colorful beads are a great way for kids to express their creativity. We have beads in different colours and shades, such as blue, green, red and many more.

Closet beautiful patterns and designs by combining the different colours. Aquabeads beads are perfect for promoting fine motor skills and concentration in kids.

Express yourself with the colours and closet unique jewelry or decorations with our Aquabeads beads.

Aquabeads cardboard suitcase - Perfect for storage and creativity

If you want a lot of Aquabeads beads, you can choose the very large Aquabeads cardboard suitcase - Aquabeads deluxe creation box, which has no less than 1,400 Aquabeads beads. An Aquabeads cardboard suitcase gives you the opportunity to make many things with the many Aquabeads beads in many different colours, so you can always be creative. There are many hours of creativity in the large Aquabeads deluxe creation box.

With the Aquabeads suitcase, you can also easily take your creativity with you everywhere. The large Aquabeads deluxe creation box is ideal for playdates, travel or just for keeping things fine organized at home.

How do you make Aquabeads beads?

If you would like to know how to make fantastic creations with Aquabeads beads, then you have come to the right place. We offer detailed instructions and inspiration so that kids can learn to create their own beautiful designs.

In the various Aquabeads set you will find both Aquabeads templates and various types of accessories. In the Aquabeads deluxe creation box you will find, among other things, an Aquabeads pearl pen.

How to get an offer on Aquabeads beads

You can easily get fantastic offers on Aquabeads beads at Kids-world. Visit our sale category to find great deals on creative toys, including Aquabeads. Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive Aquabeads offers and updates straight to your inbox.

For even more opportunities to save, you can follow Kids-world on social media, where we share special offers and campaigns. Let us help you create creative play without breaking the budget! This is how you get offers on Aquabeads beads and other fun creative toys!

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