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SwimFin Toys, Equipment & Accessories for Kids


SwimFin Toys, Equipment & Accessories for Kids

Fun and practical swimming fins for kids from SwinFin

The beautiful swimming fins for kids from SwimFin inspires play and even imagination. When a kid puts on a swimming fin, they become more active and play, which builds confidence. The most important thing is that they have so much fun in the meantime. SwimFin's swim floats make it more fun to learn to swim and the kids love the sense of safety that the SwimFin gives them.

SwimFin swimming fins is a tool to use when kids are learning to swim as well as a very fun toy. The swimming fins should sit high on the back so that the kid does not fall forward into the water when wearing it. It takes a little practice the first time when wearing a swimming fin to make sure it sits correctly.

The deeper the swimming fin is in the water, the more support the kid receives. The swimming fin does not need to be filled or emptied of air and kids do not need to wear arm floats or any other support.

The swimming fins for kids from SwimFin are perfect for kids who are learning how to swim as their arms are free. Even swimming coaches use SwimFin to teach kids how to swim and they are perfect for little ones with additional needs.

The story behind SwimFins

Swimming coach Kevin Mosely had the idea of the SwimFin back in the 1980s when he made some funny fins of old foam that he could tie to his back. The kids he taught thought the fins were really funny and they loved to play with them.

SwimFin arrived on the market in 2008 and since then the company has developed considerably. Today, the swimming fins are exported to over 80 countries and the company is eager to see what their future looks like.

Find new swimming fins and float devices from SwimFin

We hope you find one or more fun swimming fins from SwimFin in our shop. We have a large range of many smart products for your kids when he or she is learning to swim.

Feel free to browse around the other categories to find other products that your kid might need or want. We offer everything from kids clothes and kids shoes to interior design for kids rooms.

SwimFin shark fins? When the swim needs to be extra fun

SwimFin shark fins are an innovative and fun addition to the swimming experience for both kids and adults. These colorful and ergonomically designed SwimFin shark fins are not only a practical aid to improve swimming skills, but they also add a fun and playful dimension to water activities.

The SwimFin shark fins are constructed of durable material and are easy to put on and take off. They attach securely to the back like a back plate, making them comfortable to wear while swimming. SwimFin shark fins come in a variety of colours and designs, making it easy for swimmers to choose the fin that suits their personal style.

The unique shape of the SwimFin shark fins not only offers extra buoyancy, which is particularly beneficial for those who are learning to swim, but also creates a feeling of confidence in the water. SwimFin shark fins are suitable for use in both pools and the sea and can be used by swimmers of all skill levels.

In addition to their practical use, SwimFin shark fins are a fun element that makes swimming a playful experience. Kids will enjoy letting their imaginations run wild as they move through the water like dangerous sharks. At the same time, SwimFin shark fins give parents and instructors an additional resource to make learning swimming skills more fun and engaging.

SwimFin shark fins in many different colours

One of the large advantages of being a child is that from time to time you can let your imagination run wild and not be limited by the world of reality. The same applies to the SwimFin shark fins, which come in a wide range of different colours. Whether you prefer a blue SwimFin shark fin, or whether it should be grey or purple, there is something for everyone.

SwimFin size: Here is the size of the SwimFin shark fins

What is the SwimFin size? In addition to finding the sizes of the different SwimFin shark fins in the individual product descriptions, you can also find an overview of SwimFin sizes here.

SwimFin The size of a shark fin is 26.5 cm in length and with a height of 26 cm. The SwimFin shark fins are designed to be able to carry between 15-30 kg. If you want to know more about the SwimFin sizes, we recommend that you read more about the products in their description.

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