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Globe Skateboards for kids

Globe is an Australian brand that specializes in streetwear clothing, shoe and skateboards (incl. decks, wheels, trucks etc.). day, the products are sold in more than 100 countries in the world. Globe is known for their high quality skateboards at good prices, which last a long time and are suitable for kids and adults of all levels. Globe is known for making some of the best Cruiser skateboards on the market. So if your child loves to drive to school or on the road, the Globe skateboard is a really good bet.

Ever since the beginning, some of the world's best professional skaters have used the Globe. One of the biggest names that has represented the brand is Rodney Mullen, who is world famous for his innovation of street skating.

The story of the Globe

The Globe was founded in 1994 by three Australian brothers, Peter, Matt and Stephen. Globe originally started as a skateboard equipment import brand called Hardcore Enterprises. Right from the start, the brand played a huge role in showing people how cool skateboarding really was, by doing local skate demos across Australia.

Card after, Hardcore Enterprises developed the Globe brand as we know it day, and expanded its business to North America. day, Globe continues to improve their product designs and innovate in skateboarding technology. They have made skateboards lighter, more robust, and with a bolder design - so that all skaters around the world can find a skateboard at Globe that suits them.

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