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Grim Tout


Grim Tout

Water-based face paint from Grim Tout

Grim Tout is a French face paint for kids, designed specifically to be very gentle to their sensitive skin. All Grim Tout products do not contain perfume or parabens to avoid the risk of allergies. Their products are great for birthday parties, Halloween and many other special occasions.

Grim Tout's face paint for kids doesn't dry out when stored away, and is super easy to use. They also come with a selection of templates that make face painting even easier, as well as brush sets for use with other products. Face paint from Grim Tout can be used on both the face and body, and is super easy to remove with a little water and soap. All their products are CE certified.

How Grim Tout came to be

Grim Tout was founded in 2006 by a French woman, Natalie Rozenberg. When her daughter was little and had been wearing makeup at school, Natalie had to remove it when she got home. It was very difficult to get off, and took a great deal of oil and scrubbing to finally get rid of it. This is when Natalie got the idea to market water-based face makeup for kids. She wanted to create products that were not difficult to remove and didn't cause skin irritations or allergies.

Today, Grim Tout has face paint for everyone, from little ones to slightly bigger ones, for birthdays, costume parties, carnivals, football matches, or any other special occasion that might require colourful makeup.

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