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Tikiri - Fine teething toy for toddlers

Tikiri is a collection of bee teething toy that combine texture, touch and cute designs with personality that introduces toddlers to the world around them. The bite toy is handmade in eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as natural rubber and fiber. Is natural choice for your child. Tikiri has many different collections that include animal from the farm, safari animal and sea creatures. The sea animals are also super as bath toy.

The bite toy is sustainably produced and is perfect as the first toys for babies and toddlers, and will spread joy, security and help kids in their development. Tikiri's bite teething toy for kids contain plastic, BPA, phthalates or PVC. In addition, they are biodegradable and are handmade and hand painted in Sri Lanka.

Baby toys Tikiri

If you are looking for toys for babies from Tikiri, you can buy it right here. Det første år of a child's liv, a lot happens in its motor and sensory development.

If you want to help your boy or girl along the way by strengthening its development, you can provide the different kind of Tikiri toys that can entertain and challenge.

Baby toys Tikiri

Baby toys Tikiri are always a good and safe choice. If you have a desire to pamper your child, you could consider the good toys from Tikiri.

Fine selection of baby toys from i.a. Tikiri

Here at Kids-world.com you can find a delicious selection of Tikiri baby toys in many variants for both boys and girls. Use our filter in the menu bar to narrow down the search in terms of colours and type. So whether you are looking for a toys for babies from Tikiri for your own child, or you need a gift for, for example, Christmas, christening or birthday, you can find it here with us.

Tikiri teethers for babies

Do your girl or boy's gums itch? If this is the case, it might be a really good idea to get a Tikiri teether. When teeth start growing can be quite a challenging period due to itching gums, so your boy or a girl will probably want something to bite into.

In this category, you will find our entire selection of teethers from Tikiri for boys and girls. We have something for every child.

Nice Tikiri teethers

Tikiri teethers and teethers from the other brands come in simple and cool designs.

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