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Minimalisma for Kids


Minimalisma for Kids

Minimalisma - the cutest minimalist clothes for baby and kids

Minimalisma offers clothes in a beautiful Danish design in muted colours and styles. The kids clothes are available in small collections in the same colours so you can buy different garments and easily combine and match the clothes for beautiful outfits. 

There are beautiful kids’ clothes in the form of sweaters, bodies, T-shirts, dresses, leggings and much more at reasonable prices. You can easily and quickly find items for your kids’ wardrobe. 

Minimalisma create kids’ clothes that are produced with love and only natural materials. Minimalisma is especially known for the kid’s clothes in silk and wool. 

Minimalismas story

The founder of Minimalisma grew up on a small island where nature was a big part of everyday life. Nature has therefore been a great inspiration in her design of kids’ clothes. 

The founder was interested in fashion from an early age and as her mother was able to knit almost anything, she grew up with design and the making of knitted dresses and sweaters around her. 

The first collection of kids' clothing from Minimalisma was released in 2012 and one of the collection's sweaters was knitted by the founder's mother, in the softest cashmere yarn. 

The founder moved to Switzerland from Copenhagen after she resigned from her position in fashion. She started Minimalisma, as she lacked the amazing Scandinavian style with the minimalist clothes in top quality, when living in Switzerland. 

Minimalisma scarves

We provide a wonderful assortment of scarves by brands such as Minimalisma and others.

We stock many of scarf brands - including Minimalisma. Scarves from Minimalisma are a great pick.

Please make use of our filter if you are browsing for specific scarf by Minimalisma and many other stuff for your boy or girl. We stock basically all the stuff you are looking for, for kids at Kids-world.

Purchase scarves by Minimalisma today

If you choose to buy your kid's next scarf from Minimalisma at Kids-world we will be extremely joyful and promise that you won't regret it.

We store wonderful Minimalisma scarves. That is why, we trust you spot specifically what you are wishing for.

Minimalisma hair accessory for kids

If you need to get hold of hair hairbands, hair clips, buckles, elastic hair bands and headband from Minimalisma for your kids, this is the place you should look.

Hair accessory from Minimalisma in good quality

Minimalisma and the others brands produce various beautiful, colorful, neutral and festive products within hair accessory and much more for boys and girls.

Whatever you are looking for some Minimalisma hair accessory to give today's look a boost or just for fun and play in connection. role play, then you can find it here with us.

Fine and large selection of Minimalisma

We are proud to be able to present our extensive selection of Minimalisma clothing for kids. Our range includes everything from bodystockings and blouses to beanies, dresses and leggings - all in the well-known minimalist design.

Regardless of whether you are looking for clothes for everyday life or special occasions, we offer a varied selection of Minimalisma that matches every need and style.

Discover our fine selection of Minimalisma and dress your child in clothes that combine quality, style and sustainability.

Colorful Minimalisma clothes

With us you will find a wide selection of Minimalisma in different colours to suit every taste and style. Whether your child prefers classic shades or bolder colours, we have the right clothes for them.

Discover our range of Minimalisma in colours such as neutral tones, pastels and more lively colours. Closet the perfect wardrobe for your child with our colorful selection.

Find your favorite colors from our Minimalisma collection and let your child express their personality through clothing choices.

Minimalisma bodysuits

We present our exclusive selection of Minimalisma bodysuits for babies and kids. Our Minimalisma bodysuits combine exceptional comfort with simple elegance and are perfect for keeping your child both stylish and comfortable.

Minimalisma bodysuits are created with care and attention to detail. The natural materials and timeless design make them the ideal choice for modern parents who want the best for their child's wardrobe.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma bodysuits and dress your child in clothing of the highest quality.

Minimalisma woolen clothes

Explore our selection of Minimalisma wool products for kids. Wool is a natural and breathable material that keeps your child warm and comfortable in cooler weather. Our wool products combine functionality with minimalism and ensure a pleasant experience for your child.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma wool products and dress your child for any season.

Minimalisma beanies

Give your child a stylish and warm accessory with our selection of Minimalisma beanies. Our beanies are made from soft materials and come in a variety of colours and designs to suit any style.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma beanies and complete your child's look with a classic and timeless accessory.

Minimalisma blouses

Whether you're looking for a light blouse for summer or a warm wool blouse for winter, our selection of Minimalisma blouses has something for every season. Our blouses combine comfort with aesthetics and are perfect for your child's wardrobe.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma blouses and dress your child in clothes that match the changing demands of the seasons.

Minimalisma neck warmers

Keep your child warm with our selection of Minimalisma neck warmers. Our neck warmers are made from soft and natural materials and are the perfect accessory to protect your child from the cold.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma neck warmers and add a practical and stylish dimension to your child's outfit.

Minimalisma dresses

For a timeless and elegant style, our selection of Minimalisma dresses is the right choice. Our dresses are made from natural materials and come in a variety of designs to suit any occasion.

Discover our selection of Minimalisma dresses and let your child shine in simple and beautiful outfits.

Size guide for Minimalisma

We understand the importance of finding the right size for your child. That's why we offer a comprehensive size guide in the product descriptions for our Minimalisma clothes. The guide helps you choose the perfect size so that your child gets the best fit and comfort.

Discover our size guide and make sure your child's clothes fit perfectly.

Washing instructions for Minimalisma

In order to preserve the quality of your Minimalisma clothing, we recommend following the included washing instructions carefully. If you have lost the instructions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service for advice on how best to care for your clothes.

Discover the best care tips and preserve the quality of your Minimalisma clothes for a long time.

Get an offer on Minimalisma

Do you want to save on your purchase of Minimalisma clothing? Visit our sale category, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest offers and sale at Minimalisma.

We give you the opportunity to buy stylish and sustainable clothes for your child without exceeding the budget.

Discover our offer on Minimalisma and give your child a wardrobe full of quality and style.

Buy clothes from Minimalisma from Kids-world

We hope you find new clothes from Minimalisma in our shop. We have a wide range of many different styles of kids clothes from Minimalisma all so that you can find new clothes for your boy or girl that will be perfect additions for the wardrobe.

For a more particular search requests, use our filter to navigate through our different fashion clothing from Minimalisma. And with a large selection of affordable Minimalisma clothing, Kids-world has you covered. See our Minimalisma sale as well.

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