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Steiff - Soft Toys

Recommended Age (Toys)

Steiff - Soft Toys

The most beautiful handmade soft toys for kids from Steiff

The wonderful soft toys from Steiff spread great joy and they look forward to becoming part of your family! Steiff is world famous for its incredibly luxurious soft toys. Since 1880, they have created soft toys that set the standard for the quality of soft toys all over the world. In fact, it was Steiff who invented the soft toy in 1902.

The soft toys from Steiff are made of materials such as mohair, alpaca, cashmere, velour, felt and plush. Many families allow steiff soft toys to be passed down from generation to generation.

They last so long because they are made in such good quality. The kids love the usual faces, the soft bodies and the realistic styles of the soft toys. With Steiff, only the best is good enough.

Steiffs unique story

Margarete Steiff was born in Giengen an der Brenz in 1847. After a severe illness as a child, her right leg became paralyzed and it hurt when she used her right arm. To make her everyday life work, she needed help from others, however, she always remained positive and fought hard to achieve a normal everyday life.

Despite the pain she lived with, she trained as a seamstress and at the age of 17 she was fully educated. In 1874 Margarete decorated her own sewing room and she began to sell clothes and household items that she produced.

In 1879, she created a small elephant from a pattern she had seen in a women's magazine and her small soft toys quickly became popular with kids. In 1902 they started making real soft toys and that's when the great adventure began for real.

Steiff soft toys

Steiff, a renowned and historic toy brand, is famous for its high quality soft toys. Since its founding in 1880, Steiff has established itself as a pioneer in the toy industry. Steiff soft toys have been a set of childhood for generations.

Each Steiff soft toy is designed with a combination of tradition and innovation, ensuring that they are not just toys, but also sought-after collectors' items.

Steiff soft toys and their characteristics

Steiff soft toys are known for their incomparable quality and craftsmanship. A special characteristic of Steiff soft toys is the button in the ear, which has become a symbol of quality and tradition.

Steiff soft toys are handmade with large care, often from luxurious materials such as mohair and alpaca. Their unique designs, lifelike details and soft textures make them a dear friend to kids and a prized item for collectors.

Steiff soft toys price - How to see the prices of Steiff soft toys

The prices of Steiff soft toys may vary depending on size, material and design. To get the full overview of the prices of Steiff soft toys at Kids-world. Here you can easily search for Steiff soft toys and see the current prices, so you can quickly find the perfect Steiff soft toy for your needs and budget.

How to get an offer on Steiff soft toys

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We hope you find one or more nice soft toys from Steiff in our shop that match what you are looking for. We have a large range of many cute soft animals in different designs from Steiff.

If you are looking for a specific soft toy from Steiff here at Kids-world that you cannot find in our online shop, please contact our customer service so that we can try to help you find what you are looking for.

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