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Bruder - Just like the real thing

The German toy giant Bruder is known and loved throughout the world for their realistic and detailed toys. Their slogan is "Just like the real thing" - and anyone who has held a Bruder toys in their hands can nod in recognition.

The vast majority of kids who are interested in work machines and vehicles have spent hours with the realistic models in high-quality plastic that Bruder makes of both cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, tractors, work machines and much, much more.

Bruder lives up to their slogan in particular. The models in their"Professional series?, which are in a scale of 1:16, have an impressive wealth of detail and are truly replicas of the real thing, which is why they are so much fun for kids to play with and explore.

The Bruder toy brand has been around for many years, so they have good experience in what they do. About 100 years ago, in 1926, the company was founded by Paul Bruder as a one-man business.

Paul Bruder made brass mouthpieces for trumpets, which he sold to toy trumpet manufacturers. Over the years, production switched to plastic, where Paul Bruder's son Heinz Bruder boosted toy production. In 1960, a production building was built in the German city of Fürth, a city where Bruder still has its headquarters to this day.

In the late 1980s, the next generation train over with Paul Heinz Bruder at the helm of product development. In 1997, the "TOP Professional" series saw the light of day. It is toy series like this that we also know and love Bruder for today with the amazing, realistic models of vehicles and work machines in particular.

With the realistic toys and the slogan "Just like the real thing", Bruder has a ready philosophy that toys are not just something that kids play with, but also something that prepares them for and gives them experiences for the real world outside of play.

The realistic models with lots of details and functions encourage role play and simulation of the real environment, in which kids move through play and gain experiences that equip them for life in general and strengthen their development.

Large selection of Bruder toys

If your child is a huge fan of work machines, tractors, trucks, cranes or others vehicles, then you probably already know Bruder toys. Bruder makes really nice, durable and realistic models of work machines and vehicles in particular. They are some of the best at it in the whole world.

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of Bruder toys. You will find it all right here on the page. If your child can spend hours driving cars, trucks, tractors or work machines and creates small environments and stories while playing in the room, then Bruder toys are just the thing.

If your child is interested in agriculture or farm life, then we have a whole lot of Bruder toys in our range that you can get involved with. Kids-world sells both tractors, agricultural machines and toy figurine, which make the agricultural play complete.

It could also be that your child likes cool cars, fast emergency vehicles or large trucks. In that department there are also lots of products with Bruder toys. The same applies to work machines, where Bruder makes both cranes, excavators and much more.

Regardless of whether your child loves cars, trucks, tractors or work machines, there is something to find in the selection of Bruder toys. Here at the shop, you can check out our entire large selection and choose exactly the Bruder toys that your child will love to play with.

Bruder toys are of good quality and can withstand being played with by kids. It is made of high-quality plastic and has received the German "Spiel gut" recommendation. Bruder toys are also safe to play with as they have been tested and meet both the European EN71 and the American ASTM standard.

Bruder tractor

If you are looking for a Bruder tractor for your child, then you have landed on the right page. Here at the shop, we have many different Bruder tractors, which are one of the most popular items in the Bruder toy range.

The amount of detail on a Bruder tractor is astounding. For both kids and their parents, it is fun to see how every little detail of the large agricultural vehicles has been included and recreated in plastic on the realistic 1:16 scale models.

And not only that the wealth of detail is large on a Bruder tractor, just like all other Bruder toys, Bruder tractors are also packed with features that are exciting to explore and play with. Kids will love opening the tractor's doors, steering the wheel with the joystick, folding in and out the wing mirror and of and detaching different trailers.

Bruder tractors are available in many different brands, so there is a large probability that exactly your child's favorite tractor, whether it is a Fendt, Claas, John Deere or Massey Ferguson, can be found in our selection of Bruder toys.

Bruder crane

Kids and adults can all be fascinated by seeing the large forces at game when a crane starts the crane game and lifts the very heavy things. It is therefore not surprising that kids love to try it themselves in games. Exactly this is possible with a Bruder crane.

Here at the shop, we have several Bruder crane cars for sale among our selection of Bruder toys. What they all have in common is that they have working cranes that look exactly like the real thing and can lift Bruder toys, accessories and in some cases even Bruder cars.

A Bruder crane has lots of cool features that kids can use, explore and play with that can give them the feeling of doing it in real life. Buy your child's next Bruder crane here at Kids-world.

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