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GoBabyGo Clothing & Equiptment for Kids

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GoBabyGo Clothing & Equiptment for Kids


GoBabyGo was created in Denmark by Fie Aspöck Jonsen. Fie received her inspiration to develop GoBabyGo after she gave birth to her little boy Emil, who was born two months premature and was very tiny. She began to contemplate what could be done to strengthen Emil's motor skills and movement. Fie diligently read everything she could find available on the subject, while also seeking the opinions of pediatric physiotherapists and motor skills experts.

She found their attitudes to all be pretty much the same by giving her the same response: ?All kids grow to stand and walk one day, but the way in which the process takes place is interesting. Give kids the best conditions to do it correctly, and them having the ability to take over the world is what it is all about.'' These words provided the inspiration for GoBabyGo to enter into this world with the sole purpose of assisting with kids' development.

Non-slip socks from GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo allows your kids to move about with ease, and thus explore the world with the never-ending strength to play and learn new things. Several studies have shown that excellent motor skills strengthen babies both physically and socially throughout their upbringing. A home that includes smooth tile or hardwood floors can be a challenge for kids to stand on, but with GoBabyGo, little ones can take over the world safely.

Nice selection of GoBabyGo in beautiful colours

GoBabyGo knee pads, socks, tights and leggings are available in an array of beautiful colours for both boys and girls, including unisex. The GoBabyGo collection is made of a fabulous stretchy cotton, guaranteeing great mobility. GoBabyGo is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and has been tested for harmful substances.

We offer a wide range of GoBabyGo clothing for babies at affordable prices here at Kids-world. We have a GoBabyGo sale as well.

GoBabyGo socks in bamboo

Try one of our smart GoBabyGo socks in bamboo. Bamboo is a lovely and soft material that feels silky on the feet.

As a natural material, Bamboo also has many sustainability advantages, among other things bamboo is very fast growing and requires a low water consumption compared to others natural materials.

These smart GoBabyGo bamboo socks are practical for the kid when he has to learn to walk, as GoBabyGo bamboo socks have non-slip pads on the bottom of the sock and on the top side near the toes. It gives the kid a firm handles for the feet to set off on smooth floors - and it strengthens motor skills.

Wearing non-slip socks while the kid plays also reduces the possibility of getting an unpleasant splinter in the foot if the kid plays on smooth wooden floors, for example. At the same time, GoBabyGo socks are always produced in a luxurious quality. They are soft inside and very comfortable to wear. Among other things, you can find GoBabyGo bamboo socks in the colours sand, navy, mustard yellow and pink.

Lots of smart GoBabyGo tights

With a pair of good tights from GoBabyGo, your kids are ready for active play all day long. GoBabyGo has designed a multitude of different types of comfortable tights for both girls and boys in many beautiful colours. You can get GoBabyGo tights in cotton or wool for when it gets extra cold.

GoBabyGo tights are perfect for very young kids between 6 and 18 months and have non-slip pads on the underside of the foot. You can also get GoBabyGo tights with non-slip pads on the knees.

This makes the GoBabyGo thights extra suitable for when your kids are crawling around and first learning to walk. That way, your kids don't have to Skate around on slippery floors. With GoBabyGo tights, it will be pure pleasure for your kids to play around and learn to walk.

Let the little crawl with a pair of GoBabyGo non-slip tights

Did you know that with a pair of non-slip non-slip tights you can easily help improve your children's motor skills when they are learning to walk? This is due to the non-slip pads under the feet and on the knees, which ensure more stable support and give your kids better balance.

GoBabyGo has developed non-slip tights with non-slip pads to provide your kids with the most optimal conditions in this important phase, when kids must learn to stand upright on two legs and really explore the world.

GoBabyGo non-slip tights are available in many different colours, including the colours sand, pink and navy. You can also choose between the materials cotton or wool.

Take care of the little knees with GoBabyGo knee pads

It is inevitable that small kids will get a few scratches here and there while playing on the floor. But with knee pads from GoBabyGo, it brands and scratches on the delicate children's knees. It will make playing on the floor a set fun.

The smart GoBabyGo knee pads have many rubber pads that are produced without harmful phthalates. They sit close together in a nice circular pattern.

You can also get GoBabyGo knee pads as set of a starter pack, where in addition to knee pads you get tights and socks in the purchase. The knee pads from GoBabyGo are lined with soft terrycloth on the inside so they feel extra comfortable and won't scratch, so your kids will love wearing them.

Keep warm with a pair of GoBabyGo gloves and mittens

The delicious gloves and mittens from GoBabyGo have external rubber pads on the entire inside of the hand, as well as on the outside of the fingertips. It gives the kids a firmer handles on, for example, toys and smooth surfaces, so that they can soon climb around almost like Spiderman or a little gecko.

GoBabyGo gloves are suitable for all little girls and boys who love to play and be outdoors. GoBabyGo mittens have a ribbed edge all around, which keeps the mittens firmly in place without them scratching the skin.

GoBabyGo gloves are produced in cotton that is always 100% oeko-certified, so you can be sure that the cotton is produced under proper conditions and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Lots of nice GoBabyGo leggings

In our large selection of GoBabyGo leggings you can find many different colours. You can freely choose between size 6-12 months or size 12-18 months.

You can use our search filter to narrow your search by, for example, popularity, price or the latest model.

GoBabyGo has designed non-slip leggings and non-slip leggings to give your little kids optimal balance and motor skills when learning to walk and stand upright. This is not easy on very slippery surfaces, where the kids will constantly fall and Skate around.

With the non-slip pads on the GoBabyGo leggings, the kids get the opportunity to stand better on a smooth floor. It protects the kids from many unnecessary scratches. You can also advantageously combine GoBabyGo leggings with other accessories such as gloves, knee pads or socks.

Kids-world is your GoBabyGo dealer

At Kids-world you can find plenty to choose from from the popular GoBabyGo. With smart and non-slip GoBabyGo socks, knee pads, leggings, tights and much more, your kids will quickly learn to stand upright. Before you know it, they'll even start running away.

You will be able to find all this easily here on our site. You can narrow your search to just what you need by using our search filter. You can also just type your keywords into our search field at the top of the page and go directly to our large selection of GoBabyGo.

Let Kids-world become your nearest GoBabyGo dealer and sign up for our newsletter. Then you can enjoy all the benefits of being the first to get news about new products, GoBabyGo offers and much more.

GoBabyGo size guide

It is a good idea to take a measurement of your children's feet to find out what size fits. This can be individual and does not always correspond to the exact age of the kid's.

Take a look at our size guide for GoBabyGo to find out which size is best for your child. As a general rule, GoBabyGo is suitable for very young kids between 6-18 months.

You can also measure GoBabyGo by whether the non-slip rubber pads are correctly positioned when the kids are wearing socks or tights, for example. If the rubber pads are well placed on the knees and feet, then the size fits.

It is important to find the correct size, as too small sizes will be tight or uncomfortable for the kids and this means that rubber pacifiers do not work as they should.

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