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Dickie Toys


Dickie Toys

Dickie Toys

Is your child fascinated by cars, trucks, cranes and mechanics? Then he or she will love Dickie Toys. This brand, with over 50 years of experience in the toy industry, is known for creating realistic, detailed and fun vehicles of all sizes.

Dickie Toys was established in 1982 in Germany and has since expanded their product range enormously. They create everything from simple to more advanced remote controlled vehicles. Each and every model is designed with unparalleled attention to detail, making them a hit with kids and collectors alike.

And the best part is that Dickie Toys are not only fun, but also educational. They help kids understand mechanics and improve their motor skills, all while learning about the world around them.

So whether your child dreams of becoming a truck driver, firefighter or police officer, there is a Dickie Toy that can bring his or her dreams to life.

Large selection of Dickie Toys toy cars and toys

Is your child ready to take control? With Dickie Toys, the only limit is your imagination. This brand is famous for its extensive range of toy cars and toys designed to engage children's senses, stimulate their curiosity and promote their motor skills.

From realistic racing cars and impressive trucks to colorful city buses, there is something for every little vehicle enthusiast. Each model is created with exceptional German precision, giving your child an authentic and exciting play experience.

But it's not all fun and games. Dickie Toys is also dedicated to making their products educational. By playing with these detailed vehicles, your child will understand basic physical principles, develop fine motor skills and increase their understanding of the world around them.

So dive into the exciting range of Dickie Toys at Kids-world and let your child's vehicle adventure begin.

The popular Dickie Toys garbage truck

Have fun and learn something new with the popular garbage truck from Dickie Toys. This toys is designed to fascinate your child and inspire countless hours of creative play.

Dickie Toys' garbage truck is far from ordinary. With realistic details, moving parts and durable design, it's a sand treat for any little utility vehicle enthusiast. Your child can experience the joy of filling the container, raising and lowering the load and driving around the living room and keeping the city - and the whole house - clean.

In addition to being fun, this garbage truck is also educational. It gives your child an understanding of recycling and the importance of keeping our surroundings clean, while your child develops fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Let your boy or girl jump into a world of responsibility and fairy tale with the Dickie Toys garbage truck. It is more than just a toys, it is an experience.

Dickie Toys crane

Awaken your child's inner construction engineer with the Dickie Toys crane. This sturdy and realistic toys is perfect for little builders who love to be creative and solve problems.

The crane truck comes with a working crane arm that can raise and lower the load, and is maneuvered into different positions, giving your child an authentic and exciting experience of being on the construction site - right in the middle of your living room. Every detail is carefully designed to inspire hours of fun, engaging and educational play.

While your child is busy building his dream city, he or she is also learning important skills. The Dickie Toys crane helps develop children's fine motor skills, coordination and understanding of cause and effect.

Let your child's building dreams come true with the Dickie Toys crane. The next construction project just a click away.

Make firefighting fun with a Dickie Toys fire engine

Turn your child's playtime into an exciting rescue mission with the Dickie Toys fire truck. This toys is the ultimate choice for little firefighters ready to save the day.

The fire engine is equipped with realistic features such as an extendable ladder, doors that can be opens and even a water sprayer - all designed to give your child an authentic rescue experience, minus the fire, of course. Each play session becomes a new mission where your child can save the city from virtual fires.

But the game is not just fun and entertainment. By playing with the Dickie Toys fire truck, your child develops fine motor skills and learns about the value of cooperation and problem solving. The toy helps create an understanding of the brave work of firemen and firewomen and the importance of helping others.

Turn playtime into a string of heroic experiences with the Dickie Toys fire engine.

Alert, alert, here comes the Dickie Toys police cars

Make room for action and fairy tale with a Dickie Toys police car. This toys creates an exciting world of heroes and villains that brings your child's imagination to life.

The police cars from Dickie Toys are designed with impressive details, including working lights and sirens and a realistic and durable design that can withstand even the most frantic car chases. Each play session becomes a new mission where your child can protect the city from bad guys.

Dickie Toys police cars help your child develop an understanding of rules and legislation and promote problem-solving skills while playing. Each role play allows your child to discover their inner police officer and learn the value of community service.

Awaken your child's inner police officer with a Dickie Toys police car.

For the little farmer: Dickie Toys tractor

Closet rural charm in your child's playtime with the Dickie Toys tractor. This detailed and sturdy toys is perfect for little farmers who dream of driving across the fields.

A Dickie Toys tractor is designed to look like a real tractor with realistic features such as working headlights, a movable shovel, and durable wheels that can handle any terrain. It's the perfect way for your child to experience the joy of farming, no matter where they live.

Your child will not only find the toy entertaining. Dickie Toys' tractor can also help to strengthen his or her learning and development as well as the understanding of the importance of agriculture and its role in our society.

Let your child discover the joy of farming with the Dickie Toys tractor.

Let your imagination run free with the large Dickie Toys cranes

Take your child's building play to new heights with the Dickie Toys crane. This spectacular toys is designed to challenge and engage your child while inspiring endless creative play.

The crane from Dickie Toys is packed with realistic details, including an extendable crane arm, a manuel winch, and sturdy wheels that can handle any construction site terrain. Your child can lift and move objects, build skyscrapers and more, all with their very own crane.

As your child builds and plays, he or she is also developing valuable skills. Dickie Toys' crane promotes fine motor skills, understanding of cause and effect, and problem solving. Each play session becomes a learning experience where your child discovers the fascinating world of construction and engineering.

Open up a world of construction and discovery for your child with the Dickie Toys crane.

Love the Dickie Toys offer?

Does your child love action-packed play and role-playing? Now you have the chance to delight your young and large with the fantastic range of Dickie Toys - at even better prices. Our special Dickie Toys offer allows you to expand your child's toy collection without breaking the budget.

From police cars to tractors, cranes and fire engines - there is something for every little adventurer in our Dickie Toys sale. This high-quality toys is designed to inspire hours of imaginative play while promoting your children's learning and skill development.

Every Dickie Toys toys is an fairy tale waiting to be discovered. Your child will experience the excitement and joy that comes with creating their own play stories and fairy tale.

With a fantastic selection of cars, tractors, cranes and much more, there are no limits to the fairy tale your child can create at Dickie Toys. And you can save on shipping.

Make your child's playtime even more exciting and educational with Dickie Toys today.

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