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Janod Toys & Equipment for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Janod Tangram - 2 Difficulty Levels Janod Tangram - 2 Difficulty Levels 18,48 €
Originally:  30,80 €  

Janod Toys & Equipment for Kids

Wooden toys from Janod

Janod is a French company that has been selling wooden toys since 1970. A leader in the French market for high quality wooden toys, Janod is well represented in a large number of countries around the world. Janod places great emphasis on safety, so all toys comply with the EU standard (EN 71.1,2,3) and are CE marked.

Location in eastern France

Located in the tree-lined Jura Mountains in eastern France, Janod has always had the materials close by along with nature just outside, as a constant source of inspiration for their designs.

Janod places particular emphasis on:

- A strong and welcoming expression that inspires kids and provides educational challenges.

- Simple and manageable toys that the whole family can gather around and enjoy together.

- Timeless style and durable quality, providing experiences for many years to come.

Janod baby toys

At Kids-world we trade a neat range of baby toys by labels such as Janod and many others.

It is a good idea to consider the various Janod baby toys and other labels if you'd like to find more ways to support your girl or boy's development.

Shop Janod baby toys right here

We want to provide baby toys that are inspiring and are safe for the smallest one in the family. As a result of our attitude towards play we constantly have a great assortment of baby toys by Janod.

We provide baby toys in various components, designs and price ranges. We believe you will find the baby toys you are searching for at our shop. See our Janod sale as well.

Janod books

Here at Kids-world.com you can see our huge assortment of kids's books from Janod and books from many others for the kids's room. Books are an eternal source of knowledge, learning and fantasy. Let your boy or girl open her eyes to books at an early age. They will definitely love it.

Good Janod books

Here at Kids-world, we have a varied assortment of Janod bath colouring books, picture books, soft books books or wooden books for young and large.

The Books from Janod are produced especially for kids, and are thus of a durable and high quality. Boy and girls, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which is what Janod books, of course.

Bath toys from Janod

Janod manufactures bath toys for boys and girls. We have lots of various bath toys, including beach balls, bath rings and bath toy animals, which means that the girls and boys will have a lot of toys to have fun with for many hours.

We are sure that you will see some really cool Janod bath toys to bring in the bath at home, on the boat ride or to the swimming pool.

Make sure you filter by style, colour and type by using our useful search feature if you look for a special bath toy by Janod.

Janod baby walkers

At Kids-world we present you with a stunning selection of baby walkers by Janod and many other brands.

We have lots of baby walker brands - including Janod. Baby walkers from Janod are a fine pick.

May we propose you use the filter system when searching for Janod baby walkers for your boy or girl. Despite of your preferences in brand or style we can assure you that you can see a baby walker which you - and your kid.

Get baby walkers by Janod today

We hope you will find the ideal baby walker from Janod for your girl or boy at Kids-world.

We provide lovely baby walkers from Janod. That's why, we believe you find exactly what you are looking for.

Janod toy kitchen

Here in the category you can see the fine play kitchens from Janod, which most boys and girls will enjoy playing with.

Janod is a great brand that is well known for their quality toys. Janod makes a nice selection of play kitchens in the finest colours.

Play kitchens are ideal for many hours of imitative play for kids. Janod and others brands design play kitchens in a good quality, in many nice colours and types.

For the little ones, a toy kitchen is wonderful to play with, as they with a Janod toy kitchen have something that they can rely on when they play.

Janod play food

Perhaps it is time for your kids to get some new play food for his or her little restaurant or bistro? Your kid will love to have the Janod play food in his or her kitchen to prepare wonderful dishes for guests. Janod play food consists of cakes, bread, fruits and vegetables.

Janod toy cars

At Kids-world we stock an excellent assortment of toy cars by brands such as Janod and many others.

We provide many of toy car brands - including Janod. Toy cars from Janod are a fine choice.

May we encourage you to use our filter when searching our website for toy cars from Janod for your girl or boy. Despite of your desire in style or brand we can assure you that you can see a toy car which you - and your child.

Purchase toy cars by Janod today

We hope you find the proper toy car from Janod for your kid at Kids-world.

We provide wonderful Janod toy cars. Therefore, we believe you will find exactly what you are wishing for.

Janod puzzle games

On this page, you will find all Janod puzzle games for kids. Regardless of your kid's age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a vast selection of puzzle games from various brands - including Janod. Puzzle games from Janod make an ideal choice.

We recommend you use our filter search while looking for a puzzle game from Janod for your kid. Whatever your wishes and preferences are, we guarantee you will find a puzzle game or two that both you and your kids will love.

We hope you will manage to find the perfect Janod puzzle game for your kid here at Kids-world.

We bring you some brand new puzzle games from Janod. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Janod shape sorters

At Kids-world we offer you with a wonderful selection of Janod shape sorters and other brands.

We provide a lot of shape sorter brands - including Janod. Shape sorters from Janod are a great pick.

May we encourage you to use our filter when searching for Janod shape sorters for your child. Regardless of your desire in style or brand we can assure you that you will find a shape sorter which you - and your girl or boy - love.

Purchase Janod shape sorters here

We hope you can find the perfect Janod shape sorter for your kid at Kids-world.

We offer lovely shape sorters from Janod. Therefore, we trust you spot exactly what you are looking for.

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