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Easy Camp


Easy Camp

Easy Camp

The Danish brand, Easy Camp, has a range that can bring smiles to both large and little camping enthusiasts. The range of products from Easy Camp includes tents, sleeping bags, lamps and much more, which are designed to make the camping trip extra fun.

The various Easy Camp tents and sleeping bags allow families to enjoy a camping trip or outdoor life in a completely new way. With tents in a wide range of different designs, you can easily find an Easy Camp tent that suits the family's needs and wishes when spending the night outdoors.

Make camping fun with an Easy Camp tent

Which Easy Camp tent should you choose when you dream of a camping trip in a tent with the family? Easy Camp makes tents in a wide range of different sizes, so the first thing you need to clarify when you are considering buying an Easy Camp tent is how many people will be sleeping in the tent.

You can get Easy Camp tents for two people and up, so once you have found out how many people will be staying in the tent, you are one step closer to finding the right Easy Camp tent.

The next step on the way to finding the right Easy Camp tent is for you to decide on the design and layout of the tent. Easy Camp makes a wide variety of tents, so there should be something for everyone to choose from.

It therefore makes good sense that you consider practical elements in your decision and your choice of Easy Camp tent. That the design of the tent works in practice is incredibly important, because if practicality fails, it can have a large impact on the camping trip itself and how much fun you have while you're away.

Have fun in the garden or camping with an Easy Camp teepee

The many variations in the design of the Easy Camp tents also mean that you can choose between a classic Easy Camp tent or an Easy Camp teepee. The differences are self-explanatory, because while the tents use the more classic tent designs, an Easy Camp tipi might be a good bet.

The large Easy Camp tipi can accommodate no less than eight people, so there is plenty of room for the whole family if you choose an Easy Camp tipi for your camping trip.

The teepee is even easy to set up and take down again, so it should be ready to move into in fifteen minutes - especially if there are two or more people to set it up.

Read more about the tipi in the product description, where you can see more specifications for the different versions, so you can find exactly the tipi that best suits the camping trip you have planned.

Easy Camp sleeping bags - Try Cosmos

Perhaps the most important factor of the camping trip can easily be your sleeping bag, because if it and your underlay are not in order, then there will be some long and bad nights ahead, which is certainly not something that makes a camping trip fun.

That is why it is important that you choose the right sleeping bag for the trip - and here the Easy Camp Cosmos sleeping bag is a really good offer. Easy Camp Cosmos comes in several variants, so there are both junior and adult editions

Where the Easy Camp Cosmos sleeping bags differ from each other is, of course, in length. The junior edition of Cosmos is slightly shorter than the adult edition, as it is aimed at kids.

Easy Camp Cosmos junior has a length of 170 cm, while Easy Camp Cosmos has a length of 210 cm, so you can easily find out in which size you should choose an Easy Camp Cosmos sleeping bag.

The Cosmos sleeping bags are single-layer and have been developed to be used from spring until autumn. Cosmos? comfort limit is around 12 degrees.

Cosmos junior or Moon sleeping bag for kids

In addition to Cosmos, you can also get another junior sleeping bag from Easy Camp - namely Moon. In terms of length, the two sleeping bags are very similar, so it is more in the width that Easy Camp Cosmos and Moon differ from each other, as Moon has the same width all the way, while Cosmos narrows continuously down towards the feet.

Then if you have a child who wants to be able to spread out in the entire sleeping bag, then it is an Easy Camp Moon sleeping bag that you should choose, while Cosmos is more suitable for someone who wants to curl up more in the sleeping bag.

Always remember to choose the sleeping bag that provides the best comfort for the kid, as this affects the kid's sleep.

Choose Easy Camp Orbit for the cold nights

If, on the other hand, a camping trip with slightly cooler temperatures awaits, then perhaps it is more of an Orbit sleeping bag from Easy Camp that you should look in the direction of. It has a comfort down to 4 degrees, so it is better suited for the slightly cooler days.

The Easy Camp Orbit sleeping bag has double layer and is therefore thicker than the other sleeping bags from Easy Camp. The extra layer and the offset construction should prevent cold bridges and make you better able to keep warm at the lower temperatures.

You can read much more about the technical features and design of the Easy Camp Orbit sleeping bag in the product description, where you can also easily see the dimensions on it.

Closet an atmosphere with Easy Camp lamps and lanterns

The range from Easy Camp can more or less create the perfect camping trip, because in addition to tents and sleeping bags, Easy Camp also makes light chains, lamps and lanterns that are intended to be taken with you on the trip.

Depending on which Easy Camp lamp you choose, you can often use them both in the tent and outside as a supplement to the campfire.

The Lamps come in variations where they either use solar cells, charging via USB cable or batteries as an energy source, so finally take the energy source into consideration, depending on where you are going on a camping trip.

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