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Club Petz


Club Petz

Club Petz

Is your child ready to meet his new furry best friend? Kids-world presents Club Petz interactive soft toys, the ultimate companion for kids of all ages.

These cuddly soft toys are more than just a stuffed animal. They are full of surprises and interactive features that will entertain your child for hours.

Whether you're looking for a cute bedmate or a fun playmate for your child, Club Petz soft toys are the perfect choice.

Charming Club Petz unicorns in several colours

Club Petz magical unicorns are perfect for kids who love fantasy creatures and interactive play. With sine lifelike movements and adorable sounds, a Club Petz unicorn is sure to steal your child's heart.

This toys is designed to be interactive, meaning it responds to your child's touch and sounds. For example, when your child pats the unicorn's head, it will make a gentle squealing sound and move its head in response. And if your child speaks to the unicorn, it will respond with a series of magical sounds and phrases.

So how do you play with a Club Petz baby unicorn? The possibilities are endless. Your child can, among other things, take care of the unicorn's mane and tail and feed it imaginary treats.

But the real magic of the Club Petz unicorn is in the way it encourages imaginative play. Your child can create sine own stories and fairy tale with their unicorn and use their imagination to take them on epic travel through enchanted forests and magical kingdoms.

And because the unicorn responds to your child's touch and voice, it feels like a real, living creature that your child can interact with and care for. Not least because your child will experience how the baby unicorn's horn and wings grow as it receives care and attention.

With its soft, plush fur and friendly expression, a Club Petz unicorn soft toy is also the perfect bedmate for any child. But it's also full of personality with a wide range of sounds and movements.

And because it's so interactive, it's a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in your child.

The cute Club Petz Betsy rabbit

Another furry friend that can keep up with your child's energy level is the Club Petz Betsy rabbit. Club Petz Betsy is a stuffed animal that, like the Club Petz unicorn, comes to life with interactive features.

With sensors on her head, snout and back, she reacts to touch and movement, so she feels like a real pet. And with over 20 different sounds and movements, the Club Petz rabbit will keep your child entertained for hours.

Playing with Club Petz Betsy rabbit is easy and fun. Simply turn her on and watch her come to life.

Your child can clap her head to hear her purr, or tickle her nose to make her sneeze. Betsy Rabbit even loves to jump around and play, and she responds to your child's movements with sine own.

Her realistic movements and sounds make her mimic a real pet, helping your child develop empathy and caring skills. And with its soft, cuddly exterior, Betsy rabbit is perfect for cozying up with at bedtime.

But that's not all. Club Petz Betsy also has a pair tricks up her sleeve. She can sing and dance to her own music, making her the perfect companion for playroom dance parties. And with sine lit-up cheeks and twinkling eyes, Betsy Rabbit is sure to fire up your child's imagination.

Club Petz interactive playmates are a must-have toys for all kids who love animals and interactive play.

With their realistic movements, cute exterior and fun features, they are sure to become your child's new favorite toy. Order a Club Petz interactive soft toy and watch your child's imagination come to life.

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