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Connetix Magnetic Set


Connetix Magnetic Set

Innovative magnet sets for kids from Connetix

Connerix is a creative, interactive building toys for kids that lets them build shapes and constructions in 2D and 3D designs. Kids get ample opportunity to use their creativity and fantasy when they play and build. The magnetic plates from Connetix contribute to children's cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and help them build general knowledge about building.

Kids get the opportunity to both play alone for hours or together with friends and family, which can also help them learn about teamwork, cooperation, patience and focus. Your kids can build large castles and towers, new homes for their toys, or explore 3D shapes and patterns while having super fun.

Connetix magnetic plates are suitable for kids aged 3 and up. They offer endless play possibilities, and the magnets are extra strong and come in many beautiful colours. Your child will be able to construct everything from castles and towers to animal and cars.

The history of Connetix

The Connetix Tiles brand was founded in June 2019 by two families who had gotten to know each other when their kids started school together. They observed how much their kids loved playing with magnets and how educational it was for them too, so they decided to make their own magnets which should be strong and safe, with clearer refractions than what could otherwise be found on the market.

The main characters behind Connetix are called Brea, she is a school teacher and mother of 3 small kids. She has a large passion for learning through play, and interactive toys that grow with your kids.

Dave is a businessman and has spent 5 years in an engineering and mechanical design office. Dave thus has plenty of experience in terms of design and production, and he also has two small kids who enjoy taking their Connetix magnet sets with them everywhere they go.

Connetix ball track track

Connetix makes a number of different ball courts, where you can put them together and determine the ball's path through your Connetix ball track court.

You can build your Connetix ball track track as you wish from the various Connetix set with Connetix magnets and tiles. Your Connetix ball track track can be even bigger by combining the different set or adding Connetix tiles or magnets from others set, as they fit together.

In our range of Connetix ball courts you will find different variants? so there is a Connetix ball court for every need. If, contrary to expectations, we do not have the exact Connetix ball track track you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Connetix tiles

Should your Connetix ball track track be expanded, or if you just want to add even more parts to your Connetix magnet sets, you can find Connetix set with magnets or tiles here, so you can build further. See both the different Connetix pastel and the others Connetix tiles here.

You will find both Connetix tiles 100 and a large number of others set with Connetix tiles in our range. So no matter how many Connetix tiles you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find them here.

Connetix pastel

Connetix pastel are some of the popular Connetix magnet sets that we have in our range. You will find both Connetix pastel, where you can build concrete set, but you can also use the many Connetix pastel tiles to put together with your others Connetix pastel tiles and build even bigger set, where the imagination is let loose.

The many Connetix pastel magnet sets come in several versions, where you can get Connetix pastel set with several hundred more parts. So there is something to get involved with when you Connetix pastel.

Find many different Connetix tiles

Whether you are looking for small set of Connetix tiles, or whether you are looking for the very large set of Connetix tiles, you will find it here.

We have Connetix tiles with both 100,120 and 202 parts. We also have the small set of Connetix tiles if you just need a few Connetix tiles to build the magnet set you want. The limit is only the imagination? and the number of Connetix tiles.

Connetix magnets

The Connetix ball track and the many beautiful Connetix magnet sets work by putting the plates and parts together via the magnets. You do not need to buy magnets on the side, as the magnets are a built-in set of the various Connetix tiles.

How to get the Connetix ball track

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We have long offered this service to our customers, regardless of whether they shop for Connetix or some of the many others brands that we have in our range.

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