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Accessories for children of all ages

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Accessories for the nursery and the kids' rooms

It is often nice when things look great together - you can feel at ease in rooms where things fit. This also goes for kids' rooms. Kids-world has a vast collection of accessories for everything you need in the nursery or in the kids' rooms. 

Practical changing pads for the changing table, fancy nursing pillows to help you and your baby to be sitting/lying comfortably while breastfeeding or giving your baby a bottle of milk and bed rails for the cot.

Within this category you also find lamps for the nursery or your kids' room. We have lamps from several brands. We also stock lamps to create a nice atmosphere in the sitting room. Stylish and elegant illumination is a wonderful feature in every room.

We stock lamps and fairy lights w/o batteries, so there is something to everyone's liking.

Don't hesitate to browse our vast collection of accessories for all kinds of purposes.

Popular brands

Fan PalmCellyYumbox
UrbanistaJippiesRichmond & Finch

Comfort blankets, cloth diapers and dummy clips

For the babies, we have cloth diapers, changing bags, comfort blankets, muslin cloths and dummy clips including your kid's first set of tableware. Create your own set of plates with matching tableware, cups and mugs.

For bigger kids, you can find bicycle helmets. Toys and teddies for kids of all ages. Bandeaux, bows, headbands and clips made in fine shapes, colours and sizes.

Also, you can find many decorative items such as flag decors, cushions and hooks.

Wonderful accessories that you and your kids will love

We stock many kinds of towels to use at the beach and in the home. Lots of designs and shapes. Beach towels that are extra long and in great colours including bathing towels for babies and toddlers - this way you can easily swaddle your precious ones. Of course, you find regular towels for the bathroom or to take along when going on a holiday or to the swimming pool.

Accessorize when school starts

Within this category you find bags of any kind. Kids-world stock school-bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and preschool backpacks. Bags for big and small kids - perhaps even a bag for mum and dad as well!

Blankets, carpets, plaids, rugs etc. you don't need to search for hours - we have it at kids-world!

Accessories for the pram

Pram gear such as pram chains and toys for the pram from brands such as NatureZoo are also in this category.

Pram rain covers and strollerbags and nursing bags are also important parts of the accessories required for the baby.

Other popular categories

Sleeping bagsHair accessoriesWater bottles
Bed sheetsNail polishDummies
AdapterHair BrushesPhone Cases
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