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Discover the world with Timio

At Kids-world, we proudly present our exciting selection of Timio, which opens the door to a creative and educational world for your kids.

Timio is an innovative and interactive solution that combines play with learning and is designed to challenge and develop children's abilities in a fun way.

Explore our range of Timio products designed to inspire and stimulate children's imagination and intellectual growth.

The story behind Timio

Timio is a brand rooted in a vision to transform learning into an exciting travel for kids. The founders of Timio set out to create a product that could make learning fun and engaging.

With a focus on innovative technology and a passion for children's development, Timio has developed products that make learning interactive and accessible to kids of all ages.

Timio's travel began with a simple idea - to combine play with learning in a way that could make a positive difference in children's liv and promote their intellectual growth.

Explore our Timio disc set

At Kids-world you will find an extensive selection of Timio disc sets that open up a world of learning and fun for the kids.

Our range of Timio products is wide ranging, so you can find the perfect disc set for your child, regardless of age and preferences.

Timio disc sets are designed to inspire children's imaginations and challenge their abilities in an interactive way that makes learning an enjoyable experience.

How to get an offer on Timio

At Kids-world there are several ways to get good offers on Timio products. Visit our sale category to find discounted prices on selected Timio items.

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