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Closet magic in your child's soft toy collection with the irresistible Ty soft toys, one of the most recognized and loved teddy bear brands in the world.

Ty Inc. was founded in 1986 by Ty Warner in the USA. What started as a passion for quality toys quickly became a global sensation. Ty soft toys, especially Beanie Babies, became a collecting craze in the 1990s.

These soft toys became known for their unique stuffing that combined plastic "beans" with traditional stuffing, giving them a distinct feel and allowing for more flexible poses.

But it is not only the unique filling that made Ty soft toys special. Each soft toy came with a heart-shaped tag with a name and a little verse or birthday, giving each one a personality.

Over the years, Ty soft toys have continued to enchant kids and collectors with a wide range of toy figurine, colours and styles. From the classic Beanie Baby to the sparkling eyes in Beanie Boos, there has been a Ty soft toy for every taste and occasion.

So when you introduce your child to a Ty soft toy, you're not just giving them a soft and loving friend. You're also sharing a piece of toy history that has brought joy to millions of kids (and childish souls) around the world. Embrace the magic and tradition that Ty brings to every soft toy.

Large selection of Ty soft toys

Does your child lack the perfect soft companion? Or do you want to revive a piece of nostalgic childhood magic? Kids-world offers you and your child an impressive selection of Ty soft toys that suit every wish and need.

Kids-world's selection of Ty soft toys is simply breathtaking. From the nostalgic Beanie Bellies to the bubbly Beanie Balls, perfect for play, and the cute Beanie Boos with their breathtaking, large eyes? the selection offers a treasure for every little soft toy enthusiast.

Each and every soft toy bears its own special charm and character, always accompanied by Ty's signature heart-shaped tag that reveals the teddy's name and a sweet little message.

Choose from Ty soft toys in several sizes

Looking for the ideal Ty soft toy for your child? At Kids-world, we have something for everyone, from small cuddly friends to impressively large Ty soft toys that invite you to cuddle and play for hours.

The large Ty soft toys are very special. With their generous size, they are perfect for both cozy moments and as a lovely soft feature in the children's room. They give a huge hug, can act as a cozy pillow for reading or movies, and they stand as an impressive eye-catcher in any room.

With its soft fur, the characteristic twinkling eyes and the iconic heart-shaped roof that shares a little story about the soft toy, a large Ty soft toy is not just a toys, but a friend for life.

Whether you're looking for a colossal cuddle buddy or a more discreet size, Ty guarantees unmatched quality and charm. Check out Kids-world's range and find the size and style that perfectly suits your child's wishes. A world of love and fairy tale awaits.

Many different Ty soft toys

Dive into the wonderful world of Ty soft toys, where each and every figure has its own unique charm and character. From forests to cities and magical realms, these soft toys cover every imaginable universe.

Ty soft toy dog: The Kid's best friend

First meet Ty the soft toy bear? a loyal and curious little companion who is always ready for fairy tale. With sine gentle eyes and soft fur, a Ty soft toy dog will quickly become a beloved member of any family with children.

Ty soft toy Owl: Your child's smartest friend

Next stop: the mysterious woods where Ty the soft toy the owl lives. With its clever and sparkling eyes and its detailed plumage, this Ty soft toy owl is a hit with those who love the wonders of nature.

Ty soft toy unicorn: The most magical friend in the world

And finally, for those who believe in magic, there is Ty the unicorn soft toy. This sparkling creature with its colorful mane and shiny horn brings a dose of dreams and magic into any home. Ty soft toy corner symbolizes all that is pure and good and is the perfect soft toy for those who love to dream big.

Whether your child is into the down-to-earth, the mystical or the magical, Ty soft toys have a friend waiting to take him or her on an fairy tale.

Sweet Ty key chains

Does your child also have a love for the beautiful Ty soft toys? Surprise them with a thoughtful little gift in the form of an adorable Ty soft toy keychain. These little treasures are perfect miniatures of the larger soft toys, complete with the soft fur, the large sparkling eyes, and of course the iconic heart-shaped roof.

Imagine your child's joy when he or she sees his or her favorite Ty soft toy in key ring format. It is not only a cute accessory for the school backpack or the pencil case, but also a nice reminder of home when your child is on the go.

With a Ty soft toy keychain, your child can easily show his personal style and love for the Ty universe. And as a bonus, a Ty keychain makes it easier for your child to find sine keys or other important things in a full school backpack.

Consider delighting your child with this little but meaningful gift. Ty key chains are a surefire way to add a little extra magic and joy to your child's everyday life.

Ty soft toy sandals and slippers

Are you looking for the perfect combination of comfort and charm for your child's feet? Nothing says coziness and style like Ty soft toy sandals and slippers.

The popular Ty soft toys have now made their way off the shelves and directly onto our feet, and the result is nothing short of enchanting. With Ty soft toy sandals and slippers, your child can take his favorite teddy bear with him everywhere in the house, or even outside on hot summer days.

This footwear is designed with children's needs for comfort and functionality in mind. The soft fur, the iconic sparkling eyes and the comfortable fit make them a hit with kids. Imagine your child taking sine first steps in the morning with sine beloved Ty soft toy friends on his feet.

As well as being super cute, Ty soft toys sandals and slippers are also incredibly practical. They offer the necessary support and protection while at the same time letting your child express his personal style and love for the Ty universe.

Give your child a combination of comfort and character with Ty soft toy footwear - a wonderful way to add a smile to his or her footsteps.

Ty soft toy offers: How to get them easily

Do you want to secure the very best offers on the beloved Ty soft toys? It's easier than you think. By simply signing up for the Kids-world newsletter, you instantly become set of an exclusive group that receives first-hand notice of our fantastic Ty soft toy offer. Imagine the joy of treating your child to a new soft friend while making a bargain at the same time.

The newsletter is your direct channel to the most attractive prices and promotions. When Kids-world gets new collections or makes room for new stock, you will be among the first to know. And the best part? Often there are special discounts and offers available only to newsletter subscribers.

Registration is quick and easy. A few seconds can secure you savings and ensure you never miss a good Ty soft toys offer again.

So why wait? Sign up for the Kids-world newsletter today and get direct access to the best Ty soft toys offers, all the while staying up-to-date on new products and trends.

Save money and make your child happy at the same time? it's a win-win.

Are you also crazy about the adorable Ty soft toys, and do you dream of giving your child the perfect gift? Now is your chance to make an incredible purchase. Amazing deals are waiting for you so you can get the most wanted soft toys at a fraction of the price. And did you think that was the best of all? Think again.

Make your child happy with a beautiful Ty soft toy, and enjoy yourself by saving big. It's time to shop and get the most out of your purchase.

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