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Colorful and fine toys from Battat for the little ones

Battat is a family-owned company that is 120 years old. For more than 40 years, Battat has been designing and developing fun and exciting toys.

Battat's business has a mission to make kids happy - the team behind designs and produces toys that are educational and of high quality.

Battat is also behind others brands such as Our Generation, B.toys, Driven by Battat, Glitter Girls, Terra, Playcircle, Wonder Wheels and many others.

At Battat think outside the box of toys, and that's what makes their toys stand out from the crowd.

Battat is a company that is inspired by families and the world, and leads many initiatives that reduce their environmental footprint.

Battat is headquartered in Montreal, has a large office in Hong Kong, and the products are manufactured in China. Battat's toys can be found in kids' rooms all over the world.

With a range of unique toys for both babies and toddlers, as well as toys for the slightly older kids, most families can find something here.

Try any Battats fun toolboxes veterinarian set, or shape sorter - common to most of Battats products is that they contain many different parts that stimulate kids' senses and creativity is hugely colorful and can be played with in many different ways.

Battat baby toys

The first year of kids's lives has a big impact when it comes to their ability to move and their minds.

If you would like to find more ways to support your kids in their development, it is a good idea to consider the various baby toys from Battat and other labels. Baby toys by Battat both maintain and help your girl or boy explore more.

Shop Battat baby toys right here

We want to offer baby toys that are inspiring and are safe for the kids. As a result of our attitude towards play we seek to have a good range of Battat baby toys.

We have toys for babies in various designs, components and price ranges. We believe you will find the baby toys you are browsing for here at us.

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