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Tiny Tot Lamps and Equipment

Tiny Tot Cutlery - Silicone - Grey Tiny Tot Cutlery - Silicone - Grey 4,69 €
Originally:  6,70 €  
Tiny Tot Night Lamp - 10,7x9 cm - Toby - Train Tiny Tot Night Lamp - 10,7x9 cm - Toby - Train 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Tiny Tot Night Lamp - 9,7x9 cm - Billy - Fire Truck Tiny Tot Night Lamp - 9,7x9 cm - Billy - Fire Truck 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  

Tiny Tot Lamps and Equipment

Tiny Tot - beautiful and functional products for kids

At Kids-world we keep a fine selection of items from Tiny Tot in a mixture of great colours and products. Browse through this season's collection by Tiny Tot.

Kids-world have made it easy for you to buy products by Tiny Tot from the comfort of your own home. We aim to bring an exciting selection by Tiny Tot alongside an excellent shopping experience for you.

The story behind Tiny Tot

The Danish company Tiny Tot creates lovely and functional products for babies and young kids. The company was founded by Lars Toftkær Andreasen and Jeanette Leander Toftkær back in 2015. They love Scandinavian nature and Nordic colours, which is quite obvious in their designs.

The products are durable, functional and simple in their expression. Tiny Tot has a selection of pram chains, dummy clips, bite rings, playmats, cutlery, night lamps and more - and the entire collection is very coherent in designs and colour choices, so the products fit well together. 

Tiny Tot is very committed to using safe and sustainable materials and creating high-quality products. Of course, all products are manufactured in compliance with the current EU standards.

Baby toys by Tiny Tot

In the first year of a kid's life, he og she go through a lot in motor and sensory development.

it's a great idea to consider the various baby toys from Tiny Tot and others if you'd like to find more ways to support your baby's or kid's development.

Baby toys from Tiny Tot in different materials

You can find a large assortment of baby toys from Tiny Tot in various materials, designs and colours suitable for both boys and girls.

Tiny Tot pram chains with cute motifs

The stroller pram chains from Tiny Tot and from the others brands are characterized by cute motifs on them - birds, badgers and hearts. Often enough, you will also find pram chains from Tiny Tot completely without motifs of animals or stars, just in some nice colours. Whatever they have or do not have, you can see it all right here in this category of Tiny Tot pram chains.

Tiny Tot teethers for babies

Do your girl or boy's gums itch? If so, it might be a really good idea to buy a Tiny Tot teether or two for your baby. It can be a challenging period once the gums start to itch and your boy or girl might want something to scratch it with.

On this page, you will find our entire selection of Tiny Tot teethers for the youngest ones. You will definitely be able to find a Tiny Tot teether that suits your taste.

Fine Tiny Tot teethers

Tiny Tot teethers and teethers from the many other brands come in simple and cute shapes.

Balls by Tiny Tot for kids

Balls by Tiny Tot is a toy that both boys and girls can have a lot of fun with. Even adults find it fun to play with a ball, you can never get too old to enjoy playing with a ball.

Here with us you will find a wide selection of balls from Tiny Tot among others.

Tiny Tot balls in high quality

We offer Tiny Tot balls as well as balls from other brands in different materials, designs and colours.

If you don't find the perfect ball among the great Tiny Tot balls, feel free to check out the other categories with balls.

Tiny Tot rattles 

Tiny Tot rattles are great toys for toddlers. Tiny Tot delivers the finest rattles made of solid materials.

Tiny Tot rattles and motor exercise

Tiny Tot rattles, as well as rattles from other brands, are characterized by their fine designs and shapes - such as rabbits, dogs and llamas, or perhaps you'd prefer a Tiny Tot rattle in the shape of a cat, giraffe or swan.

Buy Tiny Tot rattles in beautiful colours

Tiny Tot and many other brands available on our page make many varieties of rattles made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials in beautiful and modern colours.

Tiny Tot lamps

We have lots of lamps from Tiny Tot and many others brands that fit perfectly into any room.

In our range of lamps from, among others, Tiny Tot, you can find lamps with cords, battery-powered lamps and other types of nice night lamps.

Nice lamps from Tiny Tot

Night lamps are just perfect for those girls and boys who would rather not fall asleep without a little light on.

We have lamps from Tiny Tot and many other brands in many different designs, colours and different sizes.

Here at Kids-world, you can also find ceiling lamps, desk night lamps in beautiful colour combinations, sizes and models.

Tiny Tot Dinner set

If you are looking for a Tiny Tot dinner set for your girl or boy, you have ended up in the right category.

Here at Kids-world.com, we offer a huge and versatile selection of Tiny Tot dinner sets - spoons, knives, forks and plates that your baby or kid will surely enjoy. Kids love when something is theirs only, so giving them their very own dinner set from Tiny Tot is an excellent choice.

The Dinner sets from Tiny Tot is made of materials that can withstand a bit of everything - and that's what makes the dinner set from Tiny Tot the ideal present for your girl or boy.

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