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Gads Forlag


Gads Forlag

Gads Forlag is a Danish publishing house with countless genres and publications every year. The range includes everything from works on history, novels and biographies to books for kids and young people - under the Gads Children's Books imprint.

Gads Forlag is behind many textbooks, research literature and much more. They often collaborate with museums and companies when they have to publish new books.

Gad's children's books publishes picture books, easy reading, fiction and specialist books for kids and young people. The purpose of these publications is to provide kids with reading that they will enjoy exploring.

The quality of Gad's children's books is very high, both in terms of content, appearance and materials. The children's books are both fun and exciting to look at and feel.

In 2018, Gads Forlag bought Forlaget Flachs, which is now called Gads Children's Books. The publishing house Flachs was founded by Allan and Anette Flachs in 1986.

Large selection of books from Gads Forlag

Gads Forlag publishes a number of different types of books aimed for kids and young people. The vast majority of these are Danish editions of books produced abroad.

The goal of the large selection of books from Gads Forlag is to introduce Danish kids and young people to solid professional knowledge via content that contains international and Danish information on various topics.

The children's books from Gads Forlag are therefore extensively processed to ensure that they contain relevant Danish points of view.

If you are looking for some new exciting books for your kids, there are many good options from Gads Forlag.

This applies regardless of how many children's books you order from Gads Forlag. We also guarantee fast delivery on your order.

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