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SES Creative - Creative Play

Recommended Age (Toys)

SES Creative - toys for kids creative needs

SES Creative manufactures quality toys such as slime, cast and paint, balloon figures, painting sets, and model sets. Playing with SES toys is fun, safe and good for kids development regardless of age. 

For kids between 1 and 5 years of age, there are toys that help them learn and practice basic things in a more fun way. For the slightly older kids, there are toys that challenge creativity and imagination. The toys from SES never pose a risk to kids or their environment. 

The toys are safe, clean, washable, and hypoallergenic and without dangerous toxins. The toys are also animal friendly and always contain clear manuals that are easy to understand. As parents you can either relax and watch or participate in the activity. 

A family-owned company

SES Creative has been making toys for many years. Today it is the second generation that is running the company. Originally the parents founded the company in 1972. 

It started as a small business and the company has grown to produce 80 new products per year in the factory which is located in Enschede in the Netherlands. In total, there are around 350 products in the collection. SES Creative toys are sold in over 75 different countries worldwide. 

New toy inventions

SES Creative´s development department is responsible for the invention of new innovative toys. Every day, the company's creative team comes up with new prototypes and fun ideas that they want to test. 

The development department works closely with the laboratory where all products are quality and safety tested. Kid safety is a top priority so you as parents never have to worry when your kids play with toys from SES Creative.

Bath toys from SES Creative

SES Creative manufactures bath toys that your kid will like and have several hours of fun and joy with. There are many diverse bath toys, such as shapes, bath animals and bath bucket, that your kids can enjoy with in lots of different ways.

SES Creative bath toys are ideal for fun in the shower. Playing with bath toys will make the daily bath routine more fun for several girls and boys.

Here this page you?ll find a great selection of several nice and fun SES Creative bath toys, as well as from many other brands.

SES Creative books

SES Creative books are nothing but truly amazing. It is certainly not a bad idea to let your boy or girl open their eyes to the world of books as early as possible. He or she will definitely love it. Here at Kids-world, we offer a fine selection of books from SES Creative and books from a number of other publishers.

Many different books from SES Creative and other publishers

Here at Kids-world.com, we have a nice and varied selection of SES Creative bath books, picture books, fabric books, soft books or colouring books for both big and small kids.

The Books from SES Creative available in our range are made especially for kids and are therefore made of high-quality materials which are also quite durable. Boy and girls, especially the little ones, like to put things in their mouths and bite into them, and SES Creative books are just perfect for it.

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