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Citatplakat posters


Funny and beautiful posters for the kids’ room from Citatplakat

Quote placards have many funny motifs and Danish quotes that make everyone who sees the posters smile. With famous characters that kids love, the posters are big favorites among little ones. The funny and humorous quotes fit pretty much everywhere, and they will spread great joy.

Quote placards have quickly become a huge hit and they have over 50,000 followers on social media. The posters have a simple style with many carefully selected details, which makes them fit well with most interior styles. If you are looking for a humorous contribution to your interior design, citatplakat is an excellent choice.

Citatplakat opened its online store on February 15, 2015 and the funny posters immediately became a big hit in many Danish homes. With the wide range of fun and beautiful posters, they offer something for everyone. There is everything between posters that are art to posters with jokes, as well as with text and much more.

More about Quote Placards

The idea for the Quote Placard came when a bunch of friends got together for a couple of beers. As usual they fired a lot of clichés and funny quotes at each other when one of them realized how empty the wall behind them was. Together they decided that they would start creating posters with funny quotes.

In the beginning, they designed the posters in Microsoft Word. They had a friend who was a trained designer in media who thought it was hilarious that they used Word to design the posters.

He introduced them to some other programs that were better for design. They began to learn more and more about different programs that they could use to design the posters.

Citatplakat posters

Are you looking for personal decoration for your kids' room? Then we would recommend you to check out some Citatplakat posters available on our page. A beautiful Citatplakat poster will help you personalize the interior of the playroom. You will find beautiful posters from Citatplakat in many sizes, so there is something for both small and large spaces. Citatplakat posters can be used both with frame and without it. If you decide that you would like to frame your new Citatplakat poster, then you can of course also find some cool frames on this page.

Set a colour to the baby room with posters from Citatplakat

Citatplakat posters are also great for adding a little colour to the nursery. Kids love colours, so why not decorate the walls with some beautiful and colourful posters from Citatplakat? With Citatplakat posters it is easy to personalize the decor of the playroom. There are many different posters with beautiful motifs and beautiful colours to choose from. Therefore, we hope that you can easily find a beautiful poster that matches the decor of your kids' room.

Find your new Citatplakat in our large selection

Take set in the growing trend and let the inspirational words of a Citatplakater poster adorn your walls. At Kids-world, we have a large selection of Citatplakater posters that can add a creative and unique touch to your home and children's rooms.

These posters are not only stylish decorations, they are also thoughtful little works of art that can contribute to the daily conversations and reflections in your home.

Each poster is a little masterpiece in itself that can inspire your kids and encourage them to think and dream big. Whether you're looking for something cheerful, encouraging or deep, we're sure you'll find the perfect Citatplakat at Kids-world.

Your child's new source of inspiration is waiting just around the corner, ready to bring colour and inspiration into your home. Take a look at our selection and find the Citatplakat that speaks to you and your kids.

Kids-world is your Citatplakat dealer

As your trusted Citatplakat dealer, Kids-world is proud to offer a wide selection of inspiring and creative posters. These posters have the power to transform any room they are in and spread positive energy throughout your home.

Whether you are looking for a poster that will motivate your kids, add a touch of colour to their rooms, or perhaps one that will make them think about life's large questions, we deliver.

At Kids-world, we are always ready to help you find the perfect Citatplakat that will resonate with your child and stimulate their imagination. As your preferred Citatplakat retailer, we always strive to bring the best and most inspiring products straight to your home.

Your children's new source of daily inspiration is just a pair clicks away. Take a walk through our wide selection of Citatplakater and find the perfect ones for your children's rooms. Set your children's dreams and inspirations into words with a Citatplakat at Kids-world.

Citatplakat dad - The poster for dad

A Citatplakat for dad can be a fantastic gift idea and a beautiful tribute to the important role he plays in your child's liv. With content that shelves fathers' love, strength and patience, a Dad Citatplakat can be a lasting reminder of the deep connection between father and child.

At Kids-world you will find a fine selection of Citatplakater for Dad, which are perfect for putting into words the appreciation and love your child feels. A Dad Citatplakat can be a personal and unique gift for Father's Day, his birthday, or simply to say thank you for everything he does.

When you choose a Citatplakat for dad from our range, you get an aesthetically beautiful poster that can be a source of joy and inspiration for dad every single day. Explore our selection and find the Father Citatplakat that best expresses your child's feelings and admiration.

With a Citatplakat for dad from Kids-world, your child can give a gift that warms the heart year after year.

Citatplakat mother - The poster for mother

A Citatplakat for mom can be a beautiful and personal gift that recognizes the irreplaceable role she plays in your child's liv. With motivational and touching quotes that shelves mother's endless love, a Citatplakat mother can create a lasting reminder of the unique and precious mother-child connection.

At Kids-world, you will find a nice selection of Citatplakater for Mom, which are perfect for expressing your child's love and gratitude. A Mother Citatplakat can be a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, her birthday, or just to show her how much she means.

If you choose a Citatplakat mother from our range, you will get a beautiful poster that is full of meaning and which can spread joy and inspiration in mother's everyday life. Explore our selection and find the Mother Citatplakat that best conveys your child's love and admiration.

A Citatplakat for mother from Kids-world can give your child the opportunity to give a gift that gives warmth and recognition for many years to come.

Citatplakat with animals

If your child loves animals, an Animal Citatplakat will be an exciting and educational addition to his or her room. These posters help strengthen your child's fascination with the wonders of nature.

A Citatplakat with animals can give your child daily inspiration when he or she looks at his poster and sees the beautiful animal picture. It can be a great way to stimulate your child's curiosity and encourage learning, while adding a decorative element to your child's room.

At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of Citatplakater with animals that your child will love. From cute bunnies to majestic elephants, there's a Citatplakat for every animal lover. So whether your child is fascinated by the wild animals of the jungle or prefers the gentle pets, there is a Citatplakat that will capture his or her heart.

Choose a Citatplakat with animals from Kids-world and give your child a unique and meaningful decoration for his room that can also inspire to love and respect nature.

See the many Citatplakater with zodiac signs

If you are looking for a unique and personal decoration for your child's room, a Citatplakat with zodiac signs is a great choice. Whether your child is a diligent Capricorn, a helpful Aquarius, an empathetic Pisces, an energetic Aries, a devoted TYR, a positive Gemini, a brave Cancer, a strong-willed Leo, a thoughtful Virgo, a loving Libra, a passionate Scorpio or a adventurous shooter, then we have a Citatplakat that fits perfectly.

Each poster is carefully crafted to reflect the zodiac sign with a special design and its unique features. This makes a Zodiac Citatplakat a tailored and personalized gift that can adorn the walls of your child's room and add a unique touch.

The Citatplakater with zodiac signs can help inspire and motivate your child every day. Your child can learn about the characteristics of their zodiac sign and see themselves in the description, which can strengthen their self-esteem and self-knowledge.

Dive into Kids-world's large selection of Citatplakater and find the Citatplakat with zodiac sign that suits your child.

Citatplakater with planets

Is your child fascinated by outer space and its wonders? Then you will love our selection of Citatplakater with planets from Kids-world. These beautifully designed posters can create an atmosphere of wonder and fairy tale in your child's room while teaching them about our amazing solar system.

With a Citatplakat from the hot surface of Mercury, to the fiery atmosphere of Venus, the blue and green globe we call Earth, the red planet Mars, the giant gas planets Jupiter and Saturn, the icy and blue Uranus, the deep blue Neptune and even the little dwarf planet Pluto, we contain the entire universe at Kids-world.

Each planet has its own unique design and inspiring facts that make each poster something special. In order not to forget our closest celestial bodies, we also offer Citatplakater with the sun and the moon. With a Citatplakat sun or moon, your child's room will shine both day and night.

The Citatplakater with planets are not only decorative, but also educational and inspiring. The Posters can help your child learn more about our solar system in a fun and interesting way.

They can also inspire your child to dream big, explore the world and maybe even become the next large astronaut or space explorer. So dive into Kids-world's selection of Citatplakater with planets and choose your child's favorite planet.

Citatplakater with many motifs

At Kids-world you can find a variety of Citatplakater with different motifs that can bring personality and creativity into any room. Whether your child is a little reader, a future astronaut, an animal lover, or a large fan of popular children's characters, there is a Citatplakat that will make him or her happy.

One of the most popular choices is the Citatplakat alphabet. These posters are a great way for your child to learn the alphabet in a fun and simple way. The alphabet Citatplakater are made in many different designs, from the colorful ones to the more simple ones, and posters where each letter is illustrated with a charming image that makes learning a breeze.

If your child loves children's TV, they may recognize some of their favorite characters on a large selection of our our Citatplakater. We have posters with well-known toy figurine such as Soft toy and Chicken, Peppa Pig and Kaj and Andrea. These posters are not only decorative but also great conversation starters that can inspire your child's imagination.

We also have a wide selection of Citatplakater with various inspiring and motivating quotes. These posters can inspire your child to dream big, be brave and dare to believe in themselves. A Citatplakat can be a daily reminder for your child of his or her worth and potential.

No matter what your child is interested in, you can find a Citatplakat that will fit perfectly in his or her room. Browse our large selection at Kids-world and find the Citatplakat that will make your child's room even more special.

Buy new products from Citatplakat from us

We hope you will find one or more new fine products from Citatplakat from us. We have a large assortment of many nice posters from Citatplakat that are both beautiful and fun.

If you are looking for a special product from Citatplakat that you cannot find at Kids-world, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service and we will try our best to help you find the product.

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