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5 Surprise


5 Surprise

5 Surprise - fun surprises for kids

5 Surprise Mini Brands consists of different collections of small, round packages that contain magical collectibles for kids! There are different 5 Surprise collections - for example Disney, Monster Trucks, Foodie and Plushy Pets. Your child will love the surprise element of the 5 Surprise balls. It's super fun for them to collect all the figures! There are many miniature figures in all kinds of shapes and colours. This includes rare metallic toy figurine and extra rare toy figurine with a gold finish.

5 Surprise Mini Brands include 5 mystery toy figurine in each ball. What surprises will your child find this time?

About Zuru - the brand behind 5 Surprise

Zuru is an award-winning toy company, inspired by children's endless imagination. Zuru is one of the world's largest toy companies and distributes to over 120 countries worldwide. They stand i.a. For brands like Bunch O Balloons, X-Shot, Rainbocorns, Robo Alive, Smashers, 5 Surprise and Pets Alive. They often collaborate with well-known franchises such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Universal Studios, with whom they release special toy collections. Zuru excels in creative toys that kids and families love all over the world.

Zuru consists of a team of dedicated people who all aim to improve and develop innovative toys for kids. Zuru has offices in more than 10 countries and their global teams work together to create new, unique products, all while having fun together.

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