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Disney Wish


Disney Wish

Disney Wish

The Disney Wish toy comes from the Disney film, Wish, which is called Ønsket in Danish. The film is an animated musical, where the focal point is how the wish star came to be. The main character in Disney Wish is Asha, who in a desperate situation makes a prayer to the stars. The prayer is answered in the form of Star.

Together, Asha and Star will face enemies in an effort to save Asha's society and prove that will and the magic of the stars can create wonderful things.

Disney Wish toys

If you have someone at home who has fallen in love with Asha and Disney Wish, then there is good news. There is an opportunity to recreate the magic from Disney Wish at home with Disney Wish toys.

In our selection of Disney Wish toys, you will find a wide variety of Disney Wish dolls and toy figurine. Dolls and figures are available in several different sizes, so there is plenty of opportunity to choose a Disney Wish doll in a size that suits your child's age.

Disney Wish play set

If playing with Disney Wish has a little something extra, we recommend that you look in the direction of the various Disney Wish play set. With a Disney Wish play set, you get not only toy figurine but also various types of accessories. Among other things, you can get a Disney Wish play set with the castle or cabin that you know from the movie.

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