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Petit Piao Kids Clothing


Petit Piao Kids Clothing

The most beautiful and softest baby clothes from Petit Piao

Petit Piao is a new Danish brand founded by Jes Laursen. He has also founded Pom Pom and Mini Pop. The clothes are made for the smallest of kids, in other words for babies, and the style of the clothes is very Scandinavian. The clothes are simple, durable and of high quality.

The clothes are inspired by the autumn colors with falling leaves and beautiful skies. The clothes are unisex and can therefore be purchased during pregnancy. There are also clothes that are in soft and romantic colors that bring joy and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Petit Piao makes the perfect baby clothes for everyday life

Petit Piao makes minimalist baby clothes that are also soft and practical. Petit Piao means spin in French and the brand is named this as babies are unpredictable and always on the move.

The soft and beautiful baby clothes from Petit Piao fit perfectly in every wardrobe. The clothes are soft and comfortable for kids to wear and parents love the style and the muted colors.

When you notice how comfortable, beautiful, and soft the baby clothes from Petit Piao are, you will wish you discovered the brand earlier. As I said, the collections are gender neutral and perfect for both boys and girls. The clothes also have a style that can be combined with most other baby clothes. Try soft vests, blouses and leggings from Petit Piao today.

Cute Petit Piao jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are often the ideal clothes to give your baby. They are easy to put on and take off, extremely comfortable for your baby to walk in and easy to change your child's diaper in when he is wearing a jumpsuit. There is a practical opening at the bottom with buttons. All baby clothes from Petit Piao are designed to allow the kid to move freely. This of course also applies to the delicious jumpsuits for kids from Petit Piao.

What characterizes all baby clothes from Petit Piao are the beautiful color combinations and hand-drawn illustrations. You will also find many beautiful hand-drawn designs on the Petit Piao jumpsuits for kids. Nature is a large source of inspiration for the people behind Petit Piao. You will clearly see this immediately when you look at the range of baby clothes.

Petit Piao offers baby and children's clothing in many different sizes - including the beautiful Petit Piao jumpsuits. At Kids-world, we always have Petit Piao jumpsuits in sizes 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110 and 116.

Large selection of Petit Piao bodysuits

Sometimes it can be difficult to dress a newborn or little baby correctly. Baby Bodysuits make dressing your baby an easy process, both for you and your child. In addition, it is super easy to change a nappy when your child is dressed in, for example, a Petit Piao bodysuit.

At Kids-world you will find a large selection of soft bodysuits from Petit Piao. They are produced in nice materials such as OEKO- TEX certified cotton, with plenty of room for play and movement.

In the collection of Petit Piao bodysuits you will find both plain and patterned products.

Bodysuits for babies are also often used as underwear - therefore it is important that they are wonderfully soft and comfortable for the kid to wear. The Bodysuits from Petit Piao are stretchable, comfortable and breathable on the kid's body.

Find the cutest Petit Piao dresses here

It is simply so fine to dress babies in soft and cute clothes. If you are looking for stylish and comfortable Petit Piao dresses for your baby, you have come to the right place. It is super important with dresses for babies, just like with all other baby clothes, that it is comfortable to wear, so that the kid can use it several times. Soft clothes also help to ensure that your child does not develop irritation or eczema from clothes that scratch.

At Kids-world you will find many different beautiful Petit Piao dresses for your baby. Petit Piao focuses on sustainable production and comfortable clothes, so you can be sure that your child will feel comfortable in a lovely dress from Petit Piao. organic cotton is always used, which will last a long time and feel great for your child to wear. We have dresses from Petit Piao in many beautiful colours such as purple, brown, beige etc. And many beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

Buy Petit Piao leggings here

Leggings are a must-have in every baby's wardrobe. They are stretchy, comfortable, soft and allow your child to move around freely without discomfort. They are wonderfully easy to put on and take off and go perfectly with all types of tops for babies. Petit Piao always has a large collection of leggings available. The many Petit Piao leggings come in different colours with many motifs or solid colors, depending on what matches the rest of your child's clothes best.

Petit Piao's leggings often have a narrow elasticband around the waist and long leg, which ensure a perfect fit. Petit Piao's leggings for babies consist of a mixture of organic cotton, elastane and modal. You will therefore get a pair of leggings in delicious materials, which are both durable and extremely nice for your child to wear on a daily basis.

See our Petit Piao beanies and balaclavas

Petit Piao has launched a delicious collection of beanies and balaclavas for babies. Petis Piao's beanies are available in the same soft fabric blends as the rest of their collection. In addition, many colours and patterns are repeated, which makes it super practical to match beanies and the Petit Piao balaclavas hats with other clothes from the brand. The soft, stretchy Petit Piao beanies and balaclavas hats will look incredibly cute on your baby. What is more important is that they are something so comfortable for your child to wear. If it's chilly outside in the pram when you go for a walk together, a warm beanie from Petit Piao will ensure that your child doesn't freeze around the ears and head.

Petit Piao bedding - See the beautiful designs

Comfortable bedding is necessary to have in the home, regardless of a child's age. Bedding for kids should be made with soft, breathable materials to ensure that they can sleep well and safely every single night.

Petit Piao here a delicious collection of bedding for babies and kids. The Petit Piao bedding has the well-known stripes that have made Petit Piao very popular. You know the stripes from their various collections of baby and children's clothing, but they definitely look just as great on bedding.

If you need a new set of bedding for your baby or child at home, you can advantageously choose bedding from Petit Piao. It is produced in 100% organic cotton and is therefore of excellent quality.

Petit Piao shorts

Petit Piao's classic shorts are a hit with both kids and parents every year. The cute, stretchy Petit Piao shorts are made with a mixture of elastane and 100% organic cotton. Your child will therefore feel extremely comfortable in them. In addition, the Petit Piao shorts have an elasticband around the waist, which ensures a super fit and a perfect fit.

You will find baby and children's shorts from Petit Piao in many different colours - both plain, but also with stripes or various cute, hand-drawn illustrations. So we believe that you can find just the Petit Piao shorts that will be a hit at home when you shopper at Kids-world.

Smart Petit Piao cardigans

A Petit Piao cardigan is absolutely perfect for autumn and the slightly cooler days. Petit Piao produces beautiful knitted cardigans with wooden buttons at the front. They are available in delicious colours suitable for the season and are of course produced in cotton. The fantastic thing about the children's clothing collections from Petit Piao is that selected colours repeat and match perfectly with clothes from the rest of the collection. This also applies to the smart Petit Piao cardigans.

Petit Piao swimsuits and swimwear

In summer it is time to relax on the beach or by the pool. Maybe it's time for your little one's first beach trip. In that case, it is super important that they wear the right swimwear. Small children's skin is very pale and sensitive to the sun, so in addition to remembering a high sun factor specially made for kids, it can be a really good idea to buy swimwear with UV protection as well. Petit Piao offers a selection of cute swimwear and UV suits for small kids. The Swimwear has UV50+ protection, which further contributes to protecting your child's sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays in summer.

In our selection of Petit Piao UV suits you will find a long range of beautiful styles, so you will not have difficulty finding a Petit Piao swimsuit that will make the beach trip with your little girl something very special.

Beautiful Petit Piao blouses for kids

If you need more blouses for your child's wardrobe, the blouses from the Petit Piao collection are a good choice. Petit Piao has a selection of blouses for babies and kids in cute, classic designs. The Colours always match the season. You will find both plain colored blouses and Petit Piao blouses with cute illustrations and patterns on them. As always, large consideration has been given to the kid's comfort and soft, nice materials. The Petit Piao blouses are very stretchy as they contain elastane. The primary material is, as always at Petit Piao, organically certified cotton.

Petit Piao news - How to stay up to date

If you want to stay up to date on new products and collections from Petit Piao, we have made it super easy for you to get the latest Petit Piao news. You can sign up for our newsletter and receive all the latest news about Petit Piao, offers, sale, new brands and much more. You will receive our newsletter delivered directly to your preferred email address. Register day and always be one of the first to receive information about what is happening at Kids-world.

Petit Piao stripes - The famous stripes

The horizontal Petit Piao stripes are a consistent theme in Petit Piao's collections. You will find the stripes on many of their blouses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, shorts, bedding, etc. The Petit Piao stripes come out in new color combinations every season. The stripes help to give baby and children's clothes from Petit Piao a classic, timeless look in which your child will look super smart.

Petit Piao offers and sale

You can also find baby and children's clothing from Petit Piao on offer and sale here at Kids-world. We have made it easy for you to find the best Petit Piao offers on the delicious products from Petit Piao. You can simply click on sale in the menu. Here you can choose Petit Piao under brands. Then all products from Petit Piao that we currently have on sale will be shown to you.

Buy clothes from Petit Piao in our shop

We hope you find nice baby clothes from Petit Piao here, in our shop. We have a large range of many nice clothes. Please check out our Petit Piao sale and other categories to find other smart products and clothes for your kid.

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