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Playmobil - Toys for kids

The German brand Playmobil is set of the Horst Brandstätter Group, a leading toy brand worldwide. Today they produce and distribute Playmobil toy figurine and play set in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Since 1974, when the Playmobil toys were invented by Hans Beck, the products have become classics in children's rooms all over the world. There are countless themes to choose from - from pirate ships to hospitals. Around 3.7 billion of the beloved toy figurine with the iconic smile have been produced since then and have inspired kids to creative play. Playmobil toys have won numerous awards thanks to their high value and quality.

Playmobil's unique play principles stimulate children's creativity, imagination and development. Kids get ample opportunity to take on all sorts of different roller, as well as recreate and experience the world in a miniature version.

Playmobil pirate ship and pirates

Playmobil offers a variety of fearsome pirates and pirate ships. No wave is too high and no storm too fierce for these pirates. They will spread fear and terror in your child's room, all while your child spends many hours defending the pirate treasure from their worst enemies. With lots of accessories and original details and functions, you are guaranteed many hours of play and battles at sea, in the children's room.

Playmobil police

If your child loves to play police, Playmobil's City Action collection is sure to be something for them. In this collection you will find both set with cops, robbers, police motorcycles, drones and everything else that belongs to a police chase. Your child will love playing with the police figures and following an escaped prisoner, robber, or simply helping the citizens of the Playmobil city.

As always, all the small details have been taken into account. Lots of accessories are included, which make the role-playing experience of being a police officer even more realistic for your child.

Playmobil dinosaur

The Playmobil Dino Rise series is the perfect collection of toy figurine and play set for all kids who love dinosaurs. The Dino Rise playsets include many different types of dinosaurs, brave explorers, cool environments and accessories to help your child capture and control their dinosaurs.

Let your child prepare for an epic fairy tale with interactive toy figurine and dinosaurs. The kits include instructions and lots of interactive features that your child is sure to enjoy discovering and spending hours putting together.

Playmobil Asterix

The Asterix universe has been combined with Playmobil, which gives your child ample opportunity to immerse himself in the well-known Asterix and Obelix universe. The cartoon heroes can now become set of your child's room and toy collection.

Creative kids thus get the opportunity to chase Romans away and recreate all kinds of others fairy tale, which they may know from the films and cartoons. The sets can be advantageously combined so that the universe can be expanded and your child can add more toy figurine, accessories and environments to their Playmobil collection.

Playmobil City Life

Let your child explore the joys of everyday life with the Playmobil City Life series. Here you will find various play set sets that contain various well-known elements from everyday life. Your child can, for example, play with nurses in the hospital, explore the playground, look after kids in the kindergarten and much more. Life in the city is full of new fairy tale. The many functions and accessories of the City Life series will inspire your child every time they play with it.

Playmobil dragons

Go on wild fairy tale with Playmobil's dragon figures! These Playmobil set let your child enter their very own Fantasy world, where they can ride and fight fantastic dragons. In the collection you will find kites in many shapes, models and sizes. The series is hugely popular among many smaller kids, thanks to the wonderful details and many functions.

Large selection of Playmobil toy figurine

At Kids-world you will find a huge assortment of Playmobil toy figurine that your child can collect and expand their Playmobil universe. You will find everything from single toy figurine to play set and play sets with many different Playmobil toy figurine, as well as various types of accessories.

Playmobil horses and stables

With Playmobil's horses and stables, life with horse training and care will never be boring! Any child who loves horses will find large joy in Playmobil's range of horses and accessories. They can go on long rides, participate in competitions, care for and look after the horses in the stable and much more.

The many detailed parts and accessories provide a rich experience in the children's room. Your child gets the opportunity to really settle into everyday life with horses and everything that it includes.

Let the player move into a Playmobil dollhouse

The Playmobil universe is huge and constantly expanding, and of course you can also find various beautiful dollhouses in many different sizes and designs. Every detail has been lovingly taken care of, the Playmobil dollhouses are brightly colored and there are no limits to how much fun your child can have with them. They can decorate the dollhouse exactly as they like and play with their favorite Playmobil toy figurine.

Many different Playmobil DYR

In addition to their human figures, Playmobil naturally also offers all kinds of DYR. For example, check out the Playmobil Wiltopia collection - this series includes wild DYR such as polar bears, deer, squirrels, tigers and many others DYR. You can also find large set such as farmhouses with accompanying DYR or horse stables.

Here you get many good Playmobil offers

At Kids-world you will always find great deals on brands and products from all over the world. This of course also includes Playmobil. You might want to check out our sale section by clicking on? Sale? at the top of the bar on the right of our website.

On the sales page, you can use our search function and filter to find exactly what you are looking for. You can choose Playmobil under? brand? or simply write Playmobil in the search function. Then it won't be easier to find good Playmobil offers.

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