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Maileg - Play with imagination

Maileg is a unique brand that manages to bring magic and imagination into children's play. With their unique and charming designs, Maileg has created a world where fairy tale and creativity go hand in hand. This brand is known and loved for offering a wide range of imaginative toys that invite kids to explore, dream and create their own stories.

Maileg's playful designs are not only beautifully executed, but they also have a depth that appeals to kids and adults alike. Every single figure, every piece of accessory and every dollhouse is carefully crafted to create a universe where play never stops. With Maileg, kids can enter a world of miniature adventures, where there is room to explore and develop their imagination in countless ways.

Whether it's the lovable Maileg mice, the charming dollhouses, the cute rabbits or the extensive accessories, Maileg is an invitation to step into a world where only imagination sets the limits. From role-playing to decoration and creative play, Maileg is a source of joy, learning and development. At Kids-world, we are proud to present this inspiring brand and its legendary toys that help create unforgettable moments filled with imagination.

Large selection of Maileg toys

At Kids-world, we are pleased to present an impressive selection of Maileg toys designed to enrich children's play with fun, creativity and imagination. Our range includes everything the heart desires within Maileg's magical universe, from the iconic Maileg mice and charming dollhouses to the cute rabbits and a wide selection of accessories.

Whether your kids love to stage fairy tale with Maileg mice in matchboxes, decorate the dollhouse with Maileg furniture or go camping in a Maileg tent with their favorite bunnies, you will find it all here. Our range is carefully selected to give kids a wide range of opportunities to explore, play and create their own fantasy worlds.

Maileg's toys are not only fun and entertaining, they are also quality products designed with care and attention to detail. Each and every toys exudes Maileg's characteristic charm and invites countless hours of play and creativity. Whether it's for the little moments at home or to create unforgettable memories with friends and family, our large selection of Maileg toys helps promote the magic and joy of play.

Know the popular Maileg mice

The beloved Maileg mice are the stars of Maileg's enchanting universe and have won many hearts with their charm and character. These wonderful little creatures are not just toys - they are full of personality and invite a world of play and imagination.

The cute Maileg mice come in different sizes, colours and designs, and each mouse has its own unique story to tell. From the charming baby mice to the cute mice in boxes that are perfect for creating little scenes and fairy tale, there is a Maileg mouse for every taste and imagination.

The Maileg mice are not just toys, they often become set of the kid's daily play and create connections to fantasy worlds and funny stories. Their fine details and careful design make them ideal companions for children's creativity and play. Whether for role-playing, decoration or just to have as a faithful companion, the popular Maileg mice will bring joy and magic into every child's liv.

Cute Maileg mice in boxes

Closet a world of miniature magic with the irresistible Maileg mice that come in charming boxes. These cute little mice in boxes are a source of endless play and creativity for kids of all ages.

Each box hides a surprise when it is opens - a beautiful Maileg mouse that is ready for fairy tale. Carefully crafted with an eye for detail, these miniature figures create a magical atmosphere in the children's room or play area.

Use the cute Maileg mice in boxes to create small scenes, role plays and stories. Let the kid's imagination run free as they arrange the mice in different settings and situations. From cozy tea parties to exciting excursions, the possibilities are endless with these charming toy figurine.

Regardless of whether it is as decorative elements on the shelf or as active participants in the game, the cute Maileg mice in boxes are guaranteed to bring joy and fairy tale into everyday life for the kids.

Set the framework for the game with Maileg mouse accessories

Make playing with Maileg mouse even more magical and imaginative with the exciting selection of Maileg mouse accessories. These accessory products open up a world of possibilities and creativity limited only by the kid's imagination.

From miniature furniture to small decorative objects to the fairy tale of the mice, Maileg accessories allow kids to create the most charming scenes and stories. Imagine furnishing a nice dining room for the mice, where they can enjoy tea together, or closet a cozy bedroom scene with a soft bed and comfortable pillows.

The extensive range of Maileg mouse accessories includes everything from colorful blankets and cushions to fine lighting products and fun little props. The Kid can use the accessories to create changing environments and play with different themes, promoting their creativity and storytelling skills.

Let your imagination run wild with Maileg mouse accessories and see how even the smallest details can add an extra dimension to play. Closet a unique and personal world for your Maileg mice, where every element is carefully selected to create a charming and imaginative atmosphere.

Decorate the Maileg dollhouse with Maileg furniture

Give your Maileg mice and rabbits the ultimate place to bo by furnishing their dollhouse with the impressive selection of Maileg furniture. These charming miniature pieces of furniture have been designed with care and detail to fit perfectly into the world of mice and rabbits.

With Maileg furniture, you can create a fully functional and stylish home for your little friends. Explore an exciting selection of furniture that includes everything from bedroom furniture to living room furniture and dining room furniture. Each piece is made with consideration for design and aesthetics, giving an authentic look to the dollhouse.

Let your creativity run wild when you decorate the dollhouse with Maileg furniture. Closet cozy corners with soft beds and colorful pillows, or low an elegant dining area with small tables and chairs. The Furnitures offers a wide range of styles and colours, so you can adapt the dollhouse to your preferences and create a unique oasis for your Maileg toy figurine.

As well as adding a decorative dimension to play, Maileg furniture also helps develop children's fine motor skills and creativity. As they arrange the furnitures and create different spaces, they strengthen their design and planning skills in a fun and interactive way. The dollhouse becomes a creative playground where imagination can unfold and play can flourish.

Large selection of Maileg accessories

Closet a world of detail and charm in your Maileg play with the wide selection of Maileg accessories. These small details help to give liv and personality to your Maileg mice and rabbits, and they are perfect for expanding the possibilities and creativity of play.

Maileg accessories include everything from small furniture and decorative items to cute clothing and accessories for the mice and bunnies. Whether you want to create a cozy sleeping area with soft blankets and pillows or decorate a nice dining room with small plates and cutlery, you will find a wide selection of accessories to upgrade the play.

The detail and quality of Maileg accessories is remarkable, and each piece is carefully designed to create an authentic and imaginative play experience. You can add colorful outfits and accessories to your Maileg toy figurine so they can be dressed up for any occasion. Also explore the many small objects such as toys, food and others fun things that can enrich your play scenarios.

With Maileg accessories you can create scenarios and stories that reflect the world you want to build for your toy figurine. Play becomes even more engaging and enriching when you add these fine details that give play a deeper dimension. Whether it's a birthday scene, a picnic in the garden or an evening at the theatre, Maileg accessories can help you create the perfect environment for your play.

Go camping with your Maileg mice in a Maileg tent

Experience outdoor adventure and camping play with your beloved Maileg mice by taking them on an exciting camping trip in a Maileg tent. This fine accessory offers a unique opportunity to create fun and imaginative games where the mice can explore the large natural and spend the night under the stars.

The Maileg tent is designed with the finest details and materials that make it the perfect place for your mice to rest after a day of play and fairy tale. It is easy to set up and take down, making it easy to create different play environments without any hassle. The tent has small openings that make it easy for the mice to get in and out, giving a sense of authenticity to the play.

Imagine the wonderful moments when your Maileg mice sit around the fire and share stories, or when they look up at the stars through the opening of the tent. The Maileg tent opens up many possibilities for creating playful stories about outdoor life, friendship and discoveries. Let your mice go on walks, food over a fire and sleep safely in their cozy tent.

Whether it's summer camp, weekend trip or a starry night, the Maileg tent is a great accessory for exploring outdoor play. Let your imagination run free while you create fun scenarios and fairy tale that give your Maileg mice an unforgettable camping experience.

Cute Maileg bunnies

Maileg bunnies are a charming addition to any play world and are loved by kids and collectors all over the world. These cute and delicate bunnies are created with careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that gives them their distinctive charm and personality.

Each Maileg bunny is designed with different stylish clothes and accessories to suit different games and themes. Whether it's an elegant ballerina, an adventurous princess or a brave superhero, the Maileg bunnies always have a story to tell. The soft fabrics and fine stitching give the rabbits an authentic feel and make them extra lovely to hug and play with.

Maileg bunnies come in different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect friend for your play scenarios. From micro and mini bunnies that fit perfectly into small hands, to larger maxi bunnies that are ideal as cuddle buddies, there is a Maileg bunny for every taste and play fantasy.

Whether your kids want to play with the cute bunnies in their dollhouse, create imaginative fairy tale or just have a soft and loving friend by their side, the Maileg bunnies will always bring joy and creativity to play. With their timeless charm and versatility, Maileg rabbits are a perfect gift idea for little and large dreamers who love to explore the world through play and imagination.

Maileg rabbits in several different sizes

Maileg offers an impressive selection of rabbits in different sizes to suit different ages, play styles and preferences. Whether it's the little hands of the youngest who need to embrace the perfect huggable friend, or whether it's older kids or collectors who want to add a unique decoration to their collection, Maileg has something for everyone.

For the youngest, Maileg offers micro and mini bunnies that are created to be loved and held in small hands. These cuddly bunnies are ideal as night-time companions and daytime friends. They come in a multitude of different designs, allowing kids to choose their favorite look and create a personal connection with their little Maileg friend.

For the slightly older kids and the young at heart, maxi bunnies are a fantastic option. These larger bunnies are perfect as cuddle buddies who can join in fairy tale and play for hours. With their more elaborate clothes and accessories, the maxi bunnies open up creative games and stories that can develop in different directions.

Regardless of which size is chosen, all Maileg rabbits have the same quality and charm that characterizes the brand. The carefully designed details and fine craftsmanship make each rabbit a unique and beloved piece of toys or decoration that can bring joy for many years to come.

Maileg table figurine

Maileg table figurine are a charming addition to any Maileg universe. These fine little flag are designed with care and attention to detail, making them perfect accessories to create a cozy atmosphere in the Maileg dollhouse or play area.

The small table figurine come in different colours and patterns that can be matched with the rest of the Maileg accessories. This means that you can adapt the interior and decoration of the dollhouse or play area according to the season, the play theme or just your own personal style.

Maileg table figurine are not only decorative but can also be used as set of the game. kids can arrange them around the dollhouse or play area, let their Maileg dolls or bunnies celebrate festive events or just use them as a fun element in their imaginative play.

Whether it's a birthday party, a picnic in the garden or an evening in the living room, Maileg table figurine can add an extra dimension of play and imagination to any play universe. These small details make a large difference and allow kids to create their own unique stories and experiences with their Maileg friends.

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Kids-world - Your Maileg dealer

At Kids-world, we are proud to be your reliable Maileg dealer. We offer a wide selection of Maileg toys and accessories that allow you to create magical moments for your kids. Explore our selection and find the perfect Maileg products for your little adventurer.

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