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Storksak - Bags


Storksak - Bags

The most gorgeous changing bags from Storksak

Storksak is an award-winning brand founded in 2003 by Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman. When they met, they both had young kids and at that time there were no fancy bags on the market that they felt met their requirements. 

They had experience in design and business. They decided to work together to help other parents by offering the perfect changing bag. 

The aim was to design a bag that parents would love as much as a regular bag but that it would at the same time have all the characteristics that a good changing bag has. Storksak also sells changing bags in unisex models and styles. 

Now it is 17 years later, and the focus is still the same. The changing bags are made of the finest materials with all the practical details that a parent needs. 

Wonderful bags from Storksak 

The bags are well made, and parents can always rely on the bags to last. Thanks to all the wonderful details on the bags, they are always amazing. The bags are inspired by fashion, but they are always very functional. 

The bags from Storksak have been tested throughout, both on the outside and the inside of the bag, we know they will last a long time. Every season Storksak releases a new collection. The changing bags are made to be used every day without breaking them.

Today Storksak is a global brand and they sell their changing bags in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Beautiful changing bags from Storksak

A Storksak changing bag is good for packing baby essentials in when going on a trip with the kids. To simplify everyday life as a mother or father when you are outside the home with your kid, it is perfect to have washcloths, muslin blankets and nappies in your changing bag from Storksak.

Usually you don't use more than 4 to 8 nappies in the bag unless, of course, if you're packing for a holiday.

Store the baby accessories in a handy Storksak changing bag

Here with us at Kids-world you will be able to locate that changing bag by Storksak you have been craving so deeply. We have a fantastic assortment of several modern and large changing bags by Storksak as well as several other designers.

Changing bags by are accessible in an ideal size and can be stuffed with washcloths, ointments and extra clothes. You will have room for everything that you could use when visiting grandparents or friends.

Here at Kids-world you'll find our grant collection of trendy Storksak changing bags. Storksak are popular for creating great changing bags in in colours, e.g. red, black and blue and in exiting designs You will most likely find an amazing Storksak changing bag that suits all your needs.

Buy a new changing bag from Storksak in our shop 

We hope you find a new and nice changing bag from Storksak in our shop. We have a large assortment with many fine products from Storksak. Feel free to browse the other categories to get inspired and find other clothes or products that you and your kid need. 

If you have found your way to our online store here at Kids-world because you are looking for a specific product from Storksak that you cannot find, you are most welcome to contact our customer service with your request so that we can try our best to assist you.

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