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Babiators sunglasses for kids


Babiators sunglasses for kids

Delicious sunglasses for kids from Babiators

Babiators create sunglasses for kids that protect their new eyes as they explore the world. The sunglasses offer a sense of adventure and optimism and when little ones wear the sunglasses, they know they can go wherever they want, overcome everything and be heroes at the same time. The sunglasses are extremely durable and last a long time.

Kids' eyes need sunglasses as they are susceptible to sun damage due to larger pupils and a clearer lens.

The people behind Babiators

Friends Molly, Ted Fienning, Carolyn, and Matthew Guard met at university. After graduating, they went on holiday together and discussed whether it was possible to start a business. However, it took a while before they started a business together. Instead, Ted decided to join the Navy and become a pilot.

The idea for Babiators was born at a military base in Beaufort when Molly saw Carolyn's kids in the sun with their eyes closed as their parents wore Aviator sunglasses. It was Ted who said ''Let's make sunglasses for kids and call them Babiators!''

Matthew and Carolyn Guard were totally in on the idea. They had been waiting for a good idea where they could create products for kids that were of high quality, safe, durable, elegant and at a good price.

The company was founded in 2011 and Carolyn and Molly started the work at the kitchen table from the beginning. Today Carolyn, Molly and Matthew are part of the company.

The stylish and fine products from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA are now delivered to more than 30 countries. They want kids all over the world to be protected from the sun while they play and enjoy being outdoors.

Babiators sunglasses in different colours

With us you can find a wide selection of Babiators sunglasses in different colours to suit every taste and style. Explore our range that includes colours like pink, blue, green, purple and more. Our selection allows you to choose the colour that best suits your child's personality.

Offer on Babiators sunglasses

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Babiators sunglasses for boys

We proudly present our collection of Babiators sunglasses for boys. These sunglasses combine cool designs with first-class UV protection, protecting your boys' eyes from harmful sun rays. Whether it's for outdoor play or a day at the beach, our selection of Babiators sunglasses for boys will be a great companion.

Explore our range, which includes different colours, shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect match for your boy's style and personality.

Babiators sunglasses for girls

Our selection of Babiators sunglasses for girls is created with a focus on both fashion and protection. These sunglasses combine stylish design elements with UV protection, ensuring your girls can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun.

We offer a wide selection of colours, patterns and shapes that suit every little fashionista's taste. Whether it's for a casual day in the garden or an outing, our Babiators sunglasses for girls will add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Babiators size guide

Finding the right size is important when it comes to for kids sunglasses. In each product's description, you will find a Babiators sunglasses size guide to help you choose the optimal size for your child's face. We are aware that the fit is crucial for comfort when your child wears sine Babiators sunglasses.

If you have any questions regarding the size, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Buy new sunglasses from Babiators from us

We hope you find nice sunglasses for your kid in our shop. We have a wide range of many nice and durable sunglasses from Babiators. Browse around the different categories to find your kids new favorites.

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