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Wow Cup Water Bottle and Thermo Bottle for Kids

Wow Cup Lid - 3-Pack - Yellow Wow Cup Lid - 3-Pack - Yellow 6,96 €
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Wow Cup Water Bottle and Thermo Bottle for Kids

Wow Cup - the best kids water bottle on the market

Wow Gear is a leading brand in the development and production of water bottles for both adults and kids. Using the smart 360-degree system, the company has created an innovative system where you can turn the bottle upside down without spilling any of its contents. 

The Wow Cup for kids and adults has replaced many traditional water bottles for kids all over the world. The Wow Cup is sold in more than 50 different countries and they have won countless prizes. The water bottles from Wow Gear can be found in many family homes. 

The story behind Wow Gear

Wow Gear has its head office in Santa Barbara, California, and the company was founded in 2012 by a small group of designers from the United States and Norway, who all work in the product development industry. They started the company together to create innovative products that really make a difference in people's lives. 

Wow Cup was developed based on a societal need for functional and practical water bottles that does not spill for kids and adults.

After searching the market for a product that was up to scratch, they discovered that the supply really was not good enough. Wow Gear's 360-degree valve technology means you never spill anything no matter where you are or what you do. 

Wow Cup water bottles 

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Wow Cup dinner set

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The Wow Cup dinner sets is made of materials that can withstand a little of everything, so the dinner sets from Wow Cup is the perfect choice for your girl or boy.

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