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Reer Interior & Equipment

Reer Night Lamp - Magic Smartlight - White/Grey Reer Night Lamp - Magic Smartlight - White/Grey 100,52 €
Originally:  143,60 €  
Reer Digital Thermometer - Colortemp Reer Digital Thermometer - Colortemp 20,65 €
Originally:  29,50 €  

Reer - priceless solutions in everyday life for families with kids

The German brand Reer has supported and helped families with kids through daily challenges for 90 years. With the motto "more safety for kids", Reer offers various solutions to increase the safety of kids and helps parents to create a safe environment where kids can experience the world without concerns. 

Reer was the original inventor of bottle warmers, baby alarms and heated changing tables. Since then, they have made life easier and safer for kids around the world. 

"Protect what you love" is a basic principle for all parents. Reer is aware of how amazing but also how difficult family life can be. Reer strives to support parents as much as possible to ensure the well-being of kids as well as their safety. 

Innovative and safe products for babies made by Reer

Through the company's long experience and intensive collaboration with families, Reer understands the needs of modern families and they have invented many innovative products that many parents cannot live without. The practical solutions facilitate life from pregnancy to nursery age. With Products from Reer, the whole family can feel safe. 

There are many different solutions for home security, but also for trips, tours, festivals and other places that you visit with your kids. Quality is always top notch as Reer collaborates with many experts and other international companies in the safety industry. 

There is love and care in every detail. The love arises at the start, when the idea of the product is created and follows throughout production. You can see and feel the love and care in every new product that you buy from Reer.

Reer storage products

No matter how old your girls and boys are you may want storage for all kinds of things like clothes, toys and shoes and more. With Reer storage boxes, it is easy to store kids' stuff like teddy bears, puzzles games and clothes. Explore all the space-saving and durable storage solutions from Reer, in gorgeous colours such as blue, purple or white and choose the one or more that fulfils your needs perfectly.

Special requests for Reer storage products 

If you want something special or possibly another product from Reer that you can't find here at Kids-world, please don't hesitate to email our customer service with information regarding what you are looking for so that we can assist you further.

Reer dinner set

If you need something new Reer dinner set for your girl or boy, you have come to the right place.

Here at Kids-world, we have a good and varied range of dinner set from, for example, Reer - spoons, knives, forks and plates - which your girl or boy will enjoy.

Buy dinner set from Reer today

Kids love when something is their own, making it obvious to give them their own plate and accompanying service from Reer.

The Reer dinner sets is produced in materials that can withstand a little of everything, which makes the Reer dinner sets the ideal choice for your girl or boy.

Reer lamps 

We have lots of Reer lamps and lamps from many other brands that will fit perfectly in your kids' room - and the rest of your home.

In our selection of lamps from Reer, among others, you will find lamps with cords, battery-powered lamps and many other types of fun and cosy night lamps.

Beautiful Reer lamps

Night lamps are perfect for those boys and girls who would rather not fall asleep without a little light on.

Reer and other brands available on our page design lamps in a multitude of designs, different sizes and colours.

That is why here on our page you will find many night lamps, wall lamps and light chains in fine designs, sizes and colours.

Reer hairbrushes for kids

If you are missing a new hairbrush for boys and girls, you have come to the right place. Our range of hairbrushes from Reer is for both the youngest and older kids.

The Hairbrushes from Reer are designed especially for the little ones, so it is possible to save their hair through in a gentle way.

Hairbrushes from Reer in good quality

Reer makes hairbrushes for girls and boys in a good quality. In Card, this means that the materials are carefully selected and each brush is checked to ensure that it lives up to the good standards for which Reer is characterized.

Buy Reer at Kids-world

Here at Kids-world we provide a fine collection of items from Reer. Browse through this season's selection by Reer.

For a more specialized search requests, use our filter to navigate through our different colours and products by Reer.

Take care of your ears with Reer earmuffs

Earmuffs are becoming more and more widespread among kids, with more kids using them at school. With Reer earmuffs, you get earmuffs for kids that reduces the noise level by 27 dB. A pair of Reer earmuffs can thus help give your child the ro he or she needs in a large school class.

You will find Reer earmuffs in different colours, so you can easily find exactly the colour that your child will like, as well as making it possible to separate the different Reer earmuffs from each other. You can use our filter to find exactly the pair of Reer earmuffs in the colour you are looking for.

Give it a little brim with a Reer pram sun shade or pram sun shade

Reer makes a wide range of accessories that can make a large difference for the little ones. Among these products is a Reer pram sun shade that can be fastened to the pram and provide a little brim on days when the sun is high.

The various Reer pram sun shade work by fastening it so that the pram sun shade is stretched over the pram, so that there is brim in the pram. With a Reer pram sun shade, you can therefore give your child a welcome place in the shade on hot summer days.

Get control of the mess in the car with a Reer organizer

It can sometimes be necessary to have kids in the car? especially because they also want to have toys or others things with them that can entertain them. You can avoid too much clutter in the car with a Reer organizer.

You can mount your Reer organizer on the back of one of the front seats, whereby there is easy access to various types of toys, snacks and accessories on the back seat. In this way, a Reer organizer helps you to collect things in one place, while also giving you a good overview of the things that you have with you in the car.

Take the temperature with a child-friendly Reer thermometer

Taking the temperature is not always a hit, especially when it comes to sick kids. With a Reer thermometer, you get a digital thermometer, where the thermometer is designed with a figure on top, so that you can easily make the situation a little more fun.

You will also find Reer thermometers in classic designs, as well as non-contact Reer thermometers, where the kid's temperature is measured via infrared. So you will easily find a Reer thermometer for the required situation, regardless of the design or type of your Reer thermometer.

This is how you can get Reer earmuffs and other things on offer

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