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Anja Takacs


Anja Takacs

Wonderful activity books for kids from Anja Takacs

Anja Takacs is a creative mother who produces really fun and entertaining activity books for kids. She is enormously skilled and creative with beads, and her books primarily focus on bead patterns and innovative ideas and ways in which kids can use beads and bead pegboards.

At Anja Takac's home, she spends a great deal of time on bead projects and other creative pursuits, and she also loves to change the look of the kids' rooms.

Anja Takac has generated bead books for all different levels, so even if kids are beginners, they can easily participate. The book “Perledyr” (“Bead Play”) gives kids an opportunity to create advanced toys in 3D out of beads with the help of their parents.

This book contains many of the cute animals that Anja Takacs has designed and the book “Mine Første Perlerier” (“My First Beads”) is really good for beginners. Discover the adventurous world of beads and creativity with wonderful books by Anja Takacs.

More about Anja Takacs

Anja Takacs lives in a terraced house in Vallensbæk with her husband and her two kids. She owns the company Krea By Anja Takacs, where she publishes books with her completely unique and creative bead designs.

It all started with her posting a bead pattern on social media a few years ago, which quickly became popular, and since then, things developed very quickly.

Anja Takacs collaborates with Dreamlitt and People’s Press who publish her bead books, and Makeable publishes her app “Det Perler” (It's Beads).”

Anja Takacs books

Teach your kids all about beads with the fantastic and unique pearl patterns from Anja Takacs books. At Kids-world, we have a large selection of Anja Takacs books, as we know how many pleasant moments the whole family can enjoy together with these magical books from Anja Takacs.

Here at Kids-world you can find and buy the following Anja Takacs bead books: Anja Takacs Perleunivers, Anja Takacs - My first Christmas beads, Anja Takacs Perletid, Anja Takacs Bead fun, Anja Takacs - My first beads, Anja Takacs Perledyr and Anja Takacs Perleleg.

Anja Takacs books take you and the kids on a multitude of experiences in the world of pearls. There are both Anja Takacs books that are suitable for beginners, as well as books that are suitable for the experienced.

Everything you need to get started is always described in Anja Takacs books. The very detailed illustrations in Anja Takacs books guide the kids safely through each creation.

Your kids will make beautiful and unique creations that can be given away as gifts or kept as a keepsake. The beautiful Anja Takacs beads can also decorate the home.

Anja Takacs - Perledyr

This inspiring bead book from Anja Takacs contains lots of cute and unique patterns with animals. For example, the kids have the opportunity to create a cool crocodile, a cute horse or a beautiful squid. Afterwards, the unique creations with perledyr can be hung up as decorations in the home or given away as gifts.

Low a good round of Sunday fun with Anja Takacs perledyr together with the kids. It brings the whole family together. There are both large and small patterns, and your kids will always finish their bead creations safely by following the illustrative step by step in the book.

Remember that you can also find a large selection of beads at Kids-world. You can see our entire selection by searching for beads in our search field.

Anja Takacs - Pearl universe

Low bead patterns from a total of four exciting universes, which this popular book from Anja Takacs guides you and the kids safely through.

Go down below the surface of the sea and enjoy a pleasant moment with the kids when they make a beautiful mermaid or a cute turtle out of beads. Take a trip into Anja Takacs endless pearl universe, where the kids can make distant galaxies out of beads - all you need are pegboard that are placed on top of the patterns. Then you and the kids are ready to go.

You can then go on to the third universe in Anja Takacs pearl universe, where in the enchanted forest you will find patterns of, for example, forest animals.

Last but not least, you and the kids can go back in time, far back to the time when the dinosaurs lived. Here the kids can make prehistoric animals out of beads.

When the pearls are placed on the pearl plate and finished with the iron, you and the kids will have great memories for life. All the patterns are beginner-friendly and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Anja Takacs - Christmas: Christmas beads

One of the best ways to get the kids together at Christmas is with the creative pursuits. With Anja Takacs Christmas pearls, you get lots of beautiful and unique ideas for Christmas decorations, so that the family can get ready for Christmas Eve with Anja Takacs pearl Christmas.

It is easy to follow the patterns, as you just have to lay your pegboard on top of the patterns in the book. This way you will be able to see the pattern through the transparent pegboard.

The kids can make an Anja Takacs santa claus and Anja Takacs reindeer, among many others motifs.

Closet a cozy Anja Takacs Christmas with lots of elves, Christmas trees and everything else that belongs to Christmas. The most important thing is to create the framework around Christmas so that it will be a good Christmas, and this is entirely possible with Anja Takacs Christmas beads. Suitable for kids from 5 years.

Anja Takacs - Perletid

In this bead book from Anja Takacs you can find decorative patterns from all the traditional annual holidays such as the birthday party, Lucia procession, baptism and many others. It can bring the family together during holidays, when it can sometimes be difficult to find good joint activities.

But with Anja Takacs perletid, it will be easy to come up with creative activities for the kids. They can make the many creations in Anja Takacs perletid from the patterns in this book. They can be used decoratively afterwards.

Anja Takacs - Bead fun

Anja Takacs bead fun is a really good beginner's book from Anja Tackas, as you can use any pegboard here - but in new and creative ways.

Teach your kids to make a napkin ring and much more with Bead fun by Anja Takacs, which brings the whole family together about the creative pursuits in a fun way.

In Anja Takacs bead fun, you don't have to be afraid of complicated explanations, as all steps are very illustrative and educationally explained. It is therefore easy and simple for the kids to follow.

Anja Takacs - Perleleg

Another successful book in the string of books from Anja Takacs. In Anja Takacs perleleg, the kids have many hours of fun making different bead patterns. The kids can make creations out of beads, which they can use to play with. Anja Takacs Perleleg has lots of fun patterns that are easy to make even for small kids.

Anja Takacs - Beadwork

Anja Takacs has created an enormous universe of beads and creativity. With Anja Takacs beadwork, the kids get the perfect beginner's book, with a detailed introduction to Anja Takacs many creative beadwork.

The detailed illustrations in Anja Takacs - Perlerier are extremely easy to follow step by step. For each motif, you get a good overview of how many beads you need.

In Anja Takacs bead shops, you will find patterns of everything from farm animals to large dragons.

Let yourself and the kids get carried away by the many creative activities that come with making beads.

It is extremely beneficial for kids to make beads because it strengthens their fine motor skills already at a young age. In this way, the kids find it easier to do the very small things themselves, such as tying shoelaces. At the same time, it also trains the kids to focus, which is beneficial when they later start school.

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