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Birkenstock Footwear for Kids

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Birkenstock Footwear for Kids


Kids’ feet are extremely sensitive and therefore they need better support and higher comfort when it comes to shoes than shoes for adults. The sandals for kids from Birkenstock are perfect for kids’ feet. The sandals are flexible and they are shaped to support little feet whilst offering optimum comfort. 

The soles are made of cork which makes them soft and flexible at the same time as they are naturally breathable. The sandals from Birkenstock are sandals that are made of natural materials for kids who want a quality shoe that is stylish and comfortable to wear. 

Birkenstock sandals for kids

If you are looking for a pair of delicious and stylish sandals for kids, you will find many nice sandals with us that are made in the highest quality. Birkenstock is a German company that produces shoes and they have made themselves known for creating sandals that are incredibly comfortable to wear. The sandals also adapt to the shape so that they offer a high level of comfort.

It is incredibly important that kids’ feet are in the right shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Feet that grow need the right support to prevent deformation or long-term damage to the foot. 

The company Birkenstock was founded in 1774 and they specialize in manufacturing shoes that provide the absolute best support for the feet. However, it was only in the 1960s that the first sandals from Birkenstock that we recognize today, were produced. 

The sandal production is environmentally friendly, and they have sustainability in focus. The material used for the sandals for kids is of the highest quality and they are carefully selected. The material used is breathable and incredibly soft, which makes the sandals shape according to the shape of the foot. 

Natural shoes for healthy feet

Here you will find our range of beautiful sandals from Birkenstock for boys and girls. We offer many different models as well as many different colours which means that there are a couple of sandals for every kid. The sandals from Birkenstock can be worn with many different types of clothes, dress or skirt or a pair of jeans or shorts. 

The sandals are perfect to wear during the summer when you want cool shoes. In addition, they are also comfortable to wear over winter as a pair of comfortable indoor shoes together with a pair of warm socks. 

The sandals for kids from Birkenstock have a natural style because they are made of natural materials. While the sandals are stylish, they are also comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. The sandals are trendy, and many kids love to wear them in everyday life. 

The sandals from Birkenstock are somewhat reminiscent of the foot-shaped shoes that were modern in the 1970s. The shoes from the 1970s have come back and they are now trendy again, in the natural and modern style that we have today. Although the style of the sandals has not changed much, the sandals for kids from Birkenstock today are trendy while being comfortable to wear. 

Sandals in high quality for kids

What makes the shoes for kids from Birkenstock unique are their orthopedically designed soles that are designed according to the shape of the foot. The soles are made of cork and EVA foam which is shock absorbing and an exceptionally light material. This means that the sandals are not too heavy, so that kids have a good freedom of movement when wearing the shoes. 

The underside of the sole is made of EVA foam which is exceptionally durable. On the kids model of the sandals, the sole is 7cm thick. Along with the special core of cork, the sandals are incredibly shock absorbing which makes them so comfortable to use throughout the day. 

The soles of Birkenstock for kids have a core of cork-rubber and the natural properties of the material are to be cooling and thermally insulating. Cork is also water repellent. The cork used for the production of the shoes comes from the production of corks and the material is finely distributed into a granule which are then mixed with the juice from the bark or reamed from rubber trees. 

The juice is a natural rubber product also called natural latex or natural rubber. The natural rubber is very elastic, durable and the material has a high breathability. The insole of the shoes is lined with velour leather. 

Robust leather 

The sandals for kids from Birkenstock have wide straps over the foot that are either made of leather or a synthetic material. The leather is robust, and it is of extremely high quality. It is a leather that is thick which guarantees that it will not break. In addition, the leather is breathable, and the staining of the leather does not stop the natural breathability of the material. 

Remember that it is important that there is plenty of room for your feet at the heel and at your toes when buying new sandals from Birkenstock for your kid. The practical straps can be fastened over your feet, which allows you to adjust the size so that the shoes fit your kid. This gives your kid the best and most optimal fit of the new sandals from Birkenstock. The buckles used for the sandals are nickel-free. 

Pamper your kid’s feet with a pair of Birkenstock sandals

With a pair of sandals for kids from Birkenstock, you can easily pamper your kid’s feet with the ergonomic and comfortable shoes that also protect your feet. There are many features in the design of the sole that give the sandals its unique design. 

There is also a support for the arch that distributes the weight over the entire foot. At the back of the sole there is a heel cup that ensures that the foot fits well in the shoe. At the front there is a small edge that protects the toes. The soles have an anatomical design that supports the natural shape of the feet. 

We hope you will find a pair of stylish and comfortable sandals from Birkenstock in our shop. We have a large range of many wonderful shoes that are perfect for kids’ feet. Feel free to look around the stylish sandals to find a new pair of shoes for your boy or girl. 

News, new collections and offers from Birkenstock

The products from Birkenstock are extremely popular and therefore it is a good idea to keep track of when news from the latest collections from Birkenstock is launched. Despite the popularity, we sometimes discount some of the products from Birkenstock at a reduced price. If you want to buy products from Birkenstock at a discount, it is important that you keep track of our sales category. 

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